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The Danish Girl, Alicia Vikander

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Youth, Harvey Keitel

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Carol, Cate Blanchett

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Sicario, Roger Deakins

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Room, Lenny Abrahamson, Emma Donoghue


Love and Mercy, Paul Dano


I Smile Back. Sarah Silverman


Mr. Holmes, Sir Ian McKellen


Meadowland, Olivia Wilde


The Martian, Sir Ridley Scott


Suffragette, Abi Morgan


CC Clip: Robert Redford, A Walk in The Woods


Straight Outta Compton, F. Gary Gray


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The physical object is so banalized nowadays, you have to bring something else. And the audience is completely ready to get that, and want that, voilà. It’s difficult because it’s a lot of work and there are a lot of requirements, but you have to try to be more and more unique; if not, you’re just releasing a DVD in the old way, and even if a title might interest some cinephiles, it won’t be enough regarding the fact that they could see on S-VOD for ten bucks hundreds of movies. So how do you bring this audience who’s continuing following you because they have the same feeling of cinephilia to acquire what you’re releasing ? And even though we can see of course that the 3000-limited-edition of Body Double is to be able to go out-of-print very quickly, at the same time it will increase interest on the title itself.
~ Carlotta Films’ Vincent Paul-Boncour

“To me, there was a deep confusion that still persists,” Morris told the crowd, “and I don’t know what you can do to disabuse people of this notion. I suppose you could hit them in the head with a large piece of lumber, but I’m not sure that would do the trick. It’s a simple rule: Style doesn’t guarantee truth. Truth is something far more elusive. Truth is a quest; you pursue truth. You go after it, you try to uncover it, because we all know that we live in a sea of falsehood. I mean, there shouldn’t be any tool that should be unavailable to you in the pursuit of truth.”
~ Errol Morris