American Factory, Jeff Reichert

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“If Your Fall Festival Wants To Live, Come With Me.”

David Poland | May 25, 2020

Quibi Review: Dummy

David Poland | May 14, 2020

42 Weeks To Oscar?

David Poland | May 12, 2020

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"TFI is a nonprofit devoted to funding and education aspiring filmmakers, serving as an educational outfit alongside the annual Tribeca Film Festival... 'We have made the difficult decision to "pause" TFI and in the coming weeks, we will wind down our existing TFI programming and staff.'"
Tribeca Film Institute Suspends All Operations, Waves Of Layoffs Toward September 1 Closure

Variety | May 27, 2020

Financial Times

"While most news media groups have been battered, a handful of premium publishers are holding their ground through the tempest. Backed by a subscription model built over the past decade, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have so far decided against the mass lay-offs and pay cuts that have wracked the majority of their peers, and are even still looking to hire. “Bluntly: I was optimistic when we had half a million subscriptions. We now have ten times that and I’m still optimistic,” Mark Thompson, chief executive of the New York Times Company, told the Financial Times."

Financial Times | May 26, 2020


Richard Brody: "A curse of modern movies: people don't walk in and out of rooms, open and close doors, get in and out of cars, get and pay a check; it's Godard's fault because everyone copies him but lacks his powers of abstraction and artifice; they always want to be real so it comes off fake. Not literally everyone; and by now, it has become a convention and few, if any, even know where it comes from, who they're copying, let alone why."

Twitter | May 26, 2020

TorStar, Parent Of Toronto Star, Six Other Dailies And Seventy Weeklies, Sold to Private Equity Investors For $C52 Million And Taken Private; New Owners Are Donors To Canada's Conservative Party

May 26, 2020

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Love Life, Sam Boyd

David Poland | May 27, 2020

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