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“It really feels like we are at the tipping point for cloud in media and entertainment.”
Microsoft To Move Many Disney Operations To “The Cloud”


“The thing you have to remember is that entertainment is market-driven. Frankly audiences don’t want to hear about climate change,” says James Cameron, a longtime environmentalist. “We did a show called ‘Years of Living Dangerously.’ We won an Emmy and got canceled. You can insinuate these ideas into your storytelling. I’ve certainly done that with Avatar, but Avatar came out ten years ago. And in that time our population has grown by almost a billion, and the effects of that alone on our environment and climate change are devastating. Does storytelling do that much good?”
Variety Cover-Stories Climate Crisis




“The ‘New’ First Awards Ceremony Of The Awards Season”

“You want to know the moral of making a film like Crash?” asks Thomas, just as we’re leaving. “Wear a seatbelt.”
An Oral History Of Crash With David Cronenberg And Jeremy Thomas

Farewell Andrea Gronvall, Critic, Journslist, ‘Siskel & Ebert’ Producer, Longtime MCN Contributor

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liza antelo on: Farewell Andrea Gronvall, Critic, Journslist, ‘Siskel & Ebert’ Producer, Longtime MCN Contributor

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Celia Ann Harrison on: Topix Forums Deep-Nixed

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The Pope on: "ABC’s decision to cancel 'Roseanne' feels like a gutsy move. It looks like a stand against racism, a line drawn in the sand to delineate what is reasonable and what is not. It even looks like a data point in the 'How do we separate the art from the artist?' debate, and it offers a heartening answer: We don’t have to, because, in this case, ABC will not finance that artist. It’s somehow even more heartening because it comes from a massive corporate conglomerate that might lose money by making this decision. It feels remarkably just. It feels decent. I’m thrilled that Roseanne has been canceled. It was the right thing to do. But it doesn’t feel correct to hold up ABC as a new bastion of decency, either. 'Roseanne' felt like the Titanic, a ship that seemed too big to turn around — but in the aftermath of Barr’s tweet, it also seemed like a ship that was doomed. ABC’s decision to cancel Roseanne is a good thing, but it also seems like a decision to shut down something that was about to implode anyhow. With a little more context, it looks like a network taking a strong stance against racism… in a way that also rids them of a show that was about to fall apart anyhow."

$70 Million Warner Writedown

“Berman’s songs for Silver Jews had as their underpinning this sour, low-stakes refusal of the smugness and falsehoods around us, many which were political in nature. It was a pickled rejection of the upbeat mainstream. His songs were metaphysical half-nods, cynical but joking whispers, poignant, lazy singing of serrated couplets that consistently nudged their Gen X listeners about the falsity of the world around them. You could even say that Silver Jews’ and Berman’s sensibilities sprang from a refusal of the exploitatively cheery tone that surrounded the terrible things that were happening in a supposedly Democratic decade, such as the premature end to Aid to Dependent Families and Children (AFDC), the creation of workfare, the Clinton administration’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on lesbians and gay men serving in the military, and even canned ‘Friends’-style television. It only seemed to get worse, not better, when culture became digitized and the freedom of the Internet was as quickly commodified.”

The Melodies of Hustlers

Steaming Services: Bob Iger Exits Apple Board

One Year Ago: When Apple Met Hairy Art

“Warner Bros, like the other majors, admired the bountiful jigsaw puzzle the Netflix guys envisioned but we couldn’t figure out how to put together the pieces,” observed Warren Lieberfarb, then president of Warner Bros Home Video. One of the few visionaries at the majors, Lieberfarb was figuring out the answers but parted company with his bosses before he could implement them.”

For a fleeting moment, MoviePass was the biggest disrupter in the movie business.

MoviePass Is Done

“Joker rewrites the backstory of one of comics’ most infamous villains to be one of humiliation and scorn; essentially, the movie says, he is bullied into mass murder..

Microsoft To Move Many Disney Operations To “The Cloud”

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“The thought is interrupted by an odd interlude. We are speaking in the side room of Casita, a swish and fairly busy Italian bistro in Aoyama – a district of Tokyo usually so replete with celebrities that they spark minimal fuss. Kojima’s fame, however, exceeds normal limits and adoring staff have worked out who their guest is. He stops mid-sentence and points up towards the speakers, delighted. The soft jazz that had been playing discreetly across the restaurant’s dark, hardwood interior has suddenly been replaced with the theme music from some of Kojima’s hit games. Harry Gregson-Williams’ music is sublime in its context but ‘Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots’ is not, Kojima acknowledges, terribly restauranty. He pauses, adjusting a pair of large, blue-framed glasses of his own design, and returns to the way in which games have not only influenced films, but have also changed the way in which people watch them. “There are stories being told [in cinema] that my generation may find surprising but which the gamer generation doesn’t find weird at all,” he says.
~ Hideo Kojima

“They’re still talking about the ‘cathedral of cinema,’ the ‘communal experience,’ blah blah. The experiences I’ve had recently in the theatre have not been good. There’s commercials, noise, cellphones. I was watching Colette at the Varsity, and halfway through red flashes came up at the bottom of the frame. A woman came out and said, ‘We’re going to have to reboot, so take fifteen minutes and come back.’ Then they rebooted it from the beginning, and she had to ask the audience to tell her how far to go. You tell me, is that a great experience? I generally don’t watch movies in a cinema at all. Netflix is the future. It’s the present. But the whole paradigm of a series, binge-watching, it’s quite different. My first reaction is that it’s more novelistic, because if you have an eight-hour season, you can get into complex, intricate things. You can let it breathe and the audience expectations are such that they will let you, where before they wouldn’t have the patience. I think only the surface has been touched with experimenting with that.”
~ David Cronenberg