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NY Times

“I happen to like Mr. LaBeouf. Even in junk, he comes prepared for maximum intensity. Talent and fame reside in different ZIP codes. If he knows that, he might want to do more time-sharing.”
Wesley Morris On Celeb Look-At-Me Stunts

NY Times

“I’m stupid, and abstraction gives me vertigo.”
J. Hoberman On Miguel Gomes And His Epic Arabian Nights

“When shooting began, it was with the intention of filming material inspired by quite separate characters, so that there would be four completely different ‘threads’ at the outset, without knowing–I should have known, but I’d avoided asking myself the question–how this material would be edited together.”
From 1973, Jacques Rivette Gabs OUT 1

“I firmly believe in the work we do, and when there’s a good story in front of you, no matter what the barriers are, no matter what the pressures are, we have an obligation to pursue it.”
Colleagues Say Real-Life Martin Baron, News Editor In Spotlight, May Be The Best Ever At That Job


“Amazon Studios creates high-quality, provocative programming that spurs conversation. We will continue to bring this kind of storytelling to our customers.”
NY Gov Cuomo Instructs NYC Transit To Remove Amazon’s Subway-Car-Length Nazi Signage

“You’re saying he comes to the South Side, he shoots his movie and then he has his premiere downtown, that’s f—— b——-. You’re saying I turned my back on the community? Get out of here with that m———- b——-. People busted they m———— ass in the movie. They should have the privilege to go the world premiere. You’re from Chicago, tell me a theater on the South Side that holds 1,800 people.”
Spike’s Fighting Words After Chicago Chi-raq Presser

“The truth is the truth. Chicago is the murder capital of the United States of America. Chicago is the mass murder capital of the United States of America. New York City is three times the population of Chicago, yet Chicago has more homicides than New York. That’s not me saying that…that’s the ———–’ truth.”
Spike’s Fighting Words From Chicago Chi-raq Presser

NY Times

“Writing is too much fun. What comes after you write can be agonizing—getting things on, or having them done badly, or not getting them done at all—but the writing is fun.”
“Fiddler” Lyricist Sheldon Harnick Keeps Busy At 91

“The need to do favors doesn’t make sense anymore.”
THR Dubs Non-Tentpole Projects “Back-Scratchers”
“I loved it totally, tenderly, tragically. This is a movie all her own. Truly, you’ve never seen anything like this.”
AndKim Morgan Celebrates By The Sea

MCN Curated Headlines

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“At a recent screening of Creed, as the familiar fanfare of Bill Conti’s beloved Rocky score signaled the start of the final round of the big fight, the audience burst into spontaneous applause. This was no sneak-preview crowd, primed with free admission and popcorn, but a room full of critics and journalists armored in professional skepticism. A cynic might say that the cheering was a Pavlovian reflex set off by a piece of commercial entertainment in the hands of a skilled, manipulative director. This cynic, however, was too busy choking up and clapping to form the thought.”
A. O. Scott On Creed

The physical object is so banalized nowadays, you have to bring something else. And the audience is completely ready to get that, and want that, voilà. It’s difficult because it’s a lot of work and there are a lot of requirements, but you have to try to be more and more unique; if not, you’re just releasing a DVD in the old way, and even if a title might interest some cinephiles, it won’t be enough regarding the fact that they could see on S-VOD for ten bucks hundreds of movies. So how do you bring this audience who’s continuing following you because they have the same feeling of cinephilia to acquire what you’re releasing ? And even though we can see of course that the 3000-limited-edition of Body Double is to be able to go out-of-print very quickly, at the same time it will increase interest on the title itself.
~ Carlotta Films’ Vincent Paul-Boncour