By Ray Pride

Onur Tukel

“I am terrible at interviews if I haven’t thought about my answers ahead of time. I’m much better when I can write down the answers. I speak very impulsively, and the entire time I’m having a panic attack. I tend to tune out when people talk to me, and I assume when I talk, the person I’m talking to does the same. So, while I’m talking, I’m having an internal conversation with myself: ‘Is she listening. Am I being engaging? Do I sound intelligent?’ I don’t know how to think, process, and speak at the same time. It’s always just speak first and think later. Then comes regret. After that, remorse… I like having my hands on all the aspects. It keeps me engaged, and distracted from the horrors of the real world. I write from fear, and I have new fears every day: Is a new terrorist attack coming? Do I have cancer? What’s that weird bump on my inner thigh? Wait, there’s another one… on my testicles!”
~ Filmmaker Onur Tukel On The Occasion Of Catfight

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“The people with the money are assholes. They look back and they want to stay in a safe place, while the filmmakers want to go forward. And sometimes we as filmmakers fuck them up because we’re also assholes, but we’re crazy assholes. You need to be pretty brutal. Frank Capra’s movies can make you cry, but he was a tough motherfucker.”
~ Guillermo del Toro

“The sad and painful truth is that pretty much everyone in this town knew who Harvey was. I have had long talks with my most liberal friends. Did we know he was a rapist? We didn’t. But did we know that for decades he has been offering actresses big careers in exchange for sexual favors? Yes, we did — and make no mistake, that is its own kind of rape. And did we all — or did any of us — refuse to do business with him on moral grounds? No. We ALL STAYED IN BUSINESS WITH HIM. I have never done business with Harvey but I can tell you with certainty that I would have — because I was recently approached by a film festival he sponsors. They asked me to submit my short film for their consideration and I did it without thinking twice. I am a dyed-in-the-wool feminist and a vocal one at that. So why didn’t I think twice? Because this entire town is built on the ugly principals that Harvey takes to an horrific extreme. If I didn’t work with people whose behavior I find reprehensible, I wouldn’t have a career.”
~ Showrunner Krista Vernoff