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The Ides of March

Genre: Drama


  • George Clooney



    • George Clooney
    • Ryan Gosling
    • Philip Seymour Hoffman
    • Marisa Tomei
    • Evan Rachel Wood
    • Paul Giamatti
    • Jeffrey Wright

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    DP/30: The Ides of March, writer Beau Willimon

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    DP/30: composer Alexandre Desplat 2012

    The composer of the 2011 scores for The Tree of Life, A Better Life, Carnage, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Pt 2, and The Ides of March

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    Weekend Estimates: October 30

    Puss in Boots|33.2||33.2 Paranormal Activity 3|18.5|-65%|81.3 In Time|11.8||11.8 Footloose|5.3|-49%|38.4 The Rum Diary|5.1||5.1 Real Steel|4.7|-56%|73.9 The Three Musketeers|3.4|-61%|14.8 The Ides of March|2.7|-45%|33.5 Moneyball|2.3|-42%|67.3 Courageous|1.7|-30%|27.6

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    The Weekend Report: October 30, 2011

    The Shrek spinoff Puss in Boots was initially expected to open north of $40 million but expectations were pared back to $35 million to $40 million as opening day loomed. The audience skewed 59% female and 55% were 25 years old and up according to exit polls (family stats were unavailable). Once again 3D underperformed with those engagements accounting for roughly two-thirds of the compliment and 51% of the box office while Imax dates were 7% of the total.

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    DP/30: The Ides of March, actor Evan Rachel Wood

    Evan Rachel Wood plays the pivotal role in George Clooney’s new film, in which she shares most of her screen time with Ryan Gosling. Is this role a career changer? The now-24-year-old actress thinks so. She explains why and looks back over her long career.

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    Box Office Hell — October 13

    Our Players|Coming Soon|Box Office Prophets|Box Office Guru|EW|Box Office . com Footloose |17.7|13.6|20.0|19.0|18.0 Real Steel|17.5|15.2|15.0|15.0|15.5 The Thing|12.6|10.9|13.0|11.0|8.5 The Big Year|7.6|7.2|6.0|8.0|6.8 Dolphin Tale|6.5|6.3|6.0|6.3|6.6 The Ides of March|6.2|6.9|6.0|n/a|6.7

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    Box Office Hell — October 6

    Our Players|Coming Soon|Box Office Prophets|Box Office Guru|EW|Box Office . com Real Steel|27.6|n/a|23.0|n/a|24.5 The Ides of March|14.2|n/a|14.0|n/a|12.0 Dolphin Tale|10.0|n/a|10.5|n/a|11.0 Moneyball|7.6|n/a|8.0|n/a|7.9 Courageous |6.0|n/a|n/a|n/a|5.7

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    Critics Roundup — October 6

    The Ides of March |Yellow||Green||Yellow Real Steel |Yellow||||Yellow Blackthorn (limited) |||Green|| Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone |||Green|Green| The Swell Season (LA., NY Oct 21) |||Green|| Dirty Girl (limited) ||||Green| The Way (limited) |||||Green 1911 (limited) |Yellow|||| Woman on the Sixth Floor (limited) |Yellow||||

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    Cincy Native Brandon Harris On Clooney’s Regional Filmmaking In Ides Of March

    “If this was the Boston of Ben Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone, there would be stories in the Eastern press about the film’s unforced authenticity, but instead these qualities will be largely missed by the cinerati.” Cincy Native Brandon Harris On Clooney’s Regional Filmmaking In Ides Of March

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    TIFF’11 Preview: Galas and Masters

    Next week the Toronto International Film Festival will kick off, and cinephiles, film critics and industry folks will be running amok all over downtown Toronto, rushing to get to screenings and saying things like, “Hey, I’d love to chat, but I’m rushing to get to the new Cronenberg! Catch you for drinks later?” And sometimes…

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    Smoke House Takes It Cross Creek-Exclusive For Deal To Finance-Produce Politifilm Based On “Farragut North”

    Smoke House Takes It Cross Creek-Exclusive For Deal To Finance-Produce Politifilm Based On “Farragut North”

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      Quote Unquotesee all »

      “Because of my relative candor on Twitter regarding why I quit my day job, my DMs have overflowed with similar stories from colleagues around the globe. These peeks behind the curtains of film festivals, venues, distributors and funding bodies weren’t pretty. Certain dismal patterns recurred (and resonated): Boards who don’t engage with or even understand their organization’s artistic mission and are insensitive to the diverse neighborhood in which their organization’s venue is located; incompetent founders and/or presidents who create only obstacles, never solutions; unduly empowered, Trumpian bean counters who chip away at the taste and experiences that make organizations’ cultural offerings special; expensive PR teams that don’t bring to the table a bare-minimum familiarity with the rich subcultural art form they’re half-heartedly peddling as “product”; nonprofit arts organizations for whom art now ranks as a distant-second goal behind profit.”
      ~ Eric Allen Hatch

      To me, Hunter S. Thompson was a hero. His early books were great, but in many ways, his life and career post–Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail is a cautionary tale for authors. People expected him to be high and drunk all the time and play that persona, and he stuck with that to the end, and I don’t think it was good for him. I always sort of feel mixed emotions when I hear that people went and hung out with Hunter and how great it was to get high with Hunter. The fact is the guy was having difficulty doing any sustained writing at all for years probably because so many quote, unquote, “friends” wanted to get high with him … There was a badly disappointed romantic there. I mean, that great line, “This is where the wave broke, the tide rolled back … ” This was a guy that was hurt and disappointed and very bitter about things, and it made his writing beautiful, and also with that came a lot of pain.
      ~ Anthony Bourdain