By Ray Pride

Jim Jarmusch

“Well, you know, when we’re shooting films we’re a little pirate ship. The world goes away when you’re making a film, because you’re working so much and you have so little time to sleep, and you don’t even know what’s going on anymore. And I always say at least once during a shoot: let’s remember we’re just making a fucking film here, you know? It’s entertainment.”
~ Jim Jarmusch

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“Less is more and more is more. It’s the middle that’s not a good place.”
Paula Scher

“I WAS SO IGNORANT.   I couldn’t foresee that the scripted vulgarity of reality television was becoming the new societal norm. I naively assumed that the traditional American values of decency, fair play, equanimity, tolerance, truthfulness and individualism would prevail.”
~ Paul Schrader