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Weekend Estimates 2016-05-22 at 9.26.53 AM

The debut of The Angry Birds Movie flew to the top of the weekend charts with an estimated $39.1 million. Other wide openers were Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising in third spot with $21.8 million and the 1970s-style neo-noir spoof The Nice Guys a step back at $11.1 million.

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Friday Box Office Estimates

Friday Estimates 2016-05-21 at 10.17.19 AM

Kids love anthropomorphic animals… even birds who can only fly by slingshot. And satire is what closes on Saturday night according to George S. Kaufman and The Nice Guys, which WB really worked their asses off on, is suffering through that this weekend. ope for legs. In between, take a wonderfully broad hit comedy, cleverly add girl power, and… meh. Less than half the opening of Neighbors for 2. Meanwhile, Weiner and Maggie’s Plan get solid, if not overwhelming arthouse launches.

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The DVD Wrapup: Theeb, Naked Island, Witch, Maurice Pialat, Cop Rock and more


There are times when Naji Abu Nowar’s terrific World War I adventure, Theeb, feels very much like Lawrence of Arabia writ small. Less than half as long, it tells a similarly exciting story from the point of view of Bedouin tribesmen who attach themselves to a British Army officer assigned to blow up an Ottoman railroad in the heart of the desert. Because Theeb is essentially a coming-of-age story, it betrays no secrets to reveal that the officer rather quickly becomes a non-factor in the drama, leaving only what he left behind to drive the narrative

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Review: The Nice Guys, Maggie’s Plan

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Cannes Review: Hell Or High Water

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The Weekend Report

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Cannes Review: The Transfiguration

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“First and foremost I believe we make cinema. I don’t make films as activism, I don’t consider my films to be activism. We make movies, that’s our number-one job, to make a film that’s good; it’s not just about the issues.”
Wendy Mitchell And Laura Poitras Talk Risk At Cannes

“Never assume that you don’t always have to hustle, even if you’re paying someone. You have to be involved, it’s part of your job.”
A Ton Of Filmmaking Tips From Sundance Artist Services Philadelphia Workshop


“I don’t know if there is a studio system anymore. I can’t imagine anything that would interest me coming through that system anymore.”
A Few Minutes In Paul Schrader’s World

“I learned most of my math skills working the box office I was barely tall enough to see over the counter of.”
Jeff Reichert On A Childhood At The Moviehouse

LA Times

“If I don’t split, what are we doing here? Creativity is about reactions. And reactions are the essence of experience. If you don’t react, what are you doing here? Why would you waste your time? There are so many things in life you could do besides watch a film or TV show. Look at all the reactions you guys are having. Take it or leave it, but you can’t deny it‎.”
Nic Refn On Creativity

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“Lars. He’s done a lot of drugs. Over the hill. The last time I saw Lars, he was telling my wife he wants to have sex with her. I told him to fuck off. So he found another slut.”
~ Nicolas Winding Refn On Lars Von Trier

“You know, if you’re actually an artist who wants to tell a story, it’s a compulsion; it’s not something that you do because you want to entertain people or you want to make a bunch of money. Most people want to entertain people and make a bunch of money. It’s not a bad thing, but if it also doesn’t hold hands with just genuine desire, if no one was looking, then yeah, that sucks.”
~ Kristen Stewart

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