By Ray Pride

George A. Romero George Romero To Spencer Parsons

“I caught Now, Voyager on TV this week, and you giggle at the style and giggle at everything. But at the end, you’ve got a tear in your eye. And it seems like people now are afraid to cross that barrier; they’re afraid to go that longest yard into emotion. I don’t know. Some fear of expressing that or being too corny, but you know, that’s what makes a story work. You know, I really respect craft and craftsmanship. And that’s sort of what keeps me going. John Ford made 200-plus films. I’ve made 17. I don’t have all those tricks yet. I don’t have ’em in my hip pocket. So I think that’s really what keeps me going, trying to make a really well-crafted film.” 
~ George Romero To Spencer Parsons

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“The difference between poetry and prose, and why if you’re not acculturated to poetry, you might resist it: that page is frightening. Why is it not filled? The two categories of people who don’t feel that way are children and prisoners. So many prison poets; they see that gap and experience it differently. I’m for the gap!”
~ Poet Eileen Myles

“Wise men build bridges, foolish men build barriers.”
~ T’Challa