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BYOB Oscar Nomination Morning

BYOB Oscar Nomination Morning

One Response to “BYOB Oscar Nomination Morning”

  1. Bob Burns says:

    Any of these BP nominees would fit in just fine with the list of previous winners, along with at least another eight contenders which did not get nommed.

    There’s no reason to judge whether any particular Academy voter makes their choice based on personal preference, political issues, favoritism, or minority representation. In the end the title of the winning film will look just fine on the walls of the Dolby Theater. No Green Book, King’s Speech or The Artist. No embarrassing films on this list, and there are good reasons, of different sorts, to award any of them. Good movies.

    I would have included Miami, and Ma Rainey…. but it isn’t as if they were pushed out by mediocre choices. Academy voters seemed to have done a better job without the normal groteque excess of the usual awards campaign season. Individuals are smarter than mobs.

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