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Friday Box Office Estimates

Friday Estimates 2018-03-17 at 8.17.54 AM

WB’s Tomb Raider takes the Friday crown from Black Panther, the first time it’s dropped to second in a month… but look for Panther to strike back over the weekend, in line with its weeks of overperforming, on Saturdays in particular. It could be close in Sunday estimates, both films somewhere near $26 million. But the surprise of the weekend is the big number for I Can Only Imagine, a family drama released by Roadside for Lionsgate for LD, yet another reminder of an under-served audience that is white and middle-class, likely grossing most of its dollars outside the major markets on just 1,629 screens. Love, Simon opens modestly, but not embarrassingly, given the lack of movie star power.

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The DVD Wrapup: I Tonya, Serpico, Assistant, Pastor Paul, Children of Corn, Starlight Ends, Birdboy, Sensitivity Training and more


If Nancy Kerrigan hadn’t been assaulted by members of Jeff Gillooly’s posse before the 1994 U.S. figure-skating championships, it’s likely the tabloid press would have invented a rivalry between Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, leading into the Lillehammer Winter Games. The perceived difference in their economic backgrounds would have been too tempting to avoid.

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The Weekend Report

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Black Panther led weekend moviegoing for a fourth weekend with an estimated $41.1 million. Four national releases opened for the session but only the long-taught A Wrinkle in Time proved competitive at $33.4 million. Other freshmen included a fine start for chiller The Strangers: Prey at Night of $10.3 million and early-year casualty status for Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures’ The Hurricane Heist and STX’s Gringo, with respective bows of $3 million and $2.6 million.

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Friday Box Office Estimates

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The DVD Wrapup: Thor, Gintama, Novitiate, White Sun, Faces Places, Voyage, Paris Opera, Strangers, Moveable Feast and more

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The Weekend Report

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Friday Box Office Estimates

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“Although we shot on an iPhone, we still had the typical things that you would have on a movie – tripods, pan-heads, a handheld stabilisation device – but smaller versions. We used really small slates too! We had three phones. That turned out to be more than enough: we never had technical problems; we never lost any footage or had any dropouts – they all worked perfectly. The fanciest piece of gear was the drone for the shots of the hospital.”
Soderbergh On Shooting A Pulpy Quickie On iPhones

NY Times

“Vague and unsubstantiated accusations in the press.”
“An in-depth investigation… uncovered credible and corroborated evidence of sexual misconduct during his time at the Met, as well as earlier. It is shocking that Mr. Levine has refused to accept responsibility for his actions, and has today instead decided to lash out at the Met with a suit riddled with untruths.”
James Levine Sues Met Opera, Denies Stories Of Decades of Alleged Open Sexual Predation Of Students And Proteges

“The only thing that we did not do well is get women paid the same money as men are paid for the same job, that’s the one big failure of our time.”
More Terry Gilliam


“As soon as they were alone in his office, he reached out, two-handed, and groped her breasts. She told him to stop, but he put a hand on her left thigh, moved it up under her skirt, and asked for a kiss. When she refused, he told her he was a very powerful man, boasting that he could make her $2 million a year. The meeting ended with Weinstein telling his receptionist to get Battilana a ticket to that night’s performance of ‘Finding Neverland ‘on Broadway.”
“The NYPD’s top sex-crimes investigator tried to bust Harvey Weinstein three years ago. Then DA Cyrus Vance, Jr. stepped in.”

“We are committed to vigorously enforcing our policies to protect people’s information. We will take whatever steps are required to see that this happens. We will take legal action if necessary to hold them responsible and accountable for any unlawful behavior.”
Facebook Bars Trump-Affiliated Political Research Firms SCL And Cambridge Analytica 


“They’re deep cuts for a business that isn’t in trouble. It’s taking money out of the digital business, which is roughly running at break-even, to shore up the declining ratings at Univision.”
Univision, Leveraged By Massive Hedge Fund Debt, Faces Slash Of One-Third The Budgets Of Ambitious Fusion Media Group, Which Owns Fusiob Network, Deadspin, Jezebel, The Root, Splinter,  Gizmodo, And Has Stakes In The Onion And The AV Club

“The stereotype of African Americans comes from American movies, so the depiction of Eric Killmonger is pretty close to the stereotype Egyptians have of African Americans, as violent and thuggish.”
Black Panther and the Anti-Black Racism of Egyptians,” By Mona Eltahawy

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“I think [technology has[ its made my life faster, it’s made the ability to succeed easier. But has that made my life better? Is it better now than it was in the eighties or seventies? I don’t think we are happier. Maybe because I’m 55, I really am asking these questions… I really want to do meaningful things! This is also the time that I really want to focus on directing. I think that I will act less and less. I’ve been doing it for 52 years. It’s a long time to do one thing and I feel like there are a lot of stories that I got out of my system that I don’t need to tell anymore. I don’t need to ever do The Accused again! That is never going to happen again! You hit these milestones as an actor, and then you say, ‘Now what? Now what do I have to say?'”
~ Jodie Foster

“If there’s one rule Hollywood has metaphysically proven in its century of experimentation, it’s that there’s no amount of money you can’t squander in the quest for hits.

“Netflix has spent the past couple years attempting to brute-force jailbreak this law. Its counter-theory has seemed to be, sure, a billion dollars doesn’t guarantee quality but how about three billion dollars? How about five billion dollars? Seven?

“This week’s latest cinematic opus to run across no-man’s-land into the machine-gun emplacements has been the Jared Leto yakuza movie ‘The Outsider.’ Once again, debuting on Netflix, another thing called a movie that at one glance doesn’t look like any kind of movie anyone has ever seen before, outside of off-prime time screenings at the AFM.

“If you’re working at a normal studio, you have one or two of these total misfires in a year and people start calling for your head. How many is Netflix going on? Fifteen? Twenty? This quarter? Any normal company would be getting murdered over results like that.”
~ Richard Rushfield