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Weekend Estimates 2016-12-04 at 9.15.15 AM

Moana continued to hold top spot among moviegoers with an estimated weekend gross of $28 million. The seasonal tradition of audiences giving priority for holiday preparation has translated into low box office in early December for as long as anyone can remember. This year was no exception and the sole national release for the frame – the bargain-budget Exorcist-inspired Incarnate – struggling for a top 10 spot with a $2.6 million box office.

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Friday Box Office Estimates

Friday Estimates  2016-12-03 at 8.29.25 AM

It’s one of Hollywood’s least favorite weekends, the first weekend of December. The only new wide release is from a little-known independent. The bright light is Fox Searchlight’s Jackie, which is on five screens, averaging $18k on Friday alone, suggesting a weekend per-screen of over $50,000 per.

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Gurus o’ Gold: Directing, Animated, Screenplay


This week, in a vote taken before the critics groups weighed in on Thursday, the Gurus take on Director, Animated Feature and the two Screenplay categories, in addition to the BP Top 10.

If there are any surprises, it is The Gurus’ unwillingness to take movies set in the 1960s very seriously or that the Top 5 Directors right now are all American.

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The DVD Wrapup: BFG, Pete’s Dragon, Baked in Brooklyn, Weng Weng, T.A.M.I./T.N.T. and more

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20 Weeks To Oscar: The Beginning Is The End

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DVD Geek: Valley of the Dolls, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, Vamp

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The Weekend Report

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“A big, beautiful tomb, a rhythmically hypnotic death march, an exquisite painting that traps a man within its brush strokes and never lets him go.”
Kim Morgan On Barry Lyndon

“If they’d done it my way, it would have been a hit.”
Steve Bannon’s Obsessions Include Shakespeare’s Goriest Play And Sex In Outer Space

NY Times

“There is something about film that we cannot define, and it’s called Bogart and Bacall. The best movies reflect the unknown, undefinable chemistries of life. You can be as meticulous a filmmaker as there ever was. It’s the accidents that make art. It’s why you can’t manufacture great films. If we could, Hollywood would be churning them out.”
Brooks Barnes On The La La Land That Wasn’t

“The main subject of the contemporary French cinema—albeit a subject that underlies the action and rarely comes to the fore—is infrastructure, and the infrastructure of modern French life is as much a matter of discourse as it is a matter of matter.”
Richard Brody Offers A Lede That’s Also A Dare To Keep Reading

LA Times

“Few personalities in the modern era have clashed with the entertainment power structure so epically, or stuck to their guns so obdurately.”
The Return Of Writer-Director Stephen Gaghan

JLGJoyeux 86ème Anniversaire Monsieur Godard

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“During the mid-’70s, keyboardist Ian McLagan finds himself in a room with Dylan and Led Zeppelin’s infamously brutish manager Peter Grant: ‘Hello, Bob. I’m Peter Grant, I manage Led Zeppelin.’ After a short silence, Dylan replies: ‘I don’t come to you with my problems.'”
~ “37 Hilarious Bob Dylan Stories

Kyle Buchanan: I think the deal with a lot of white, male critics is there’s a very empirical way that they write that they write their movie reviews that always puzzled me. Movies are such subjective things. Back in the day, I used to be the film critic for The Advocate, and it was really striking to me when I would go into screening rooms and I was by far the youngest. They were filled with old white men. And when you watch a film like Black Snake Moan, that’s playing with a whole lot of gender and race issues, I was like, Are like 70-year-old white men like really the sole voices that I want to hear on this movie? It just didn’t feel right.

Jen Yamato I’ve been very pleasantly surprised to see the receptions Moonlight has gotten. But one of the films that I was disappointed to see not get more traction was American Honey. I distinctly remember sitting in a screening room full of mostly older white guys and thinking during the film, How are any of them going to relate to this movie?

~ Taking On The “Old White Guys”