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Do you think I write my —- for a —-ing lawyer? You’ve seen my —-in’ movies: What are you, kiddin’ me? I don’t write my —- for —-in’ nobody. I’m a —-ing filmmaker. We’re working on the idea of the film from the screenplay to the shooting to the editing. Every certain way, we were discovering that film, and discovering ourselves. I don’t give a —- what anybody thinks. And even the guys that work for me don’t give a —- for nobody. That’s the purity of the compositions we’re putting out there.”
Abel Ferrara, Rockin’ It

“Prostitution is not a fairy tale. The reality is that prostitution and sex trafficking make up a harmful, pervasive, illegal, and violent criminal industry involving pimps and traffickers who are tied to gangs, drugs, and street violence.”
A Boston Policewoman’s Disapproving Essay For Pretty Woman At 25
And“How Pretty Woman Revived Romantic Comedies”

MCN Curated Headlines

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“Tarkovsky was sitting in the corner of the screening room watching the film with me, but he got up as soon as the film was over and looked at me with a shy smile. I said to him, ‘It’s very good. It’s a frightening movie.’ He seemed embarrassed but smiled happily. Then the two of us went to a film union restaurant and toasted with vodka. Tarkovsky, who does not usually drink, got completely drunk and cut off the speakers at the restaurant, then began singing the theme of Seven Samurai at the top of his voice. I joined in, eager to keep up. At that moment, I was very happy to be on Earth.”
~ Akira Kurosawa On Watching Solaris With Andrei Tarkovsky

“Women’s power is too potent to waste on selfies… Truly dangerous women aren’t looking for dates or husbands, and they do not travel in packs. They rarely have many female friends. Their register is either universal, or intensely personal. They play mind games and make promises. Whether they deliver or not remains a secret, and secrets are essential to seduction. The Web has eroded every notion of privacy and stolen the real power of women: the threat of mystery itself.  “I can see you’re trouble” was once the biggest compliment a man could pay a woman. There was going to be a dark spiral into the whirlpool of sex; there were going to be tears on both sides, secrets and regrets, scandal. Today, everyone is trouble.”
~ Joan Juliet Buck in “W”