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Letitia Wright, Urban Hymn

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The Insult, Ziad Doueiri

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Friday Box-Office Estimates

180217 box


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Gurus o Gold: Counting Down To Oscar Night

gurus 2017

The Gurus are working through this final stage of the Oscar season. This week, The Top 4s. Next week, The Top 3s. Then, The Top 2s. And on show week, Only The Winners. (They’re all winners… it is an honor just to be nominated.)

And as you asked… The Gurus currently thinking no movie wins more than four Oscars. And the second biggest number of Oscars to… Dunkirk.

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The DVD Wrapup: Ballad of Lefty Brown, Wonder, Blades, Seijun Suzuki, Fellini, Hellraiser, Paradise and more


Set in the desolate plains of Montana, before the arrival of the railroad, The Ballad of Lefty Brown is an ode to the traditional revenge Western. When famed frontier lawman and Montana’s first elected senator Eddie Johnson (Peter Fonda) is brutally murdered – assassinated, to be precise — his longtime sidekick and friend, Lefty Brown (Bill Pullman), vows to avenge his death. The trouble is, Lefty is more than a tad over the hill and he’s outgunned by some ornery desperadoes.

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The Weekend Report

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Friday Estimates

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The DVD Wrapup: Only the Brave, LBJ, Suburbicon, Aida’s Secrets, Clouzot’s Inferno, Jackie Gleason and more

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20 Weeks To Oscar: The Big Quiet

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“Slaughtered in school”
“And still no gun control?”
“How come, Marco Rubio?”
Near Miami, Three Billboards Dog Perennial Presidential Aspirant Marco Rubio

I came up with the Black Panther because I realized I had no blacks in my strip. I’d never drawn a black. I needed a black. I suddenly discovered that I had a lot of black readers. My first friend was a black! And here I was ignoring them because I was associating with everybody else. It suddenly dawned on me — believe me, it was for human reasons — I suddenly discovered nobody was doing blacks. And here I am a leading cartoonist and I wasn’t doing a black. I was the first one to do an Asian. Then I began to realize that there was a whole range of human differences. Remember, in my day, drawing an Asian was drawing Fu Manchu — that’s the only Asian they knew. The Asians were wily…”
Jack Kirby

“It’s a piece of American pie, that look. It says so much about this guy who is a part of this American fabric and this American fray. That jacket, I think it cost like four or five thousand dollars. I couldn’t believe the cost of that jacket. It’s beautiful shearling, it’s lined throughout. The outside of the denim is super soft and beautiful. It has the right hang. It has the right size. It speaks to pop culture, it speaks to American culture.”
Costume Designer Ruth Carter On The Sartorial Side Of Black Panther

“’Putting something called nature on a pedestal and admiring it from afar does for the environment what patriarchy does for the figure of woman. It is a paradoxical act of sadistic admiration.’”
Clio Barnard Cites Philosophy Behind Her Dark River

“The once-tortured, quite possibly mad Philippe Garrel, who made disturbing, trippy avant-garde films in his youth, now makes movies that play like deeper and more emotionally raw Woody Allen pictures.”
Bruce LaBruce

“I’m 91. I should feel something like 91 but I don’t. Be lucky like me — have some lucky genes… In order to stay alive, work. Keep working no matter what if you can, at something you love to do. Never ever retire. Never sit when you can stand, never stand when you can walk… But don’t leave out the Raisin Bran — that may help.”
Mel Brooks 

indie wire

“It’s been a weird journey for me, man. What’s funny is, I get that independent film was my roots, but I don’t really have roots, you know what I’m saying? Each film was its own thing, so I never calcified in terms of a certain way of making movies.”
Ryan Coogler

“Theater is not dying. We hear this every so often and have self-important conferences to defend this or that. Theater is a resilient little shit of an art form that will go on long after any of us are around to worry about it. But it can get stuck, and I believe American theater is currently in danger of this. (I include myself: in fact, I’m there near the front, perpetrating the same crimes as my brothers and sisters.)”
Neil Labute, 2008

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“Wise men build bridges, foolish men build barriers.”
~ T’Challa

“It’s hard to make a good food movie. I think that the problem is that film is not smell-based. You don’t smell the onions hitting the pan. You’re missing the one thing that makes your body react, that makes your mouth water.
~ Steven Soderbergh