By Ray Pride

Keegan-Michael Key

“Wouldn’t you be interested in seeing an Avengers movie that only cost $10 million but it was the script Joss Whedon wrote? I want to see that movie. If Joss Whedon can write a script and direct Avengers, and Joss Whedon can also make a version of Much Ado About Nothing in his home — they’re vastly different films, but I’m interested in both of them. I’d love to see what his treatment would be in the Avengers if it was an indie. I want to see that movie! I want to see your invention, your creative problem-solving. So I wish studios would say, across the board for a year — and this is never going to happen — every feature we make, no matter how long or big the script is, everybody gets $20 million. That’s it. That’s all you get. $20 million for your principal photography budget. Right there, that’s still $10 million more than the most expensive indie you’re going to see. But we get bogged down.”
~ Keegan-Michael Key

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“There’s a mass belief that if you’re texting, you’re somehow not interrupting the conversation—you’re not being rude. It’s an illusion of multitasking. I started filmmaking when people didn’t expect to have a phone on set, when it would’ve been seen as unprofessional to pull out a phone. Phones have become a huge distraction, and people work much better without them. At first it causes difficulty, but it really allows them to concentrate on what they’re doing. Everybody understands. I’ve had a lot of crews thank me. With a set, we’re trying to create a bubble of alternate reality.”
~ Christopher Nolan

“I’ve always loved films that approach sound in an impressionistic way and that is an unusual approach for a mainstream blockbuster, but I feel it’s the right approach for this experiential film. Many of the filmmakers I’ve admired over the years have used sound in bold and adventurous ways. I don’t agree with the idea that you can only achieve clarity through dialogue. Clarity of story, clarity of emotions—I try to achieve that in a very layered way using all the different things at my disposal—picture and sound.”
~ Christopher Nolan