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“The hubris! The hubris of that!”
Keanu On “You Owe Me A Life”

“Netflix rejects the conventions of digital media. It is not user-generated; it is not social; it is not bite size; it is not free. And now its approach is the one most other digital companies with big media ambitions — Google, Amazon, Yahoo—are looking to pursue: that is, to become like television. The digital revolution is a digression, and television—the real video revolution that began in the 1950s—continues.”
Michael Wolff Sez The Promise Of The Internet Has Been Disrupted By Old Media

“We are damaging the environment, and the Earth, and it’s definitely changed a lot in the last 10 years. I’m hoping we continue on that course.”
Stephen Galloway Gets The THR Takeout On Interstellar, With Nolan, McConaughey, Chastain, Hathaway

“Keaton’s associated with a time in movies before everything become so cool and so cynical. I hate that bullshit. I just hate it. It’s like David Foster Wallace said, the irony in our culture—it’s just ruining everything. Michael represents the sort of humanism that a lot of movies have been missing.”
David Fear Goes Backstage With Alejandro González Inárritu

“He introduced us to the rest of our lives.”
Wes Anderson And Owen Wilson On L. M. Kit Carson

“Baby, you’re mine on a platter.” Her expression had a kind of stunned intensity. When the pianist did a solo, she turned toward him, dancing from the pelvis up. The last line felt menacing: “This time I’m not only getting—I’m holding my man.”
Sarah Larson Contemplates Molly Ringwald, Jazz Singer

“The online cinema biz has given us a business model where ambition and diversity can flourish, freed of the demand to diminish risk and all other costs.”
So Sez Fandor CEO Ted Hope

MCN Curated Headlines

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“The city to me is the only possible vehicle we have to measure human achievement. We’re an urban species now. If you look at Karachi or Mexico City or Hong Kong or London or New York or Yonkers or Baltimore or any of these other places, the pastoral is now a part of human history. We’re either going to figure out how to live together in these increasingly crowded, increasingly multi-cultural population centers or we’re not. We’re either going to get great at this or we’re going to fail as a species.”
~ David Simon

“I wondered how different it would be to write a novel and it’s totally different. It’s very internal. The weird thing about it is that I found that novel-writing was much more like directing than it is like screenwriting. You’re casting it, you’re lighting it, you’re doing the costumes, you’re doing the locations, you’re doing it all yourself as a director would. In screenwriting, you don’t do that stuff. You don’t describe the face of the actor or the character when you’re writing a screenplay because Tom Cruise is going to do it and he doesn’t look like that, whereas in the novel to describe what he is is what he is. The actual act of writing, just like shooting on a set, is a slow slog. It’s going to work every day.”
~ David Cronenberg On Screenplay vs. Novel