The Viewing Booth (@True/False), Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

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New Yorker

"One of Paul Verhoeven’s main goals is to depict a society whose fixation on force has left it preening, idiotic, and paradoxically weak. This state manifests as endless columns of cultishly revered and supremely well-equipped violence workers who know how to do only one thing, and a culture that exists exclusively to celebrate their efforts. If it’s unsettling to recognize similarities between the crumbling futures of RoboCop and Total Recall and our own cultural moment, it’s terrifying how familiar the thudding martial beats of Starship Troopers are to contemporary ears. It’s a comedy, of course. Other war films try to give viewers some humanity to hang on to. Verhoeven offers only sheer surfaces and one clenched fist after another."

New Yorker | July 6, 2020


"Katzenberg is on his phone all the time, but he is also among the moguls of his generation who have their emails printed out (and vertically folded, for some reason) by an assistant. In enthusing about what a show could mean for Quibi, Katzenberg would invoke the same handful of musty touchstones — A'merica’s Funniest Home Videos,' 'Siskel and Ebert,; and Jane Fonda’s exercise tapes. When Gal Gadot came to the offices and delivered an impassioned speech about wanting to elevate the voices of girls and women, Katzenberg wondered aloud whether she might become the new Jane Fonda and do a workout series for Quibi. 'Apparently, her face fell,' says a person briefed on the meeting."
Behind The Brain Behind The Brainwave That Will Always Be Quibi, Ladies And Gentlemen, For The Seventieth Year On Planet Earth, Jeffrey Katzenberg!

Vulture | July 6, 2020


A Charlie Daniels Going-Away Tweet: "Benghazi Ain't Going Away!"

Twitter | July 6, 2020


"'Wireless,' co-created by Steven Soderbergh, will feature a man stranded in the mountains with a dying cell phone. With each episode, he loses one percent of battery power."
It's Not Satire, It's Quibi

Twitter | July 6, 2020

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