MCN Curated Headlines Archive for July, 2010

“Like bottom feeder Charlie Kaufman, Mr. Nolan’s reputation as an arrogant maverick draws a first-rate cast of players… barely even remotely lucid… incomprehensible gibberish… sorry butt… jabbering twaddle… pretentious perplexity”
Great-Unka Rex Reed, The Charlie Callas Of Ad Homineh-Homineh-Hominem Movie Reviews, Rubs One Out Over Chris Nolan

The Gags Alone Make This Analysis Suspect: “Even Ishtar has its defenders—ironic, coquettish types who wink at you from behind their yashmaghs.”
“What Happened To The Box-Office Bomb?”

LA Times

“Murky and flat… commands a lot of admiration but doesn’t produce a commensurate level of enjoyment… cinematic Calamine lotion amid a swarm of mosquitoes.”
Zeitchick Sez He’s No Reviewer, Then Dismisses Inception At Length

“This country can only function with an independent media with access to what the government is doing. How is anybody to know what’s going on, if the media doesn’t have access to the story?”
NPR On The Suspension Of The Press In BP Gulf Oilspill Coverage
Plus – PBS’ “5 Digital PR Lessons From BP’s Oilspill Response”

“Harvey Pekar’s life was not an open book. It was an open comic book.”
The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Obit
And Chef Ruhlman Says Goodbye To Fellow Clevelander

“There is no doubt that Polanski did what he did, which is have sex with a 13-year-old after plying her with booze. There is no doubt also that after all these years there is something stale about the case, not to mention a ‘victim’ who has long ago forgiven her assailant and dearly wishes the whole thing would go away. So do I.”
Annoying, Fustian Washington Post “Columnist” Richard Cohen Salutes Switzerland On “Freeing” Roman Polanski


“As an old prostitute once wearily complained at the end of a long shift, it’s not the work, it’s the stairs.”
Why Watch Theater On A Movie Screen?


“I have busy nights. If I wake up during a dream I can usually go back to sleep and finish the story.”
Marion Cotillard, Dreamer


“The internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.”
Prince Dances About The Internet

MCN Curated Headlines

“Miller’s jury, less preoccupied than we are with identifying such trends assembles a list of films dominated by male protagonists and perspectives, with only Arnold to fly the flag for female filmmakers. That’s the jury’s prerogative— they should award the films they like most, not those they feel fit a zeitgeist. But it was a pointed underlining of just how differently jurors and critics viewed the standout virtues of this year’s Cannes program.”

Could A Silicon Valley “Angel” Be Financing All The Lawsuits Filed Against Gawker By A Single Firm?

Hilton Als On “Lemonade” And “Beyoncé’s Re-Formation”

“Ballyhooing is useless, though. These Cannes honors are not the provenance of critics, but of a nine-member jury who simply watched two movies a day, didn’t read reviews, and voted for what moved them most. They’re also hampered by rules that prohibit them from giving more than two prizes to any one film, or from giving more than one prize to any of the top three films.”

Jeff Sneider Exits The Wrap

Redstone Asks Court To Validate Dismissal Of Dauman

Foraging In The Back Alleys Of The Cannes Market

Wendy Mitchell And Laura Poitras Talk Risk At Cannes

“Cannes Juries—composed of a diverse international roster of actors, directors, and producers—can be strange beasts. Sometimes they reflect critical consensus; sometimes they seem to thumb their nose at it. The reality is probably more mundane: Filmmakers and critics live in different bubbles, a situation even more pronounced at film festivals.”

Cosby Accusers Now Number 58

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“Lars. He’s done a lot of drugs. Over the hill. The last time I saw Lars, he was telling my wife he wants to have sex with her. I told him to fuck off. So he found another slut.”
~ Nicolas Winding Refn On Lars Von Trier

“You know, if you’re actually an artist who wants to tell a story, it’s a compulsion; it’s not something that you do because you want to entertain people or you want to make a bunch of money. Most people want to entertain people and make a bunch of money. It’s not a bad thing, but if it also doesn’t hold hands with just genuine desire, if no one was looking, then yeah, that sucks.”
~ Kristen Stewart

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