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Roger Moore Keeps The British End Up No More

Roger Moore was my first James Bond. Live and Let Die was my first Bond film in a movie theater. I don’t recall whether I had seen Goldfinger or Dr No on ABC TV (Bond movies were a broadcast TV event back then). I think I had watched “The Saint” in black & white. But…

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Review: Baywatch

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.26.57 AM

I was so looking forward to some good, dumb summer fun.

And Baywatch has its moments.

But it is taken down by an undertow of overthinking, over-raunching, and generally a complete miss of what made this series so absurdly popular for so long.

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Obama Photographer Pete Souza Shoots “A Day In The Life Of Frank Underwood”

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“Twin Peaks”: A Place For Spoilers

Falling into a dream: the main credits of the new series.

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Weekend Estimates by Alien Trouble Klady

This is a terrible result for Alien: Covenant. I thought they had found a strong, clear voice for the marketing about a month ago. Problem is… the movie didn’t open while the voice was strong. It opened an entire month later. In today’s movie marketing universe, timing is more important than ever. And when your campaign is…

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Threads: Del Toro, McQuarrie, Mangold, Johnson et al.

Twitter is a lovely river when thread creates what participant James Mangold calls “a lively artistic banter among friends.” What a wonderful thread to witness as a filmmaker. — Minhal Baig (@minhalbaig) May 21, 2017 This is only a sample. Listen in for a bit. It began with a question from Christopher McQuarrie to…

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Friday Estimates by Alien: Klady

Alien: Covenant takes a hit from Prometheus, as audiences aren’t quite ready to jump back into the water, even though Fox has pushed the action agenda more aggressively this time out. With Pirates a week away, the question of whether the same will happen there is legit. Prometheus did $276m overseas. Will Alien: Covenant top…

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Woody Allen On Facebook Live

In which Allen offers his perpetrual shrug toward Annie Hall, talks about the CGI of Wonder Wheel, and his demand of total creative control at the age of 81. “When I make a film, I like the people backing the film, sometimes the studios, to put the money in a brown paper bag and then…

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Trailering Cannes’ Competition GOOD TIME, By The Safdies, With Robert Pattinson

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Trailers du Jour: Fox Apes Fight Humans & Feminism

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Weekend Estimates by Magic Snatched Klady

This Mother’s Day weekend may (or may not) reflect the least accurate projections of Sunday numbers in memory. Both Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 and Snatched are projecting Sunday as significantly bigger than their Friday gross, which would be unusual. Expect the 1-2-3 order to stay in line tomorrow, but with different grosses. I…

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Friday Estimates by He Better Hope There Isn’t A Recording Of the Box Office Before He Estimates Klady

Oh Guardians, my Guardians… The second volume isn’t maintaining the “50% improved over the original” pace of the opening, but it is still well ahead of the first and internationally, it has already three-quarters of the way to the entire international gross for the first film ($326m going into this weekend vs 440m for the…

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BYOB 051217

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The Myth of Movie Industry Myths: Exporting Films Of Color

There are things that are true and there are things that we want to believe. The media loves to accuse Hollywood of all manner of malfeasance. (This piece claims to correct a myth and this piece claims that Hollywood is so invested in keeping women and people of color down that it is lying to…

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Review: King Arthur: The Lege…

real arthur sm

Ritchie’s twist on King Arthur isn’t very complex. Take the original and add The Lion King. Add some Harry Potter effects (not as well done). Add quick editing that makes parts of this film dangerous for ticket buyers with epilepsy. And voila! You’ve got a crap movie.

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RIP Michael Parks

Michael Parks sings! On “The Johnny Cash Show,” March 25, 1970.

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Review: Snatched (minimal spoilers)

hawn snatched

Snatched is the movie that people feared Trainwreck might be. In Amy Schumer’s first feature, we were fortunate to get a coherent, quirky narrative with charming sidebars. Not so lucky here.

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After The Tease For The Trailer After The Teaser And The Full-On Trailer, Here’s Four BLADE RUNNER: 2049 Stills

Lay the odds. Can it be good? Can Roger Deakins get an Oscar?

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Weekend Estimates by I Am Klady, Vol 2

Analysis to come… around 11a pdt

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Review-ish: Alien Covenant (spoiler-free)

alien c small

The third act of a movie is a magical thing. A story can drag through two acts, but if that third act really pops and the audience leaves the theater excited, the not-so-exciting journey to get to the end is forgotten and the buzz remains. But the reverse is also true. This phenomenon is as true for most film critics as it is for “the great unwashed.”

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The Lovers, Debra Winger, Tracy Letts, Azazel Jacobs

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Mississippi Grind, Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck

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Free Fire, Ben Wheatley

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DP/30: Norman, Richard Gere, Joseph Cedar

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Feature films are suffering a kind of bad time right now, in my opinion, because the feature films that play in theaters are blockbusters. That seems to fill the theaters, but the art-house cinema is gone. If I made a feature film, it might play in L.A. and New York, a couple of other places, for a week in a little part of a cineplex, and then it would go who knows where. I built this to be on the big screen. It will be on a smaller screen, but it’s built for the big screen. You want a feature film to play on a big screen with big sound, and utilize all the best technology to make a world. It’s really tough after all that work to not get it in the theater. So I say that cable television is a new art house, and it’s good that it’s here.”
~ David Lynch

“The purpose of film isn’t to present the kindness of the world.”
~ Isabelle Huppert