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Using the descriptor

“Using the descriptor “convicted rapist” rather than “disgraced producer” would be a good start.”

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The Year Of Festivaling Dangerously

David Poland | August 3, 2020

Movie Content Scoreboard, as of July 2020

David Poland | July 23, 2020

Why Write?

David Poland | July 14, 2020

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"In the political epidemiology of this disaster, Trump, Xi and Murdoch are the super-spreaders. They are the three monkeys of virus denialism: see no problem, hear no problem, speak no problem. Trump and Murdoch – the feedback loop between Fox News and the White House – have helped to give the US, with just five per cent of the world’s population, a third of global coronavirus infections."
Fintan O"Toole: "Rupert Murdoch is a super-spreader of lies and misinformation on the coronavirus pandemic"

August 8, 2020

The Guardian

Guy Lodge: "Xanadu is 40 years old this week, but it may as well be 4,000, or a missive from an as-yet-unborn future. Nothing about it makes any sense, its birthday least of all. If you disassemble its many lunatic moving parts, however, you can sort of see how Xanadu was conceived in the first place, as the bloated outcome of the kind of zealous, coked-up “it’s X-meets-Y-meets-Z” studio pitches that Robert Altman skewered in The Player. The 1970s had been an awkward age for musicals, with the forward-thinking, adult-minded standalone success of Cabaret surrounded by the limp corpses of dud attempts to emulate the family song-and-dance blockbusters of the 1960s."

The Guardian | August 8, 2020

Hollywood Reporter

"Bob Greenblatt, Kevin Reilly Out Amid Major WarnerMedia Restructuring: Ann Sarnoff will oversee a newly expanded content group for the company, with Casey Bloys overseeing programming for HBO, HBO Max and linear cable networks."

Hollywood Reporter | August 8, 2020

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids: The Ankler Finds Studio Creative Bosses At Generational Distance From Audience

August 8, 2020

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May Calamawy, Ramy

David Poland | June 15, 2020

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