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How To Fix Viacom

March 5, 2021

Mold and Globes

March 1, 2021

I love an industry rogue. Always have. George Christy died less than a year ago. Loved him. And I knew what an absurd pain-in-the-ass he could be. I understood his arrogance. I saw the man. Lived to 93 and still felt compelled to pretend to be straight. He carried a lot of baggage. He wasn’t […]

*Oscar Lessons

February 25, 2021

The greatest lesson of this *Oscar season is… how little imagination is now brought to Oscar season. There are literally hundreds of very smart people focused on the season for distributors, every one trying to figure out the next great thing to do, the key to opening the hearts and minds of The 10,000. Since […]

Gurus Guesstimate Globes

February 25, 2021

It’s the Globes, right? The Gurus spike the drinks, if not the night in their predictions of what the HFPA minds are on.

Gurus O’ Gold: Best Picture, Director, Original And Adapted Screenplay

February 18, 2021

Subtle waves of sentiment shift in the Gurus’ ears: some pictures drop off the charts, while predictions shift in both Best Picture and Best Director.

Review: Allen v. Farrow

February 18, 2021

I am a fan of Kirby Dick’s work; I like the guy personally and have for years. I met Amy Ziering a few docs ago and like and respect her. Allen v. Farrow is, sadly, not so much a documentary as a commercial. Unlike The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground, and On The Record, this […]

What is *Oscar 2021?

February 15, 2021

They are only 2 months away!!!! Well, 2 months and 10 days. That makes today the equivalent of the day after Thanksgiving 2019 before last year’s Oscar show. Happy holiday! That said, it is time for me to stop mocking the *Oscars and to accept that they are not only happening, but that there is […]

The Gurus Of Gold Go Picture, Supporting, Doc and International Features

February 5, 2021

With nutty nominations from the Globes and hot-hot-heat from the SAG, a real race is shaping up.

Review: John and The Hole (spoilers)

February 4, 2021

John and The Hole has lingered with me more than any other film at Sundance this year. I filled out a critics poll a few hours before writing this review and it was a very odd experience. How does one define “the best?” Is it the easiest to consume? Most pleasurable? Most enlightening? Most personally […]


February 3, 2021

Another magically weird morning thanks to the HFPA and their Globes of Gold. It’s like a flower that you have never seen in nature and will never see again, blooming in your hand before wilting and dying as trucks run over it on their way to the real awards. Did they know when they decided […]

The Gurus O’ Gold Debut With Picture, Director, Actress, Actor, Animated 210127

January 27, 2021

Even as Sundance is a snowball’s throw from setting alight the fireplace of 2021’s release calendar, the Gurus o’ Gold take their first crack at sensing the shape of the extended, elongated, ever-lovin’ 2020 Oscars procession leading to the 93rd awards on April 25.

Oscar: The Perpetual Motion Machine

January 26, 2021

I’ve been at this a long time. The other day, another long-termer pal was commenting that they had started following Oscar publicly the year Gladiator won Best Picture. I was in a tux on on E! that year, swearing that, “As God as my witness, Gladiator will not win Best Picture.” God let me and […]

WandaVision: Episode 3 (Spoilers)

January 25, 2021

This will be brief. Episode 3 is “The Brady Bunch” Birth episode. I see a lot of the “Easter egg” conversations online. Fascinating, but not my thing. Twins. The looming threat of Mephisto continues. Agnes is still hanging around, talking about her evil husband, Ralph. The little girl from Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) is all […]

Review: Malcolm & Marie & The Failure To Reach Euphoria

January 23, 2021

I was really, really looking forward to Malcolm & Marie. I have watched every episode of the first season of Euphoria at least twice. The hour “special episode” with Zendaya and Coleman Domingo talking for an hour in a coffee shop is one of my favorite hours of television, period. John David Washington is clearly […]

Movie Content Scoreboard: Episode 4 (Jan 21, 2020)

January 21, 2021

Seven months ago, I offered a list of planned theatrical releases that were “untouchable.” There were eighteen 2020 titles. I didn’t project into 2021. Tenet and Mulan were theatrical release experiments back in September. WarnerMedia released Wonder Woman 1984 day-n-date domestically and internationally in theaters… and after a month, they’ve done $143 million worldwide. Their […]

Disney, WandaVision & The Future of The Industry

January 18, 2021

I watched the first three episodes of WandaVision that were provided to the media… with modest interest. The buzz was super-hot. The internet, as it sometimes does, so oversaturated the web with anticipation that the actual show seemed anticlimactic. Still, when the content became available, I jumped on it, not because I wanted to see […]

A Buncha Weeks To Oscar*

January 14, 2021

It’s almost over. It hasn’t even begun. That is the story of this *Oscar season. Netflix seems to have blown off the extended Oscar calendar. They are already all-in. They have a couple more movies that will go public this month and next… but media and Academy voters have access to everything now. Nomadland has […]


January 12, 2021

I pondered this for years, especially as YouTube and blogging were first happening. In this business called show, what is the difference between being a pro and being an amateur? My answer: Intention. And by intention, I don’t mean goals for a desired outcome. I mean the intention in doing the work. Amateurs become pros. […]

The Odd Misogyny of Wonder Woman 1984 (spoilers)

December 28, 2020

I don’t want to review Wonder Woman 1984. Honestly, it would force me to think about the film too much. Oh… that terrible CGI. Oh… the complete illogic of the mall sequence. Oh… why does the Latino with the preacher wig and the blonde without lines and a fear of carbs have an Asian child? […]

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Gurus On A Tighter Race: Picture, Director, Acting, Writing

Ray Pride | March 5, 2021

How To Fix Viacom

David Poland | March 5, 2021

Mold and Globes

David Poland | March 1, 2021

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New City Film

A Making-Of And An Almost Unmaking-Of And Finally, Modest Success: What Happened With Sundance 2020's The Last Shift With Its Pandemic Theatrical Run?

New City Film | March 5, 2021


California Will Reopen Amusement Parks Like Disneyland, Stadiums And Concert Venues On April 1

Twitter | March 5, 2021

Vanity Fair

"Midnight Cowboy shattered many barriers. Men like these—hungry, hollow outcasts—had never been depicted with such honesty and directness in a mainstream American movie. Neither had this vision of New York—cold, bleak, corrupted. The acting is superb—not just Voight and Hoffman, but a small troupe of brilliant supporting actors—the screenplay terse and powerful, the camerawork fluid, the music poignant and engaging. Even the costumes are memorable. Still, no one expected the movie to make a dime. On the way to their first screening before the executives at United Artists, the chronically anxious Schlesinger turned to Hellman, his producing partner, and asked, 'Really, Jerry, do you think anyone in their right mind will pay good money to see this rubbish?'"
Excerpting Glenn Frankel's "Shooting Midnight Cowboy: Art, Sex, Loneliness, Liberation and the Making of a Dark Classic"

Vanity Fair | March 5, 2021

Rushfield: “The exhibition industry, even post-apocalypse, remains what it has been for a long time now: an industry dominated by bottom-feeding venture capitalists looking to squeeze as much money out of it as they can in as short a time as possible before they dump their companies or liquidate them. But what they certainly don't do is invest in anything that won't pay for itself in six weeks. In most businesses, that pattern is what's known as The Death Spiral or The Doom Loop. And that's why the whole windows/theatrical vs. streaming debate is completely screwed up and hopeless. As much as in my heart I would like to be team theatrical until I die, you look at on the one side, you've got a company like Netflix whose lightning rise has been driven at every moment by a fanatical, no-detail-is-too-granular obsession with customer experience and improving that pixel by pixel. On the other side, you've got a company like AMC still making bullying noises about the windows and not budging in putting their gouged customers through an experience that rivals a major airport hub. Its visionary CEO (self-described), after a year of his company being dead in the water and having to discharge most of its employees and having agitated and fumed for a government bailout, awards himself a $3 million bonus.”

March 4, 2021

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