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BYOB Where In The World Is Harvey Weinstein’s Walker?

3 Responses to “BYOB Where In The World Is Harvey Weinstein’s Walker?”

  1. Stella's Boy says:

    It’s a miracle! He can walk without support again. Never saw that coming. 5-29 years. Will be interesting to see what the sentence is and where he serves it. Not to mention he faces more charges elsewhere. A little bummed that he was exonerated on some charges but the guilty verdict was very satisfying.

  2. Ben Kabak says:

    He got railroaded. You can’t prosecute regrets.

  3. Triple Option says:

    I don’t like imdb’s new format. Before it seemed like the place to go to get information. Now it seems like they’re trying to sell me something. Are companies paying to have their show or movie more prominently featured? Joker came out in October and yet it’s always the first thing I see when the page opens. I don’t need clip art but it would be nice if they had a small list of what’s opening for the weekend. Instead, let’s see what 12 year old TV show or 20 yr old movie streaming on Amazon or imdb! We’ll put schedules up for anyone who’ll pay us but be sure to leave out Hulu, Disney+ and Netflix.

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