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Wrapping TIFF 2014


It was a really good TIFF. Solid.

What was missing, really, were the home run hitting feature films. (Great docs… but we expect that.)

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Confessions of a Film Festival Junkie: It’s a Wrap

The Theory of Everything

Officially there were 366 features shown at the just completed edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. I saw about 30. So it should come as no surprise that few of this year’s public and jury prize winners managed to elude my grasp.

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The Weekend Report

Weekend Estimates 2014-09-14 at 9.34.54 AM

It was anticipated as a close race between debuting movies No Good Deed and Dolphin Tale 2 with the former given the edge. In the end Deed exceeded expectations with an estimated debut of $24.4 million and the sea tail opening to $16.6 million in what’s being viewed as a depressed market in need of a pick me up. The crime meller The Drop opened to fair results of $4.4 million that ranked fifth overall.

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Friday Box Office Estimates

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The Torontonian reviews It Follows

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Wilmington on Movies — Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

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The Daily Buzz Podcast @TIFF 2014: The Yes Men

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“Well, you know, it’s difficult to say. I always say the same thing: Every viewer is different.”
As Usual, David Lynch Uses A Lot Of Lingo But Still Says Nothing, Really, About Eraserhead

“I imagine every filmmaker has that one “aha!” moment with another director’s work; that marvelous instance when whatever confluence of ideals and aesthetics has been swirling in one’s head finds itself all at once in precise, crystalline realization, right there on the screen, finishing your sentences and starting new ones.”
David Lowery On Tsai Ming-Liang

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“We’re on our way out. Anybody that doesn’t realize that is looking like it’s Christmas or something. We’re on our way out, as a culture. America doesn’t make anything anymore! The Chinese make it! Detroit’s a great example. All of those cities that used to be something. If you go to a truck stop in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, you’ll probably see the face of America. How desperate we are. Really desperate. Just raw.”
~ Sam Shepard Sings America

“Every film has to stand next the best that has been done. Otherwise we are all dupes. My criticism is never a personal disparagement but I do take art seriously and take film criticism seriously. Replace ‘harsh’ with ‘honest’ because that’s how every critic should be. Being a film critic can be fun—as well as hard work. Being Rotten Tomatoes is just juvenile idiocy, a way of nullifying real film criticism.When websites and cliques expel me, it’s a sign of the culture’s weak and cowardly inability to engage in discourse. If there is such a thing as contrarianism, then please define the conformity and group-think that it’s contrary to… A critic needs a strong voice. A gentleman has manners.”
~ German “Hard Sensations” Takes Armond White For A 3,400-Word Spin