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“Harvey Levin–the guy who runs TMZ–he needs to stop calling himself a journalist, because there’s nothing journalistic about what he does.”
Investigative Reporter Mark Ebner Takes On TMZ Over The Stephen Collins Tape

“The man cuts a swath… Kutza inspires complicated feelings.”
“Aren’t they killing people like you (reporters) in the Middle East?”
Christopher Borelli‘s Splendid Telling Of The 50-Year History Of Michael Kutza’s Chicago Int’l Film Fest

“A 7-year-old boy snuggles up to his mother as she finishes his bedtime story. Closing the book, she looks him in the eye. “I’ll kill the monster when it comes,” he says to her, “I’ll smash its head in.” The mother’s eyes widen just for a moment. Then she nods her head and reads the story again.”
Oh, Babadook

“I have loved that place with all of me, and have told every soul I came in contact with about how absolutely fantastic it is. I have loved it more than any person should love a theater. And now everything I have been fighting for with all of my heart all this time has just been taken away.”
Julia Marchese On The Fate Of The New Beverly


“There has to be some underlying IP in order to gather enough momentum for studio executives to make decisions the way they make decisions, which is fear-based. They have to fear making the movie less than not making it. The moment they’re afraid the guy across the street will make the movie and they’ll look stupid–that’s when they’ll make the film. There’s no sense of ‘I want to make this movie, I believe in this movie.’”
James Cameron On The Film Industry Today

“The death of Misty Upham is bottomless sorrow. I loved this woman as if she were my younger sister.”
Filmmaker Arnaud Desplechin Remembers Misty Upham

“I had a ringside seat to the Webb saga. As an investigative reporter covering the drug trade for the Miami Herald, also a Knight Ridder newspaper, I wrote about the explosion of cocaine in America in the 1980s and 1990s, and the role of Colombia’s Medellin Cartel in fueling it.”
Washington Post’s Jeff Leen Comes Out Swinging Against Late Journalist Gary Webb And Kill The Messenger
While – The Intercept’s Ryan Devereaux Differs

“The infinitude of time as conveyed in Birdman’s unbroken stream of visuals is its most prescient conceit; were this a drama about radio or cinema, it would not work. On the stage where there is no barrier between performer and audience, where the performance—like life—unfolds without edits in a fluid stream of happenings (and non-happenings), there is nothing but now, no state of being but on.”
Fine Young Filmmaker Barry Jenkins Oh-So-Admires Birdman

“Can we identify with an —hole so flaming that nearly every word out of his mouth burns yet another bridge to the human race?”
Of Listen Up Philip, David Edelstein Says “—- No, Not At All” To How Long Can You Watch A Terrible Person?
“Narcissism, sentimentality, paranoia, and stylistic braggadocio are an insufferable mix.”
WhileHarmin’ Armond Can Only Describe Himself In The Face Of Work By “Andrew” Ross Perry And Alejandro González Iñárritu

MCN Curated Headlines

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“I was fortunate to be in the two big film epics of the last part of the 20th century: Godfather and “Lonesome Dove” on television, which was my favorite part. That’s my “Hamlet.” The English have Shakespeare; the French, Molière. In Argentina, they have Borges, but the western is ours. I like that.”
~ Robert Duvall

“He’s not one of my heroes. He doesn’t touch me or inspire me. There are so many people who inspire me, so many people who touch my heart. It doesn’t matter if he’s not a hero of mine. It doesn’t matter if I don’t tell the whole world how honoured I am to share a prize with a man who made somebody play with words over the years. He’s a hero in cinema historically, but he’s not a personal hero of mine. Jean-Luc Godard did this press release and he mentioned he would never go and see Mommy in theatres because he already knew what Mommy was about: another ‘TV movie’ and that nowadays everything is predictable. He’s this old grinchy man. He’s the grinch from Switzerland in the mountain. Deaf, blind, smoking, literally. Basically being provocative about everything.”
~ Xavier Dolan On Jean-Luc Godard