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“I believe that the movie-star version of this movie is going to be a more profitable movie. And ultimately, I also came to believe that it was going to be a more satisfactory movie, because you could pin your emotions to a smaller group of people and therefore really decide what the story is about.”
Lorne Manly Pegs Deepwater Horizon As Lionsgate Risk


“You’re not going to bring about change if it’s not intentional. We all have cultural bias, racial bias. One of the difficult things around this subject matter is to deny that we have places we go to subconsciously, and unless you consciously decide that that’s wrong and you’ve got to do something about it, especially if you’re in a position of power, it won’t change.”
David Oyelowo’s Mandate Include 50% Of Potential Directors Always Be Women

“The actor does penance for being part of celebrity distraction.”
From January: Brad Pitt As “Rising Star Of Political Cinema”
And – Inside The Jolie-Pitt Art Collection

NY Times

“I lived as a transvestite; had my skeleton bent by Rolfers; sank, glub, underwater in a rebirthing tank. I met incestuous fathers and people who knew all about cannibalism. I gave blood; pretended I was a wino; went under hypnosis; had myself put away in a goofy garage.”
Conservative Christian-Novelist-Essayist-Oui Film Critic D. Keith Mano Was 74

NY Times

Times Embeds YouTube Clips But No Reporting On Why Cohen Decided To License Widely After An Embezzler Took His Savings
“How Pop Culture Wore Out Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’”

“Pitt, from this point forward, is on defense — and always has been in the case of Jolie’s career. Because Jolie, if anything, has always been the primary architect of the way others view her.”
“Brangelina Is Dead; Long Live Angelina,” Writes Anne Helen Petersen

“I find that my generation of both gay film-makers and independent film-makers are having a hard time creating sustained careers because of content. Content needs to be homogenized. And what tends to happen is the dominant cultures tend to become the homogenous cultures.”
Ira Sachs On Economics, Little Men And Indie Now


“Newt Gingrich says super-authoritatively, ‘The bottom line is, if you’re white in America, you have no idea what it’s like to be black.'”
Rebecca Traister And Ava DuVernay Talk At Length

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“It’s easy to forget when you’re reading a critic every single week or multiple times a week, that most of us who do this job, and have been doing it for a long time, understand that this is basically a parasitic profession. I don’t mean in the sense that we’re evil bloodsucking creatures, but we couldn’t exist if we didn’t have something to analyze. And I’m always conscious of that. So whether I like or don’t like a particular thing you do, my point of view is always that of an appreciator. I just like to be in the world that you create.”
~ Matt Zoller Seitz To Sam Esmail

“Louis C.K. is a genius. But every genius breeds a bunch of fucking idiots. These people say, “I can do that.” But they can’t, they just think they can. I don’t understand all these comedy shows that forget about being comedies. It’s absurd. There shouldn’t even be a prevailing style of comedy, anyways. People should be individuals.”
~ Norm Macdonald

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