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Black Panther: The Math, Objectively – Part 2, Opening Weekend

Okay… huge number. Tracking was low. Not a shock. When you get past $100 million, tracking is mostly a crap shoot. As it turned out, Disney did itself a great service by letting the film stew in its strong media reaction for what seemed like a week too long in a very soft early 2018…

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Weekend Estimates From Down Wakanda Way

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Friday Box Office Estimates

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BYO Wakanda (Hold Those Spoilers, Even Tiny Ones)

Can we start without spoilers? End of the weekend, after more people have had a chance to see the film, there will be a place to freely spoiler!

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Weekend Estimates by Finally Closed Shades Klady

The final 50 Shades movie looks like the first that will fail to gross $100 million domestic. Still, $250 million worldwide seems likely, so Universal can still make a bundle and the Chinese can get their money out. Peter Rabbit delivers an Emoji Movie opening, sans Poop. And The 15:17 to Paris chugs out of…

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Friday Estimates

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Jóhann Jóhannsson Was 48

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From the DGA: Three Hours With The 2018 Oscar Nominees For Best Direction

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Black Panther: The Math, Objectively

Here is where we are heading on Black Panther. Tracking indicates, roughly, a $150 million opening. Huge number. 10% bigger than Deadpool. About 15% less than Beauty & The Beast. But I am interested in the long term: people are focused on this as a breakthrough for black cinema. But I think it is a normal…

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BYOB: Super Bowl

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Weekend Estimates by Wardrobe Malfunction

Aside from single-screen releases of Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Soiren and Kiarostami’s final film 24 Frames, A Fantastic Woman is the only opening over $4,100 per screen this weekend. Seven of the nine Best Picture nominees are still in theaters (limited releases of Get Out and Dunkirk lasted only a week), The Shape of Water chugged past Three…

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Friday Estimates by Super Bored Klady

This is the Friday the studios worked so hard to have. The studio business starts again next weekend after a month off, essentially. So here is the question… does Disney have responsibility to balance out the year for the film industry? Black Panther would have opened nearly as well two weekends ago and perhaps played…

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Masterclassing With Paul Schrader In Rotterdam (86m)

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Thirty Uplifting Seconds With Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves does his own stunts.

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Trailering Soderbergh’s UNSANE

Not a puzzle like last month’s Soderbergh, this one’s a shot-on-iPhone stalker thriller. (Apparently.)

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Weekend Estimates by Studio Disinterest Klady

Aside from Padmaavat, the Indian film on 324 screens and kicking ass within that niche market as films do every week, and a 1-sceeen release by Strand of Have A Nice Day, and a couple 2 screen releases, there are no per-screens to find that drew over $6500 per. That sucks. The only upside is…

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Friday Estimates by The Klay Drunner

Another mostly abandoned weekend by Hollywood. I understand avoiding next weekend – which they are – because the Super Bowl assures a weak Sunday. But starting the week after next, there are seven of eight weeks with potential overload of at least three major, wide releases every weekend. If you have a movie you believe…

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BYO Oscar

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Weekend Estimates by Shut Down Len

12 Strong opens to $100k more than 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Den of Thieves is STX’s #4 opener of their brief all-time, behind the 2 Bad Moms and Valerian… and comps a little behind last year’s January entry, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage and right on top of 2015’s Jack Reacher: Shadow…

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“Film festivals, for those who don’t know, are not exactly the glitzy red carpet affairs you see on TV. Those do happen, but they’re a tiny part of the festival. The main part of any film festival are the thousands of people with festival passes hanging on lanyards beneath their anoraks, carrying brochures for movies you have never and will never hear of, desperately scrabbling to sell whatever movie it is to buyers from all over the world. Every hotel bar, every cafe, every restaurant is filled to the brim with these people, talking loudly about non-existent deals. The Brits are the worst because most of the British film industry, with a few honourable exceptions, are scam artists and chancers who move around from company to company failing to get anything good made and trying to cast Danny Dyer in anything that moves. I’m seeing guys here who I first met twenty years ago and who are still wearing the same clothes, doing the same job (albeit for a different company) and spinning the same line of bullshit about how THIS movie has Al Pacino or Meryl Streep or George Clooney attached and, whilst that last one didn’t work out, THIS ONE is going to be HUGE. As the day goes on, they start drinking and it all gets ugly and, well, that’s why I’m the guy walking through the Tiergarten with a camera taking pictures of frozen lakes and pretending this isn’t happening.

“Berlin is cool, though and I’ve been lucky to be doing meetings with some people who want to actually get things done. We’ll see what comes of it.”
~ Julian Simpson 

“The difference between poetry and prose, and why if you’re not acculturated to poetry, you might resist it: that page is frightening. Why is it not filled? The two categories of people who don’t feel that way are children and prisoners. So many prison poets; they see that gap and experience it differently. I’m for the gap!”
~ Poet Eileen Myles