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The DVD Wrapup: Son of Saul, Phoenix, Losing Ground, Jane Got a Gun, Driftless Area, Packed in a Trunk, Dillinger, Sexploitation, What?, Krampus and more


As much as we’d like to put World War II in our rearview mirror and move on to less nightmarish film fodder, the sad truth is that we need constant reminders of what happened then and what could happen again, if hate is allowed to trump cries for peace and sanity. The sick legacy of Third Reich simply refuses to disappear into the fog of history, either in real life or in the movies. What’s amazing is that even 70 years after peace treaties were signed, ever more heart-wrenching stories continue to surface from the conflagration. How many more remain to be told is anyone’s guess. The concurrent release of Son of Saul and Phoenix on DVD/Blu-ray suggests that European historians, writers and filmmakers – the children and grandchildren of the silent generation — still have plenty to say on the subject.

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The Weekend Report

Weekedn Estimates 2016-04-24 at 12.07.34 PM

The Jungle Book continued to hold sway at the box office with a top branch estimate of $61.4 million. The session’s sole wide national release The Huntsman: Winter’s War was a distant second with $20.1 million. There were also a trio of limited wide openers that included the Mexican slacker comedy Compadres at $1.4 million; the offbeat drama A Hologram for the King grossing $1.1 million and the historic Elvis & Nixon trailing with $473,000.

There was also a flurry of quickly engineered playdates for Purple Rain to honor Prince’s untimely death. A Warner Bros. spokesman said it numbered roughly 150 engagements (many single projections) with box office reporting expected Monday or Tuesday.

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Friday Box Office Estimates

Friday Estimates 2016-04-23 at 9.05.24 AM

The Huntsman: Winter’s War, a movie for which the title character wasn’t sold and the studio tried to bend the film’s premise into a 30something, CGfied version of Frozen, opened to a little better than 1/3 of its predecessor. Universal has another month before what should be their first breakout hit of 2016, Neighbors 2. The only indie with a shot at $10k per screen is The Meddler, the Susan Sarandon comedy, on just four screens this weekend.

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The DVD Wrapup:  Ip Man 3, Lady in the Van, Chainsaw 2, Antonia’s Line, Gangster VIP, Dangerous Men, Lamb and more

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The Weekend Report

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Leonard Klady Remembers Dan Ireland

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He battled so, so hard, was so brave, so loving, such a good man throughout. His brain was still fighting, but his body couldn’t go any further.”
Until The Light Takes Us And 99% Filmmaker Aaron Aites
AndA Taste Of His Music: “Can I Feel What?”
“We are all mourning something, or someone. We have all lost. So let’s find each other. And let’s walk each other home. Aaron loved you all.”

WithThe GoFundMe For His Medical Expenses

“A little funny” when people say it’s “inadvertently gay, as if it were made by a frat boy who has no idea. I’ve been around a long time. Not inadvertent.”
Richard Linklater On Gay Subtext Of Everybody Wants Some!!

“What an Outrag….Alzheimers is not joke…It kills..You should be ashamed all of you.”
Reagan’s Eldest Son Objects To Will Farrell Movie In Crunchy Tweets

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You can neither make beautiful, great movies without risk as you can make babies without sex. Risk is part of the artistic process. That’s why I like performance, because performance is walking a high wire.
~ Francis Coppola

“Probably the most heralded movie I’ve ever been in was Forrest Gump. While I was sitting on the park bench, I asked Bob, ‘Is anyone going to care about this guy?’ He said, ‘I don’t know Tom. It’s a mine field. It’s a fucking mine field.’ So when it works, you just say, ‘We dodged all the mines.'”
~ Tom Hanks

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