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“It’s one of those wondrous Zack Snyder extravaganzas that fulfill [sic] the aesthetic potential of comic-book graphics and achieves essential cinema kinetics. Studio interference and personal tragedy have prevented Snyder from completing his vision on a scale commensurate with the ever-astonishing Watchmen. His imagery is classical, mythic, and erotic… Snyder’s sensuality recalls Josef von Sternberg, whose great films were also misunderstood as camp, even though they contain the essence of cinema as imaginative, photographed experience.”
 Armond White


“I’m actually sitting here telling you this story, afraid to say his name, because I’m worried about backlash… Oh, fuck it! It was Oliver Stone, and it was The Doors… He wrote this special scene that he wanted me to do for him physically in the casting room, and it was humiliating and horrid.”
Oliver Stone Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Former Screen Actors Guild President Melissa Gilbert

“She drove her mother’s car from her parents’ home in New Jersey to Rose’s townhouse in the Manhattan. He opened the door to his home in a white bathrobe – like one, she says, that you’d find at a hotel… Rose drove her in his car to a West Village restaurant that he said he frequented, where they ate dinner and shared a bottle of wine. When the bill came, Rose said [he] couldn’t pay the bill and because the restaurant only accepted cash, she ended up paying.”
A Second Report On Charlie Rose Preying On Young Women Interns

“There are jokes I made 15 years ago I would absolutely not make today.”
Sarah Silverman

“Five of the women spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of Rose’s stature in the industry, his power over their careers or what they described as his volatile temper.”
“I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.”
CBS, PBS, Bloomberg Sever Charlie Rose Over Lurid Longterm Harassment Claims

“Mathematics, engineering and computer science are wonderful disciplines – intellectually demanding and fulfilling. And they are economically vital for any advanced society. But mastering them teaches very little about society or history – or about human nature. The new masters of our universe are people who are essentially only half-educated. They have had no exposure to the humanities or the social sciences, the academic disciplines that aim to provide some understanding of how society works, of history and of the roles that beliefs, philosophies, laws, norms, religion and customs play in the evolution of human culture.”
“How A Half-Educated Tech Elite Delivered Us Into Chaos”

NY Times

“I’m sure I have such a strong affinity for dance because, like poetry, it is filled with nuances you only recognize over time.”
Girish Bhargava, 76, Prime Editor Of Dance Film, Including Dirty Dancing And Work By Balanchine, Martins, Fosse, Cunningham, Graham

“There was another person in the industry, who had a competing film for the Academy Awards, who decided to release all of the phone records and information. I’ve been told who did it — by several people. Nate had the stuff in his past, which is heinous and tough to get beyond. I get that. But that was when he was 18, and now he’s in directors’ jail. I’m not saying Nate should not have been in trouble. I’m saying that they got in different levels of trouble. And that’s the disparity. It’s like there are two standards for how to deal with someone who has this kind of issue in their past, you know?”
Armie Hammer


“Netflix likely will be on the hook for Spacey’s entire season-six salary given that he did not have a morality clause in his contract. Netflix can shoulder the burden of a pricey scandal, but that’s not the case for the below-the-line Baltimore crew and others who count on income from the series. ‘House of Cards’ contributed $129 million to Maryland’s economy last season, according to a state audit.”
Cast, Crews, Reps Caught in Financial Crossfire of Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K.

Lady Bird is good as a feel-good movie, which means if you see it, you will probably feel good. What I’m here to write about is not whether it’s good, but whether it is, as critics (who range from old white men to those of us closer in demographic to Gerwig) have claimed, ‘perfect,’ ‘exquisite,’ and ‘extraordinary.'”
The Baffler, In Full Baffler Mode, Preemptively Rushes For Lady Bird Backlash With Laura Oyler‘s Admission Of Indifference, Rollicking With Spoilers


“Founded by three young New York producers, closer to Miramax or The Weinstein Company, except without a grotesque sexual predator as a CEO.”
“From Ex Machina to Moonlight: How A24 Disrupted Hollywood: Can the U. S. Indie Become the New Miramax or Weinstein Company?” Hyperventilates The Grauniad


LA Times

“Simmons said in a text message that the woman who had filed the police report ‘has made a fortune on this racket,’ adding: ‘I’m really in very scary space if u have time.’ She did not answer, she said.”
Latest Series Of Brett Ratner Allegations Also Involve Russell Simmons (explicit)

“We shed light on some facts while remaining in the shadow of fear of being sacrificed, instead of the aggressor… I met him in 1989, during Camille Claudel‘s Oscar campaign. I was nominated best actress, but the US distribution was provided by Sony Classics, not by Miramax. Weinstein simply told me, ‘You will not have anything because I did not buy the film. If you listen to me in the future, I’ll get you an Oscar.’ His need to dominate was constantly expressed.”
Isabelle Adjani And Lawyer Léa Forestier On French Film Industry Sexual Harassment in French

“The Ultimate Shit-Show: How a Handful of Billionaires Kept Their Friend Harvey Weinstein in Power”
Shawn Tully Takes The Measure Of WeinsteinCo Misgovernance At Epic Length

“Baker’s films refuse both the mythology of the American dream and the antiseptic qualities that so often accompany it.”
Anne Helen Petersen Goes Long On The Filmmaking Of The Florida Project‘s Sean Baker

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“I never accepted the term contrarian. I think that’s offensive, frankly. And my response to that is: if I’m a contrarian, what are other reviewers? What I strive to do is be a good critic, not somebody who simply accepts the product put in front of me. I guess it scares people to think that they don’t have any originality; that they don’t have the capacity to think for themselves.

“There’s a line a lot of reviewers use that I don’t like at all. They say ‘accept the film on its own terms.’ What that really means is, ‘accept the film as it is advertised.’ That’s got nothing to do with criticism. Nothing to do with having a response as a film watcher. A thinking person has to analyze what’s on screen, not simply rubber-stamp it or kowtow to marketing.”m

“To me, everything does have a political component and I think it’s an interesting way to look at art. It’s one way that makes film reviewing, I think, a politically relevant form of journalism. We do live in a political world, and we bring our political sense to the movies with us – unless you’re the kind of person who goes to the movies and shuts off the outside world. I’m not that kind of person.”
~ Armond White to Luke Buckmaster

“One of comedy’s defining pathologies, alongside literal pathologies like narcissism and self-loathing, is its swaggering certainty that it is part of the political vanguard, while upholding one of the most rigidly patriarchal hierarchies of any art form.”
~ Lindy West