The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Jonathan Majors

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LA Times

Oscar Winner Kobe Bryant Was 41

LA Times | January 26, 2020

1917 Takes DGA

January 26, 2020

Filmmaker Magazine

"People often refer monolithically to 'the critics,' but clearly it depends which critics you’re talking about, even when they’ve been amassed into groups of many dozens."
A Phantom "Village Voice Film Poll" for 2019 With 91 Contributors

Filmmaker Magazine | January 25, 2020

Filmmaker Magazine

"The moderator made it clear that there would not be an audience Q&A afterwards, and told white attendees that they were not to speak to any Black person in the room or at the conference afterwards to process their feelings... The conference had long lagged on issues of equity in its programming and its structure... Is it beyond hypocritical to hold conversations about innovation in the field like, for instance, on creating a film festival “codes of ethics,” when the host institution doesn’t have systems of accountability? How we advocate for honesty and transparency fundamentally affects what can be done within these spaces... This lack of trust in AHC was repeated in one on one conversations that I had with other attendees, ranging from confusion to despair to rage."
Reporting From The 2020 Arthouse Convergence

Filmmaker Magazine | January 25, 2020

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