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NYT Ronan

“Farrow may be the most famous investigative reporter in America, a rare celebrity-journalist who followed the opposite path of most in the profession: He began as a boy-wonder talk show host and worked his way downward to the coal face of hard investigative reporting… His reporting can be misleading but he does not make things up. His work, though, reveals the weakness of a kind of resistance journalism that has thrived in the age of Trump: That if reporters swim ably along with the tides of social media and produce damaging reporting about public figures most disliked by the loudest voices, the old rules of fairness and open-mindedness can seem more like impediments than essential journalistic imperatives.”
Ben Smith Has A Monday Morning Bite Of Ronan Farrow

Anne Thompson Cheers On An End To Theatrical Exhibition

“Theater owners will fight to the death to keep their exclusive 90-day window, but why can’t studios move poor theatrical performers to another platform right away, and extend the on-screen life of the ones that play? The exhibitors’ argument: Exclusivity is the only way moviegoers will keep coming to theaters… If the studios and theaters were still aligned, the whole film industry picture would be very different. The theaters would not be abandoned and marooned, with only one way to make a living. Studios and theaters would have long shared the same ecosystem, reading data and innovating best practices for the ideal ways, times, and platforms to reach the consumer.”
Anne Thompson Cheers On An End To Theatrical Exhibition

T/F Senses of Cinema

“It’s impossible to think about the 2020 True/False Film Festival outside of the context of the COVID-19 pandemic which really only began to reveal its initial grasp on American life during the week of the festival.”
The Easily Prevented Frame Of Every Article With Minimal Editing Rears Its Shaggy Lede

BYOB 10 March 2020

Ricky Gervais Opening Monolog: Transcript

Ricky Gervais Opening Transcript

“If ISIS started a streaming service you’d call your agent, wouldn’t you?”

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BYOB 2020 Has Arrived

Sundance Institute Stakes Claim

Sundance Institute Press Inclusion Initiative Stakes Claim: 63% of the entire 2019 Sundance Film Festival press corps were individuals who were not heterosexual, able-bodied, cisgender white men.”