By Ray Pride

Steve McQueen

You’ve said you think it might be being misunderstood by some male film critics …

It depends if you’re sensitive enough to understand what other people go through, if you’re a male white critic. It’s one of those things that’s kind of obvious to me, maybe not to others.

A friend of my wife said to her husband: “Let’s go see Widows.” And he said: ‘Oh, is it only women who are starring in it?” And she said: “It’s got Liam Neeson.” And he said: “Oh, OK, I’ll go then.” So we’re still fighting against nonsense. I mean, how often, as a woman, did you project yourself on to heroes such as John Wayne or Sean Connery? That men struggle to even think about doing that is incredible.

~ Steve McQueen

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“That’s the joke of Prune, that we just pretend to be a restaurant. But we’re actually an institute for living. We hide behind the fried eggs, and we hide behind the marrow bones, but really what we’re doing here is trying to change the whole goddamn world, one lamb chop at a time. It’s slow going, but I think we’re getting there.”
~ Gabrielle Hamilton

“I’m into pleasure rebellion,” she says, lighting a cigarette. “I’ve shared all my misery and tragedy but in my personal life I’m a cheerleader, an optimist. That aspect of myself is not shared. Once you are free from trauma, you are going to luxuriate in pleasure and happiness – personal pleasure. A divine gluttony, I should say.”
Lydia Lunch