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DP/30 Audio: Bombshell, Jay Roach

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The Guardian

"As with McQueen’s previously premiered Small Axe film, Lovers Rock, there is real fervour and real meaning in Mangrove: it is filmmaking with visceral commitment and muscular storytelling."

The Guardian | September 25, 2020

"Black Death Does Not Happen 'In the Greek Sense': Aaron Robertson Responds to a Very Bad Tweet By Thomas Chatterton Williams"

September 25, 2020


Diana Krall: "Stanley Donen and I were friends. We used to hang out quite a bit in New York. You didn’t know that about me. There are clues. We would go to the same restaurant, talk and have the most delightful time. He sent me all of his movies. That’s part of the reason why I play that song, to remind me of that time, one of my favorite parts of being in New York. [My producer] Tommy [Lipuma] introduced me to Stanley, and I felt very sad when he passed, so perhaps this is my way… a tribute to be paid. Somebody told me, though: It should be more upbeat. Nah. I think it should be just like this: minimalist."

Variety | September 25, 2020


“Half a century ago, my father made a body of work that shocked the art world. Not only had he violated the canon of what a noted abstract artist should be painting at a time of particularly doctrinaire art criticism, but he dared to hold up a mirror to white America, exposing the banality of evil and the systemic racism we are still struggling to confront today.My father dared to unveil white culpability, our shared role in allowing the racist terror that he had witnessed since boyhood, when the Klan marched openly by the thousands in the streets of Los Angeles.”
Four Museums Postpone Philip Guston Career Retrospective, Saying His Anti-Klan Imagery Does Not Belong In This Moment

Artnet | September 25, 2020

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Mrs. America, Uzo Aduba

David Poland | September 8, 2020

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