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“The creative process of making wine and making a film is identical. It has the same phases. You have the gathering. Grow grapes and gather them. With movies, you gather the days of shots. You have the refining. In wine, it’s the selection. In movies, that’s editing.”
Francis Coppola On Wine, Italy And His “Secret Of Life”

“I’ve always been kind of a critic temperamentally. Pleasure and thinking are not distinct. To enjoy something is to enjoy thinking about it.”
A. O. Scott And Adam Nayman Talk “Better Living Through Criticism”

“In flight from intellectual heaviness, Scott arrives at intelligent weightlessness. Every notion is flipped this way and that; the answer to every question is yes and no; the proliferating examples from all the arts (Scott is vain about his range) overwhelm the observations that they are designed to illustrate; the general impression is one of an uncontrollable articulateness. Scott does not think his thoughts; he convenes them. “
Former New Republic Snob Leon Wieseltier Does Not Care For A. O. Scott

NY Times

“This year, we all know there’s an elephant in the room. I have asked the elephant to leave.”
Michael Cieply Reports From The Oscar Nominee Luncheon, Including Menu Du Jour

“You’re not really there to have fun, but I’m lucky in that I enjoy doing my job.”
Roger Deakins On The Looks Of Hail, Caesar!

MCN Curated Headlines

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“I’m a governor in the Academy, so I cannot talk freely. We have meetings that are sometimes filled with disputes, but everything stays in the room. But I can tell you that this is a full industry issue. The Oscar nominations are for achievements at the top of someone’s career. It’s less an Academy issue than an employer issue. Employers have to hire with diversity for people to do content that can become choices for Academy members to nominate. I dispute the notion Academy members vote by race or gender. The choices presented to Academy voters are the choices presented by the industry, which elected which movies to make and which people to hire. The real change has to occur at the base. It’s a huge issue.”
~ Michael Mann On Diversity

“Jonas Mekas spoke a lot about ‘necessity’ last night at the Film Society. “Why do anything if it’s not needed,” he asked at one point. Mekas said that he created a publication, wrote for the Village Voice, founded an archive, because it was necessary.

“Somebody had to do it,” the 93 year old Mekas said, standing during the entire hourlong Q&A. He also spoke to the notion of curation: “If I see something I like, I don’t really enjoy it unless I can share it with others.”
~ Jonas Mekas, via Eugene Hernandez