By Ray Pride

Onur Tukel

“I am terrible at interviews if I haven’t thought about my answers ahead of time. I’m much better when I can write down the answers. I speak very impulsively, and the entire time I’m having a panic attack. I tend to tune out when people talk to me, and I assume when I talk, the person I’m talking to does the same. So, while I’m talking, I’m having an internal conversation with myself: ‘Is she listening. Am I being engaging? Do I sound intelligent?’ I don’t know how to think, process, and speak at the same time. It’s always just speak first and think later. Then comes regret. After that, remorse… I like having my hands on all the aspects. It keeps me engaged, and distracted from the horrors of the real world. I write from fear, and I have new fears every day: Is a new terrorist attack coming? Do I have cancer? What’s that weird bump on my inner thigh? Wait, there’s another one… on my testicles!”
~ Filmmaker Onur Tukel On The Occasion Of Catfight

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“Now I am awake to the world. I was asleep before. When they slaughtered Congress, we didn’t wake up. When they blamed terrorists and suspended the Constitution, we didn’t wake up either. They said it would be temporary. Nothing changes instantaneously. In a gradually heating bathtub you’d be boiled to death before you knew it.”
“The Handmaid’s Tale,” Bruce Miller

“One of my favorite things in watching any performance on film is when there isn’t a lot of cutting going on and when you get a chance to become really absorbed in the artist in hand. The same way we do, hopefully, at a concert, when we get a chance to really trip in to something that’s happening on stage. Whether the singer’s singing, or one of the other musicians is playing, we sort of stay there instead of cutting round with our eyes a lot.”
~ Jonathan Demme