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The Gurus: Ranking Acting, Singing, Writing, Best Picture-ing

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Reflecting the Grammys and a few last guild votes before Oscar voting closes, consensus arrives in a few categories under the watching eyes of the Gurus, notably in the acting categories, and a sweep in Best Adapted Screenplay for BlacKkKlansman.

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The DVD Wrapup: Spider’s Web, Maquia, Cloverfield, No Date, Free Lunch, Possessed, Road House 2, Dolphins, Poetic Justice, Human 3.0 … More  

In the only interview he ever gave about the series, Larsson said he based the character on how Pippi Longstocking might have turned out, as an adult. He also credited his rebellious teenage niece, Therese, for Salander’s goth look.

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Gurus Predict, Post-Guilds: Director, Production Design, Film Editing, Animated Feature; As Well As Doc Feature, Cinematography, Costume Design, SFX and of course, BEST PICTURE

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The Gurus respond to Oscar chances after multiple guild nods, catching up with Director, Production Design, Film Editing, Animated Feature; As Well As Doc Feature, Cinematography, Costume Design, SFX and not least, Best Picture.

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The DVD Wrapup: Nutcracker, Always Room For Giallo, Mondo, Hunter Killer, Slice, Night Is Short, Suburbia, Masanjia and more

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Gurus o’ Gold On The Oscar Chart No. 1

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Sundance: Untitled Amazing Johnathan Documentary, The Magic Life of V and Walden

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The DVD Wrapup: Mikey & Nicky, Apparition, Widowed Witch, Dis, Spiral, Wandering Muse, Jack the Ripper, Howling 3, Eating Animals, Scoundrels, Waterworld … More

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“I’ve heard that in past [Oscar shows], they recorded the amount of collective time that it took between a winner being announced, and that recipient or recipients collecting the obligatory hugs and kisses, and then weaving the way to the stage. Over the course of an entire show, 26 minutes were wasted. Would it not be worth exploring putting all the nominees onstage, and then announcing the winner?”
Mike Fleming

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“As a filmmaker, the most important thing is that I make the film I want to make without paying attention to what the other parts of the society, the government, or the market tell me can or can’t be made. At this point, I have to say that my focus is still very much in China. Every year there are so many issues and things that happen that really touch me, move me, disturb me, or just cause a lot of reactions, that I want to express through storytelling to really reflect on what’s going on right now in China.”
Jia Zhangke

“He was a unique, positive force and I owe him an enormous debt. Had he not backed Bleak Moments, our whole subsequent careers could well never have happened.”
Mike Leigh Remembers Albert Finney, The Man Who Made Him

“The truth will come out about my motivations and how much I believe in Jeff and Lauren’s love. It’s a legendary romance that will blow your mind as to just how in love they are. Jeff never blinked about losing $70 billion.”
Bezos Considered Buying National Enquirer Owner AMI Under The Corporate Moniker Of BOBO LLC


“Regarding your concerns of “misinformation” and “inaccurate reporting”: Our protest letter of February 13 was created by a small group of ASC members directly referencing a copy of President Bailey’s February 11 letter, as well as the AMPAS Mission Statement. There was simply no room for misinterpretation, misrepresentation or inaccuracy. And the media has reported well on this issue and should be commended for airing both sides equally. The other concern is exactly how the Academy came to this decision.”
Cinematographers Slap Academy Succotash

“People need to calm down about it before the Oscars and we only have like 10 days,” says Mary Zophres. “What worries me more is actual unrest in the building before, during or after. So they need to make sure that everybody is under control.”
Fear of a Battle for the Dolby

“Sometimes, if the pants are too fitted, he’ll blow out the crotch just by trying to get in his car.” 
Putting Dwayne Johnson In Pants

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The Atlantic: You saw that the Academy Awards recently held up your 2001 acceptance speech as the Platonic ideal of an Oscar speech. Did you have a reaction?

Soderbergh: Shock and dismay. When that popped up and people started texting me about it, I said, “Oh, it’s too bad I’m not there to tell the story of how that took place.” Well. I was not sober at the time. And I had nothing prepared because I knew I wasn’t going to win [Best Director for Traffic]. I figured Ridley, Ang or Daldry would win. So I was hitting the bar pretty hard, having a great night, feeling super-relaxed because I don’t have to get up there. So the combination of a 0.4 blood alcohol level and lack of preparation resulted in me, in my state of drunkenness crossed with adrenaline surge. I was coherent enough to know that [if I tried to thank everyone], that way lies destruction. So I went the other way. There were some people who appreciated that, and there were some people who really wanted to hear their names said, and I had to apologize to them.
~ Steven Soderbergh


“I have made few films in a way. I never made action films. I never made science fiction films. I never made, really, very complicated settings, because I had modest ambitions. I knew they would never trust me to have the budget to do something different, so my mind is more focused on things I know. So they were always mental adventures I wanted to approach and share. Working for cinema with no – not only no money, but also no ambition for money. I was happy and proud [to receive the honorary Oscar] because of that, that [the Academy] could understand what kind of work I have done over 60 years. I stayed faithful to the ideal of sharing emotion, impressions, and mostly because I have so much empathy for other people that I approach people who are not really spoken about. I have 65 years of work in my bag, and when I put the bag down, what comes out? It’s really the desire of finding links and relationships with different kinds of people. I never made a film about the bourgeoisie, about rich people. about nobility. My choices have been to show people that are, in a way, more common and see that each of them has something special and interesting, rare and beautiful. It’s my natural way of looking at people. I didn’t fight my instincts. And maybe that has been appreciated in the famous circle of Hollywood.“

Agnes Varda