By Ray Pride

Harvey Weinstein

“HW engaged in quid pro quo sexual harassment… HW also required multiple groups of TWC employees to facilitate his sexual encounters with women. In part, HW required executive assistants to schedule and help arrange sexual (or possible sexual) encounters for HW, even directing them to essentially badger women who refused or expressed reluctance into accepting a “meeting” with HW. Additionally, on multiple occasions, HW required junior executives to meet a woman and discuss working in the entertainment industry generally or on specific TWC projects, because he was interested in her sexually and wanted the executives to help put the woman at ease before he made any sexual advances or because she had already submitted to his advances… TWC employed one group of female employees whose primary job it was to accompany HW to events and to facilitate HW’s sexual conquests. These women were kept on TWC’s payroll in TWC’s New York, Los Angeles, and London offices. While they had different titles, as a practical matter their primary responsibility included taking HW to parties at which he could meet young women, and introducing him to young women seeking opportunities at TWC with whom he could attempt to engage in sexual relations. These women were described by some witnesses as members of HW’s TWC “roster” or his “wing women.” One of the members of this entourage was flown from London to New York to teach HW’s assistants how to dress and smell more attractive to HW… A second group of employees served as his assistants. Predominantly female assistants were compelled to take various steps to further HW’s regular sexual activity, including by contacting “Friends of Harvey” (“FOH”) and other prospective sexual partners via text message or phone at his direction and maintaining space on his calendar for sexual activity. Two TWC employee witnesses described having to procure HW’s erectile dysfunction shots, one of whom received a TWC bonus for obtaining them and was at times directed by HW to administer the injections. Another TWC witness described how she had to ensure HW had an adequate supply of them in his travel bag—referred to within the company as his “go at bag” all times. One TWC employee was tasked with preparing a room in TWC’s offices for HW’s sexual activity when he wished to have sexual encounters in the office, and with cleaning up when it was over. Articles of women’s clothing were left behind on occasion after these incidents, making clear what transpired during these encounters and requiring TWC employees to make arrangements for their return.”
~ The Schneiderman Filing Against Harvey Weinstein Fire Sale Of Weinsteinco

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What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
To have to die.

What do you most dislike about your appearance?

What is your favourite smell?
Fracas perfume by Robert Piguet.

If you could bring something extinct back to life, what would you choose?
The lost plays by Aeschylus and Sophocles.
~ Isabelle Huppert at 65

“I come from a generation where men were men. There’s nothing soft or touchy-feely about any of us, where we were from in Wales. There’s a negative side to that, because we’re not very good at receiving love or giving it. We don’t understand it. After Richard Burton died, his brother Graham invited me to the Dorchester where they were all having a get-together, the wives and the men, all the sisters and brothers. All pissed. And I noticed the women were sipping their ports and brandy, but all the men were, ‘Come on, drink! Drink!’ I thought, ‘There’s something very Greek about this.’ Men together. You know, like the bouzouki dancers. It’s not homosexuality, but it is a sexuality, a kind of bonding. That’s what I was thinking of.”
~ Anthony Hopkins