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Poland Academy “Lead By Fiat”

David Poland: “The Academy Awards are an annual promotional popularity contest between fewer than 40 feature films which raises tens of millions with a TV show, thus allowing The Academy to do nice things in the name of cinema. Now, however well-intended, it wants to lead by fiat.

“I have no disagreement with the idea of the rules The Academy wishes to impose. But I have a strong disagreement with the idea that The Academy is in a position to make such demands. And unintentionally, it continues to cede power to those who seek to manipulate the system.

“We believe these inclusion standards will be a catalyst for long-lasting, essential change in our industry.” It won’t. But the industry may be close enough to their vague demands to qualify without doing anymore than it is now doing. So you can look like you did something.”

Rex Pickett: “Enforcement is going to be a nightmare. I personally know people in AMPAS and this is performative public relations at its zenith. Try as they might, they will never be able to undo the century of exclusion.”

NYT’s Kyle Buchanan: “The more I look at this, the more I see that Standards C and D are so easy to meet — studios simply need a [strong] internship program and a marketing department that’s relatively diverse — that the films those studios distribute could remain pretty homogeneous and still qualify.”

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Paul Schrader on Facebook: “AN OBSERVATION ABOUT FILM ECONOMICS. The clever post-nickelodeon decision to monetize motion pictures (squeezing large numbers of patrons in un-air-conditioned large rooms with (for a time) intermittent vaudeville acts worked like a charm for decades. Then came TV. Yet movies survived. Became larger scope, racier subject matter, exploitation pix, women's pix, prestige pix, horror pix, genre pix, realistic pix. bigger in scope, racier in subject matter, newsreels. serious dramas, art films, European films—and air conditioned cinemas. But now comes Phase Three: BOOM! The growing desire of audiences to see film entertainment in theater like home entertainment at great discount, a transition 14 months in the training, but, more importantly, a shift away from the standalone 2 hr ‘important’ drama inspired by literature to the ongoing episodic dramas inspired by crime series (true or otherwise), telenovelas, expanded documentary and biographic sagas, stripping storytelling of its ability to compose concise stories which land like a punch in the face.”

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