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“’You complete me’ is one of the great lines in modern romantic movies because of the way it takes its inner meaning from who Renée Zellweger is. This is what completes you: someone who looks just like this. What completes you is reality… the slightly slovenly doughy-cuddly perfection of Renée Zellweger’s face.”
Owen Gleiberman Takes On “Renée Zellweger”

“This year’s list is so massive, it’s sure to provoke plenty of debate over whether all those names on it deserve to be included.”
The 683 Oscar Invitees Are 46% Female And 41% Of Color

Academy Invites 683 New Members pdfinfographic version

The Murder Of The Thinkpiece By The Grauniad Subeditor
“Why The Shallows Is Better Than The Birds


“No-budget filmmaking is not a career. And at some point, 20-somethings become 30-somethings.”
A Slight Burst Of Pessimism About Filmmakers Having Careers

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Feature films are suffering a kind of bad time right now, in my opinion, because the feature films that play in theaters are blockbusters. That seems to fill the theaters, but the art-house cinema is gone. If I made a feature film, it might play in L.A. and New York, a couple of other places, for a week in a little part of a cineplex, and then it would go who knows where. I built this to be on the big screen. It will be on a smaller screen, but it’s built for the big screen. You want a feature film to play on a big screen with big sound, and utilize all the best technology to make a world. It’s really tough after all that work to not get it in the theater. So I say that cable television is a new art house, and it’s good that it’s here.”
~ David Lynch

“The purpose of film isn’t to present the kindness of the world.”
~ Isabelle Huppert