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Will Tenet Really Open in The U.S. Over Labor Day? Are You Going?

3 Responses to “Will Tenet Really Open in The U.S. Over Labor Day? Are You Going?”

  1. PBS says:

    Maybe? (Drive-ins count I suppose)

    And NOPE I am not going

  2. Bob Burns says:

    Nolan has received years of praise, honors, power and cash beyond the wildest expectations of countless filmmakers. Has he always been annoying, or is he being pushed by Warner? no idea. These release day announcements have become pitiable…. except that he is number 10 billion among men and beasts on the prayer list.

    As Bear Bryant used to advise his players celebrating plays, “Relax, son. Act like you been there before.”

  3. Jake says:

    I may try and catch it at a drive-in. Haven’t been to one in years, could be fun. Otherwise, wait for VOD and try not to read spoilers about it, which could be difficult. Going to a theater isn’t on my radar right now. Not seeing Tenet and Dune on a giant dolby screen is gonna hurt. Wish they’d just delay everything a year. Is it super expensive to keep a film in the can for a year? How come Fast and Furious did that immediately but there doesn’t seem to be any discussion of that strategy for Tenet? If I was Nolan I’d say fuck this, summer 2021 it is.

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