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The Gurus Predict Globes for Drama, Musical or Comedy, and Director

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The Gurus predict the sentiment of the happy-go-lucky members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association this week, considering what tickled their fantasy this season: lots of love predicted for A Star Is Born, as well as possible chances for Green Book.

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The DVD Wrapup: Support the Girls, M:I Fallout, Gosford Park, Serpent’s Egg. True Stories, School Daze, Candyman, Hanging Rock, Yellowstone … More

In her late 40s, Lisa knows that her first obligation is to the owner’s bank account, but her heart is divided between her wait staff and loyal customers. As balancing acts go, it’s a doozy.

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Gurus o’ Gold Speak Best Picture, Foreign Language, Doc Feature

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A Star is Born, Roma, Green Book and The Favourite and Black Panther sentiment shifts slightly, from Guru to Guru. Extra love for Mary Poppins Returns as screenings accelerate, and First Reformed after nods from the New York Film Critics Circle.

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The DVD Wrapup: Gauguin, Blindspotting, Skate Kitchen, Wobble Palace, Third Murder, Outrage Coda, Nelly, Luciferina, MDMA, Heavy Trip, Agony, Family I Had … More

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Gurus o’ Gold Go Best Picture, Director, Cinematographer

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DVD Gift Guide II: Bergman@100, 2001 4K, Rambo 4K, Dances With Wolves, Robin Williams, Ernie Kovacs, Detectorists, Frosty, Elf … More

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Gurus O’ Gold On Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor

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“I’ve got about an hour or two of us shooting Bad Taste, seven or eight hours of us shooting The Feebles, 50 to 60 hours of us filming Braindead, and at least 70 hours of us doing Heavenly Creatures. And it’s not just people talking to camera, it’s actually a guy on the set filming us making the film. So there’s some pretty interesting stuff there and none of it has ever been out.”
Sir Peter Jackson To Restore His Early Pics

“That was the thing: to dance, hang out at Helena’s and do drugs.”
1980s Hollywood Queen Of Nightlife Helena Kallianiotes Opens Up A Little

“I’m sorry to say that through too many mistakes over the last 30 years I have compromised the Star Tribune’s meticulous reputation for integrity. The paper has given me the opportunity to craft a wonderful, important career and through its benefits safeguarded me through three serious health crises. It is no exaggeration to say that I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. When blunders occur it is proper to admit them, correct them and move on.”
Star Tribune Film Critic Colin Covert Out On Decades-Long “Ethics Breach”

“If you ask me what a dystopia is, I think we’re in one – a world led by people who normalise bullshit. We’re moving towards an unpalatable world. The things I see and read are disgusting… You can’t trust any of the people you’re supposed to trust.”
Mowgli Composer Nitin Sawhney

“Starting in Greece, you couldn’t say, ‘I’m going to become a filmmaker.’ A 15-year-old boy in Greece in the 80s and 90s? There was nothing like that happening. Commercials felt like it would be a real job, instead of being in marketing or something. I thought: it’s not going to be filmmaking, but it’s going to be close.”
Jonathan Romney Profiles Yorgos Lanthimos

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“Why put it in a box? This is the number one problem I have—by the way it’s a fair question, I’m not saying that—with this kind of festival situation is that there’s always this temptation to classify the movie immediately and if you look at it—and I’ve tried to warn my fellow jurors of this—directors and movie critics are the worst people to judge movies! Directors are always thinking, “I could do that.” Critics are always saying, “This part of the movie is like the 1947 version and this part…” And it’s like, “Fuck! Just watch the movie and try and absorb it and not compare it to some other fucking movie and put it in a box!” So I think the answer’s both and maybe neither, I don’t know. That’s for you to see and criticize me for or not.”
~ James Gray

“I have long defined filmmaking and directing in particular as just a sort of long-term act of letting go,” she said. “It’s honestly just gratifying that people are sort of reapproaching or reassessing the film. I like to just remind everyone that the movie is still the same — it’s the same movie, it’s the movie we always made, and it was the movie we always wanted to make. And maybe it just came several years too early.”
~ Karyn Kusama