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Scott Rudin: Bully

Twitter Asks “Why Now?” About Cover-Storying The Notorious Scott Rudin

Tatiana Siegel: “Several people I spoke to for this Scott Rudin piece told me they spoke to the NY Times last year for a similar exposé. Obviously, it never ran. I’m not sure why.”

Amber Tamblyn: “There is a lot more where this came from. A lot.”

Megan Ellison: “How many times did we hear there was finally going to be a Harvey story before there was? So many close calls, for years, before it actually happened. This sort of abuse is systemic and the abusers are protected by the system.”

Anthony Rapp: “I think we all know why. Similar thing happened with the Bryan Singer story not being published at its first outlet. Even after everything that’s gone on with #MeToo , there is still fear and there are still power dynamics at play that are tragically too common.”

Megan Ellison: “This piece barely scratches the surface of Scott Rudin’s abusive, racist, and sexist behavior. Similarly to Harvey, too many are afraid to speak out. I support and applaud those who did. There’s good reason to be afraid because he’s vindictive and has no qualms about lying.”

E. Alex Jung: “‘An Oral History of Scott Rudin: 1,001 Assistants’: (i have 100% pitched this)”

Michael H. Weber: “By lunchtime Rudin will have set up the article at Sony with Sorkin adapting and Chalamet playing all the assistants.”

Nell Scovell: “Sometimes I think of the Godfather scene where Hyman Roth tells Michael Corleone, “This is the business we’ve chosen.” But Hollywood isn’t the mob and no one chose to go into movies or TV thinking part of the risk included bodily harm and emotional abuse.”

Tze Chun: “Daily reminder that there are successful people who are horrible but u don’t need to be horrible to be successful.”

Sean Burns: “Scott Rudin being horrible to his assistants is such breaking news they made a movie about it in 1994.”

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