By Ray Pride

Michael Mann

“I was fascinated with a couple of things. One is human life in all of its dimensionality. That’s restricted, of course, in a drama like Heat, but it’s a lot more dimensional than archetypes. I’m really not interested in archetypes. In my research, I met a lot of people who are just gonna do what they’re gonna do. I believe [my characters] as people, and that allows me as a writer and director — and I believe audience members — to access them with more intensity. It leads us to believe them to a higher degree. That’s what I tend to be interested in. And, of course, when you’re making a film where worlds collide, you want the best characters possible. Characters who are quite extraordinary at what they do are attractive.” 
~ Michael Mann

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Feature films are suffering a kind of bad time right now, in my opinion, because the feature films that play in theaters are blockbusters. That seems to fill the theaters, but the art-house cinema is gone. If I made a feature film, it might play in L.A. and New York, a couple of other places, for a week in a little part of a cineplex, and then it would go who knows where. I built this to be on the big screen. It will be on a smaller screen, but it’s built for the big screen. You want a feature film to play on a big screen with big sound, and utilize all the best technology to make a world. It’s really tough after all that work to not get it in the theater. So I say that cable television is a new art house, and it’s good that it’s here.”
~ David Lynch

“The purpose of film isn’t to present the kindness of the world.”
~ Isabelle Huppert