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David Poland On SAG Nominations

December 12, 2019

"Nasty... not fair to the people who are making the movies. If Marty Scorsese wants to be in the business of taking artistic risk, all power to him. It doesn’t mean that what we’re doing isn’t art... We’re not looking to buy anything right now, but I’ve always been a huge James Bond fan.”
Bob Iger Summons Martin Scorsese

December 12, 2019

"Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Three Times is about how it feels to say goodbye—about the long, drawn-out feeling of knowing that you are about to separate from a person, a place, a time, and once you have parted ways you will never quite be the same again."

December 12, 2019

"David Lynch is committed to following the mystery of his painting as a core organ of his pictorial enterprise, from which everything else within his vast domain of preferred mediums and material uses appears as essential anatomical subordinations. Whatever can be offered as a universal tool towards creative freedom through Transcendental Meditation, from which the most restless and articulate advocate who seems to intuit what belongs to the personal requires protection; reticence to explanation is one way to prolong the propensity of mystery."

December 12, 2019

Hollywood Reporter

"Witherspoon "requested an audience with each of the town's studio heads to get a better feel for what was really going on. She asked all seven the same question: What are you developing for a female lead? With one exception, nobody had an answer. 'One even said to me, 'We have a movie with a woman at the center of it, but we're not going to make two this year,' ' she says, 'without any embarrassment.'"

Hollywood Reporter | December 12, 2019

"With these additions, the 2020 Sundance Film Festival Program features 241 works, 44% are directed or led by one or more women, 35% were directed or led by one or more artists of color, and 19% by one or more people who identify as LGBTQ+."
Sundance New Frontier Includes Work From Pedro Costa, Sky Hopinka, Lin Hershman Leeson As Well As "Satellite projects in the pool at Festival Headquarters, AR dances to be discovered in various locations around Park City, and a nationwide “fugitive newscast” accessed at various sites around the festival, as well as at 11 art houses"

December 12, 2019

At The Video Store With James Westby

December 12, 2019

Will Bunch On Richard Jewell: "This movie of contradiction springs forth from a man of many contradictions."

December 12, 2019

David Lynch Launches "Twin Peaks" VR

December 12, 2019


Harvey Weinstein Notches 57 Ankle-Monitor Violations In Under Two Months: Bail Upped to $5 Million

Variety | December 12, 2019


National Film Registry Adds Gaslight, Phenix City Story, Clerks, Purple Rain, Old Yeller, Amadeus, Zoot Suit

Variety | December 12, 2019

Hollywood Reporter

"Dropped by agents, careers chopped short, many women who brought harassment suits against the network say they've been branded as toxic in TV news and wear a scarlet letter."

Hollywood Reporter | December 12, 2019

Hollywood Reporter

"Think of Playmobil: The Movie as a pop quiz that went horribly wrong. The animated pic opened to a horrible $656,500 domestically from 2,337 theaters — the third-worst debut of all time for a title rolling out in 2,000 or more locations — despite cinemas across the country offering discounted $5 tickets for kids and adults alike. The only two movies to have fared worse were 2012's Oogieloves and the Big Balloon Adventure ($443,901) and 2008's Delgo ($511,920)."

Hollywood Reporter | December 12, 2019

LA Times

Fox’s "contracts force employees to remain trapped in jobs they no longer wish to do and at salaries far below market rate,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement. “We will continue to fight to make sure that people who work in the entertainment industry have the same rights as virtually every other Californian and can make their own choices about where they work.”

LA Times | December 11, 2019

Entertainment Weekly

Technicolor-Owned MPC, VFX Shop Behind The Lion King And Sonic Redesign, Shuts Down Vancouver Studio

Entertainment Weekly | December 11, 2019

Filmmaker Magazine

"Hits & Misses 2019: Surveying the Success of the Sundance Film Festival’s Theatrical Releases"

Filmmaker Magazine | December 11, 2019

The New York Times

“I’d become spoiled working with David Fincher. It’s no slight on Wolfgang Petersen. Das Boot is one of the all-time great films. But somewhere in it, Troy became a commercial kind of thing. Every shot was like, Here’s the hero! There was no mystery. So about that time I made a decision that I was only going to invest in quality stories, for lack of a better term. It was a distinct shift that led to the next decade of films.”

The New York Times | December 11, 2019


"The truth is that ninety-five percent of my interactions on Twitter are with lovely, wonderful, engaged Star Wars fans. They may have different opinions about the movie one way or the other, but they're engaging with it from their heart, and they're talking about it in a constructive way. And I think the Star Wars fan base needs to...I don't know. It's very important that we don't let ourselves be defined by this tiny little slice of jerks."

GQ | December 11, 2019

Out And The Advocate Magazines In Unexpected Upheaval

December 11, 2019

New Yorker

"William Gibson doesn’t have a name for his method; it proceeds from a deep engagement with the present. When Gibson was starting to write, in the late nineteen-seventies, he watched kids playing games in video arcades and noticed how they ducked and twisted, as though they were on the other side of the screen. The Sony Walkman had just been introduced, so he bought one; he lived in Vancouver, and when he explored the city at night, listening to Joy Division, he felt as though the music were being transmitted directly into his brain, where it could merge with his perceptions of skyscrapers and slums. He remembered a weeping ambulance driver in a bar, saying, “She flatlined.” On a legal pad, Gibson tried inventing words to describe the space behind the screen; he crossed out “infospace” and “dataspace” before coming up with “cyberspace.” He didn’t know what it might be, but it sounded cool, like something a person might explore even though it was dangerous."

New Yorker | December 11, 2019

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Hollywood Reporter

"The debate surrounding these commercials on all sides was distracting from the purpose of our network, which is to provide entertainment value."
"The call to our office gave us the opportunity to also confirm the Hallmark Channel will continue to be a safe and family friendly network. Praise the Lord!"
Hallmark Statement on Pulling Ads With Same-Sex Wedding Kiss

Hollywood Reporter | December 14, 2019

Vanity Fair

"What the movie brought back for me was that Roger’s sexual harassment was only the beginning of his manipulation and mind games. Roger Ailes always reminded me of a different omnipotent, fear-inducing wizard, one who maintained control over a kingdom of nervous minions through smoke, mirrors, endless corridors, and devastating demands. I was so struck by Roger’s warped behavior that I began taking contemporaneous notes, as close to verbatim as I could recall, immediately after some of my visits to his inner sanctum. I had planned to turn these notes into a novel, but the following passages never made it into the manuscript. They’ve sat in a notebook, collecting dust in my closet, until now."

Vanity Fair | December 14, 2019

Rolling Stone

Soderbergh Looks To The Limey And Back Again

Rolling Stone | December 14, 2019

LA Times

“I am reeling from the brutal loss of Scott, his passion and humor and irascible clarity. I will see aspects of the world through his eyes, always.”
"The moral equivalent of a book-burning."
Writer And Cultural Critic Scott Timberg Was 50

LA Times | December 14, 2019

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Bombshell, Jay Roach

David Poland | December 13, 2019

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