MCN Curated Headlines Archive for September, 2014

“We will not participate in an experiment where you can see the same product on screens varying from three stories tall to three inches wide on a smart phone.”
Regal And Cinemark Reject Weinstein Co’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel’s Simultaneous IMAX-Netflix Release

“When I have a specific reason to ask everyone to set aside their devices, it’s as if someone has let fresh air into the room. The conversation brightens, and more recently, there is a sense of relief from many of the students.”
NYU New Media Prof Clay Shirky Bans Use Of Laptops, Tables And Phones In Classroom

“The greatest sustained display of directorial virtuosity in the history of American TV.”
Matt Zoller Seitz Swoons for “The Knick”

LA Times

“Filmmakers are pushing not just our cultural buttons but the edges of their own abilities.”
Mark Olsen Sees the “New Dangerous” at the Movies and He Likes It

NY Times

The Big Chill opened both the Toronto and New York Film Festivals; as a member of the New York festival selection committee that year, I can attest to how anxious the festival was to have it, even over my own metaphoric dead body.”
J. Hoberman on Criterion’s Big Chill Release; A Preference For That Era’s Ghostbusters Is Indicated


“I make a certain type of movie and I like my creative and financial freedom. We also want to live a life of rock stars.”
Nic Refn On His Doubts And Bravado Behind The Scenes

“There’s an incredibly narcissistic function of ‘I feel I deserve this kind of person at my side and as long as you’re willing to do the work to appear like that, yeah, let’s do it.’ And five years down the line it’s like, ‘Why are we so resentful of each other just ‘cos we can’t keep it up?’ When people are documenting everything in their life and uploading it, there’s a tendency to edit. There’s not a lot of people going: ‘Got up today, was lonely, masturbated.’”
Oh, David. You Know We Love You.

MCN Curated Headlines

“Mel Gibson now gets to make money parodying himself (in a family film, no less). Except it’s not really a parody when he’s just [playing] himself, is it? How many years before Harvey Weinstein, thanks in part to Gibson’s powerful attorney, gets to go on a late-night show, ‘joke’ about groping actresses and return to business as usual? I give it five.”

“Gord Downie was a glorious genius”

“The witches are coming, but not for your life. We’re coming for your legacy.” Lindy West

Netflix Intends To Drop 80 Features In 2018 From Its $8 Billion Programming Spend

Film Independent Moves LA Film Festival To Late September 2018

“Hollywood Movie Crew Peeper Filmed Dozens of Unwitting Naked Women”

“There is a predatory relationship that I try to keep at bay from cast and crew, but The bigger problem is that allowing such people into our productions legitimizes both them and their behavior. It makes it okay to be at a Sundance party with a bunch of 50-year-old men partying and preying on twentysomething women. It makes it okay to casually and publicly talk about the women you want to fuck. And when you create a space where this behavior is okay, people you would want to be professionals—producers, lawyers, agents and managers—suddenly find it acceptable to treat women like their playthings. And it is never okay.”

Just For Laughs Founder Gilbert Rozon Resigns After Reports Of Repeated Abuse After An Earlier Sexual Conviction

Lana Del Rey Song “Cola” About Harvey Weinstein

Harvard Revokes Harvey Weinstein Du Bois Medal

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“The people with the money are assholes. They look back and they want to stay in a safe place, while the filmmakers want to go forward. And sometimes we as filmmakers fuck them up because we’re also assholes, but we’re crazy assholes. You need to be pretty brutal. Frank Capra’s movies can make you cry, but he was a tough motherfucker.”
~ Guillermo del Toro

“The sad and painful truth is that pretty much everyone in this town knew who Harvey was. I have had long talks with my most liberal friends. Did we know he was a rapist? We didn’t. But did we know that for decades he has been offering actresses big careers in exchange for sexual favors? Yes, we did — and make no mistake, that is its own kind of rape. And did we all — or did any of us — refuse to do business with him on moral grounds? No. We ALL STAYED IN BUSINESS WITH HIM. I have never done business with Harvey but I can tell you with certainty that I would have — because I was recently approached by a film festival he sponsors. They asked me to submit my short film for their consideration and I did it without thinking twice. I am a dyed-in-the-wool feminist and a vocal one at that. So why didn’t I think twice? Because this entire town is built on the ugly principals that Harvey takes to an horrific extreme. If I didn’t work with people whose behavior I find reprehensible, I wouldn’t have a career.”
~ Showrunner Krista Vernoff