By Ray Pride

Keegan-Michael Key

“Wouldn’t you be interested in seeing an Avengers movie that only cost $10 million but it was the script Joss Whedon wrote? I want to see that movie. If Joss Whedon can write a script and direct Avengers, and Joss Whedon can also make a version of Much Ado About Nothing in his home — they’re vastly different films, but I’m interested in both of them. I’d love to see what his treatment would be in the Avengers if it was an indie. I want to see that movie! I want to see your invention, your creative problem-solving. So I wish studios would say, across the board for a year — and this is never going to happen — every feature we make, no matter how long or big the script is, everybody gets $20 million. That’s it. That’s all you get. $20 million for your principal photography budget. Right there, that’s still $10 million more than the most expensive indie you’re going to see. But we get bogged down.”
~ Keegan-Michael Key

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“If there are theories about me, I’d rather not know. Astrophysics – now that’s fascinating. String theory, worm holes, the expanding universe, the Big Bang versus the Big Bounce – those are the kind of theories that make you feel like living and understanding the mystery of the world. Film theory is just a pain in the ass.”
~ Claire Denis

“I had a knockoff Michael Kors bag that said MLK instead of MK. Jada told me that I shouldn’t have knockoff stuff. I told her that my philosophy is, Whatever the bag costs, I should be able to keep that amount of cash in the bag. If it’s a $300 purse, I have to put $300 in cash in that purse. I do not want a bag that is more expensive than the cash I have to put in it. Things are going good for me now, so I am graduating to your Fendis and your Guccis. But I better have the cash equivalent, or I’m not buying the purse. And if things start to go wrong, I’m going right back to my knockoffs. When you’re somebody like me, who’s been homeless, clothes are not that important. Clothes are not a roof over my head, food in my ­stomach, my family’s health—that’s what money is for. But fashion helps get more money. So, we ride.”
~ Tiffany Haddish