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BYOB Bye-Bye Golden Globes

BYOB Bye-Bye Golden Globes

5 Responses to “BYOB Bye-Bye Golden Globes”

  1. Bob Burns says:

    An awards show based on the entertainment media makes all kinds of sense. Not the critics….. the feature writers….. the popular press. Maybe not restricted to the foreign press. I hope that it can be pulled back together as a credible awards show. The GG’s had a niche. Especially the early date.

  2. YancySkancy says:

    Bob Burns: When was the Globes ever a “credible awards show,” other than in terms of ratings for NBC? When I was growing up, they were a total joke (the Pia Zadora era), and they so clearly existed only to ride the coattails of the Oscars. Stars played along, because who doesn’t like being wooed and coddled? Their increased “respectability,” such as it was, over the years was baffling to behold. The Academy at least reflects the consensus taste of 9,000 or so film professionals; the Globes reflects the p.r. sensibilities of 80 or 90 film journalists, some of whom the word only seems to loosely define. That said, I’d have no problem if someone repurposed them in the way you propose.

  3. Bob Burns says:

    pardon me…. I did not intend to imply that the HFPA has been a credible awards show in the past….. just a hope that we could see it, or a replacement, emerge as a credible awards show in the future….. with an entertainment press membership. Anyone who has been reading David’s columns for 20 years, or recent ones, knows about the HFPA.

    It is creepy that the HFPA racket has been allowed to continue as long as it has. Then again…. NBC gave us Trump.

  4. YancySkancy says:

    Bob: Ah, I see. I misunderstood your phrasing of “be pulled back together as a credible awards show.” Thought you were saying it used to be and could be again. Sorry about that. I suppose I’d be okay with it continuing on with some credibility, but part of me just wants it to die and stop diluting the impact of the Oscars. I think a big part of my nostalgia for the Oscars has to do with it being the only game in town for so long.

  5. palmtree says:

    Indie Spirit has the same freewheeling dinner party vibe as the GG. It doesn’t have the early date tho. But I’d much rather see the Indies get some more love and attention than an Oscar wannabe show. Even SAG would be preferable…although it’s far less freewheeling…but at least you’d give some attention to the stunt people.

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