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“No one benefits from continuing their seemingly unending litigation to protect a parking lot. The actions initiated by Friends of Parks have effectively overridden approvals received from democratically elected bodies of government.”
George Lucas Tells Chicago He’s Taking His Memorabilia Museum Elsewhere

“I thought about it. What did I really want the seagull to do? I just wanted the seagull to be a seagull. I actually didn’t want the seagull to do anything, other than what the seagull wants to do. If Blake interacts with the seagull and the seagull does nothing, well, that’s what the seagull chose to do. So it’s his choice. I give him freedom, or whatever.”
A Restive Kyle Buchanan Cheers The Seagull In The Shallows


 “It’s the greatest thing that ever happened. Are you kidding me? We’re in the national debate, thank you! Can we please get more haters to say stupid things?”
Sony’s Tom Rothman On Ghostbusters Trolls

“Men are weird. Girls are weird too. Bodies are weird in general. That is what our movie is about: How fucked up our bodies are.”
So That’s What Swiss Army Man Is About

“It’s about meeting in the middle. Having a tech startup culture meet a legacy corporate culture and then evolving and changing—and that’s really the fun part. One of the key ways we’re going to harness the power of our journalism is to have an optimization group. This tronc team will work with all the local markets to harness the power of our local journalism and feed it into a funnel and then optimize it so we reach the biggest global audience possible.”
Dear Gobblydegook In Heaven


“With the way things have changed in the last couple of years, I don’t think the entertainment industry has yet taken note — because if [someone] is going to blow up a train station in Paris or an airport in Brussels, what’s better than a Star Wars premiere?”
THR Spends Year Sneaking Onto At Least 55 Red Carpets To Make Point About Security

“The colossus with the contorted face and threatening fingers suddenly felt like a guardian. Lincoln was a giant, but he was a Big Friendly Giant.”
Jon Mooallem Profiles Big, Friendly Spielberg

MCN Curated Headlines

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The next thing that really changed my world and thoroughly influenced my writing were the films of Robert Bresson. When I discovered them in the late seventies, I felt I had found the final ingredient I needed to write the fiction I wanted to write.


What was the final ingredient?


Recognizing that the films were entirely about emotion and, to me, ­ profoundly moving while, at the same time, stylistically inexpressive and monotonic. On the surface, they were nothing but style, and the style was extremely rigorous to boot, but they seemed almost transparent and purely content driven. Bresson’s use of untrained nonactors influenced my concentration on characters who are amateurs or noncharacters or characters who are ill equipped to handle the job of manning a story line or holding the reader’s attention in a conventional way. Altogether, I think Bresson’s films had the greatest influence on my work of any art I’ve ever encountered. In fact, the first fiction of mine that was ever published was a chapbook called “Antoine Monnier,” which was a god-awful, incompetent attempt to rewrite Bresson’s film Le diable ­probablement as a pornographic novella. So I came to writing novels through a channel that included experimental fiction, poetry, and nonliterary influences pretty much exclusively. I never read normal novels with any real interest or close attention.
~ Dennis Cooper Discovers Bresson

The whole world within reach.
~ Filmmaker Peter Hutton

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