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“While western democracy is represented by a Cheney-esque goon heading up the CIA and running rings around an ineffectual president, the response of the Chinese government to alien invasion is one of efficient, disciplined resolve.”
Tom Shone On How China Is Transforming Hw’d Blockbusters

“My hot dog had been the Britney Spears and the Keira Knightley. And then it was me, and I signed the hot dog menu and I went, ‘Yay!’ and I did the whole —-ing thing, and I thought, ‘OK, I’m there for life.’ And now it’s the —-ing Malin Åkerman. Who is very hot, but —-, man!”
“Anna Kendrick Had Her Heart Broken By A Hot Dog”

“As a person who lives in the real world and has a rudimentary knowledge of how things work, I’m left sitting in the theater wondering all sorts of things that I shouldn’t be wondering, like who the —- gives the mailman a used iPad without first wiping the contents off of it?”
Joe Swanberg Makes The Case Against Sex Tape

MCN Curated Headlines

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“I am just grateful I am still around. I would love to be Steven Soderbergh, but I am lucky to be Joe Swanberg. Actors want to work with me, people want to give me money, and my nightmare scenario remains: Getting in bed with a studio, spending years on a movie, and it turns out horrible, but now I’m rich.”

Actually, by Hollywood standards, you’re right, I said. That is unambitious.

“It is, and yet, if you can go to bed happy at night, doing what you want, isn’t that ambition for a lifetime?”
~ Swanberg On Swanberg By Borelli

“In retrospect, nothing of that kind surprised me about Philip, because his intuition was luminous from the instant you met him. So was his intelligence. A lot of actors act intelligent, but Philip was the real thing: a shining, artistic polymath with an intelligence that came at you like a pair of headlights and enveloped you from the moment he grabbed your hand, put a huge arm round your neck and shoved a cheek against yours; or if the mood took him, hugged you to him like a big, pudgy schoolboy, then stood and beamed at you while he took stock of the effect.”
John le Carré on Philip Seymour Hoffman