By Ray Pride

Paul Thomas Anderson

“Some love stories work out, some don’t. I always like the feeling of, you know… Here’s looking at you, kid. I mean, that doesn’t work out, does it? I can have that feeling sometimes of real joy in sadness. Or that kind of joy that you get from a sad song that’s got you crying your eyes out, that’s just making you feel so deeply. It just kind of overcomes you with—whether it’s melancholy, or just sadness, and it allows you to kind of open the floodgates and to sit in that for three or four minutes in the song. That can be so great. It’s just as therapeutic as hearing an up-tempo dance number that makes you want to jump around the house. I mean, those things can have the same effect. And sometimes it’s nice. I think I’ve always been a sucker for those kinds of things.”
~ Paul Thomas Anderson

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“It’s the job of the artist, to exploit connections. You see, I speak on behalf of the world of the artist without hesitation! People don’t realize that the part of the playwright is finding something for people to talk about. If you are writing about a historical episode, or two characters in ‘Hamlet,’ you have a structure for free.”
~ Tom Stoppard

“This is momentous. I think it is the true beginning of the crumble of the patriarchy. We’ve been living under it for centuries, and I don’t think this would’ve been possible in any earlier period in history. I think all of the baby steps that we’ve taken toward getting more women in positions of power — cinematographers that are women, and actresses who develop their own projects, and studio heads that are women — I mean, it was always one at a time, but it’s been slowly building. I think what’s happened now, it’s like, “Okay, the jig’s up, folks. You’re not going to get away with it. I’m not going to protect you if you treat me badly or disrespectfully.” We now have a woman cinematographer nominated for an Oscar, finally, in 2018. Finally. We’ve had a woman director win an Oscar. So it’s baby steps, but now I think it’s going to change drastically. Plus, I mean, look at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was a great movie. It was beautiful and it made a lot of money, which is what talks, of course, in this industry. So I think we’ll be seeing more women in positions of power.”
~ Ellen Burstyn