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Friday Estimates Analyzed by Dino David

Never know when it will be the last one… And not very interesting. Just another weekend of massive success. The 4th $125m+ opening in 8 weeks of a one-week extended summer season. Hasn’t happened before. Best before was Captain America: Civil Wars, Finding Dory, and Suicide Squad over the entire summer. I don’t actually foresee…

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I am not a California fruit loop. No one read my aura and told me what to do. But it is funny how life tells you things, if you are willing to listen. I bought my Mustang just before we launched Movie City News. After an accident in late 2017, I kept it and cared…

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Weekend Estimates by Mr. Credible

Fourth time there have been 3 $150 million openings in a year. (150 is the new 100.) About to be a record-breaking 4 $150m openings in a year… and all before July 1. I don’t actually expect a 5th, given the poor opening of Solo and the lack of a Star Wars film over Christmas….

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Friday Estimates

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Hot Button Rules of Thumb (first published in 2006)

Top 10 Hot Button Rules of Thumb I just ran into this list, posted somewhere 8 years ago. There is really only one specific change. In item #2, the DVD market has changed and international has become a much more significant force. I would still say that $150m domestic is still not a blockbuster, but…

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Top 10 News Stories – Hot Button, Dec 2017

Top Ten Movie News Stories of 1997 There was lots of movie news this year, but not much that will be remembered. Here are the 10, in inverse order, that I think will be. 10. Death — Death is always a major story. There were some big ones this year (in alphabetical order): Chris Farley,…

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My First Online Column. June 6, 1997

  Chapter One: The Truth“YOU WANT THE TRUTH?! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!” — Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men So, you want to know how show business really works? OK. Let’s start at the beginning. Attributing the quotation above to Jack Nicholson is a little like crediting your 6-year-old nephew with coming up with…

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Weekend Estimates by Sex Flip Klady

Hard to really analyze the Ocean’s Eight opening. It feels… about right. It’s not explosive. It’s not a step backwards for a franchise idea. It will be profitable, but insignificant financially. The “empowered” movie of the summer still looks to be Crazy Rich Asians, which WB tagged to Ocean’s “prints.” If Sandra Bullock is as…

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Weekend Estimates 060318

Keeping it to myself…

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Friday Estimates by Still Solo Despite The Media Han On Its Head Shoving Down

Deadpool 2‘s second Friday off 77% from its f1rst Friday Avengers: Infinity War off 70%. Guardians 2 off 70%. Spider-Man: Homecoming off 73%. Pirates last Memorial Day off 73%. X-Men: Apocalypse the Memorial Day opener in 2016, off 75%. Solo off 77%… THE SKY IS FALLING!!!! Tthis is an annual occurrence. Every summer, in the…

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BYOB: Where’s Your Thrill

Summer upon us. What’s next, what’s next??

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4-Day Estimates


102 Getting Shade. Book Club and Life of the Party hold well. And the Gospel According to Andre is the limited per-screen king.

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Weekend Estimates by Underwhelmed But Unhysterical

The vortex of Solo box office disappointment is hard to escape. Many of the theories being floated are surely true… but not in all-caps. As with so much these days, every fact is an excuse to spin one’s broader, and often irrelevant belief into a bigger picture. My sense is that theatrical is not only…

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Friday Estimates by So Low Klady

    So yeah… not the expected number for Solo. What does it mean?  It means you can’t let the brand sell itself. The reaction from veteran marketers is fearful, but you that doesn’t really account for the fact that brands are being sold in much greater quantity, at a much greater pace, than ever…

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Weekend Estimates by Deadklad 2

Deadpool 2 is the biggest not-first-weekend-of-May May opening. Ever. The previous top in this category was Shrek 3, which was part of the Triple Trilogy summer of 2007, which also owns the Memorial Day record with Pirates 3 at $115 million, which gives Solo a target for next weekend. That summer, 11 years ago, inspired…

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Friday Estimates by The Royal Wedded Klady

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BYOB: Solo Spoiler

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BYOB: Solo Non-Spoiler

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Weekend Estimates by 3-Weekend Klady

I still don’t have much to say about the weekend. Avengers: Infinity War is a big, fat hit… as it must be. Opening the second weekend of May is, as it has long been, fraught. Last year, it was $19.5m and $15.4m million for Snatched and King Arthur, respectively… almost exactly what the 2 new…

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Hereditary, Toni Collette

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“Because of my relative candor on Twitter regarding why I quit my day job, my DMs have overflowed with similar stories from colleagues around the globe. These peeks behind the curtains of film festivals, venues, distributors and funding bodies weren’t pretty. Certain dismal patterns recurred (and resonated): Boards who don’t engage with or even understand their organization’s artistic mission and are insensitive to the diverse neighborhood in which their organization’s venue is located; incompetent founders and/or presidents who create only obstacles, never solutions; unduly empowered, Trumpian bean counters who chip away at the taste and experiences that make organizations’ cultural offerings special; expensive PR teams that don’t bring to the table a bare-minimum familiarity with the rich subcultural art form they’re half-heartedly peddling as “product”; nonprofit arts organizations for whom art now ranks as a distant-second goal behind profit.”
~ Eric Allen Hatch

To me, Hunter S. Thompson was a hero. His early books were great, but in many ways, his life and career post–Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail is a cautionary tale for authors. People expected him to be high and drunk all the time and play that persona, and he stuck with that to the end, and I don’t think it was good for him. I always sort of feel mixed emotions when I hear that people went and hung out with Hunter and how great it was to get high with Hunter. The fact is the guy was having difficulty doing any sustained writing at all for years probably because so many quote, unquote, “friends” wanted to get high with him … There was a badly disappointed romantic there. I mean, that great line, “This is where the wave broke, the tide rolled back … ” This was a guy that was hurt and disappointed and very bitter about things, and it made his writing beautiful, and also with that came a lot of pain.
~ Anthony Bourdain