By Ray Pride

Jim Jarmusch

“Well, you know, when we’re shooting films we’re a little pirate ship. The world goes away when you’re making a film, because you’re working so much and you have so little time to sleep, and you don’t even know what’s going on anymore. And I always say at least once during a shoot: let’s remember we’re just making a fucking film here, you know? It’s entertainment.”
~ Jim Jarmusch

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“If you’re smart and you get old, all you know is that everything changes. You’re not in control of anything. If you don’t learn that early, you’re going to be fucked. No, really… you can rail it all you like. It’s like the last railings of [these] people. It’s like the last railings of this group of people who are going extinct and you want to go, ‘What the fuck are you talking about?’ What are you clinging to? America of the ‘50s? Or England of the ‘50s with Brexit? People pottering around tending their garden in Norfolk thinking, ‘These Syrians are going to come in any minute now and ruin my roses.’ What a load of cock.”
~ Ian McShane

“What IS it with people who ask questions on posts like the person who posted is their personal researcher and water carrier? Do they not realize they’re online themselves? That they can read the story the post links to? That of the seven billion people on earth, almost none of them are mom?”
~ Rebecca Solnit