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“This is our only movie starring law enforcement run amok, at a moment when much of the nation is outraged that actual law enforcement is doing the same.”
In 3,838 Words, The Great Wesley Morris Scorches Earth On Let’s Be Cops, Cop Movies, Obama And The Shooting In Ferguson

November Criterion Releases Include Tootsie, Monte Hellman Double Feature, And A Les Blank Box Set


“I got financing from 25 individuals, the majority of whom were retired lesbian businesswomen.”
How Ira Sachs Got Love Is Strange Off The Ground

“Williams had the blessed knack—wholly unfakeable, and envied, no doubt, by grander stars—of giving those fans the impression that they were his friends.”
Anthony Lane On Robin Williams

“I had a little trouble with the ending: In the book, it’s ambiguous, but the movie ­people—and when I say ‘movie people,’ I mean primarily Harvey Weinstein, the head-honcho guy with the power and the money—felt that the ending should not be so ambiguous. You know, I’m a writer, I like to retain subtlety and nuance.”
Lois Lowry On Giving Her Giver To The Movies

NY Times

“This is about as close as one can get to the Ministry of Truth and its doublespeak: turning the facts inside out to get a piece of propaganda across.”
George Orwell’s Literary Executor Has Words For Amazon

NY Times

Farhad Manjoo Sez “Web Trolls Winning As Incivility Increases” (with bonus Jeff Goldblum “Trolls Find A Way” Link In Second-To-Last Graf)

MCN Curated Headlines

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“By the time the sounds of the Von Trapp children warbling ‘Silent Night’ drift through The Giver, you may find yourself wondering what fresh movie hell this is. In truth, the enervating hash of dystopian dread, vague religiosity and commercial advertising-style uplift is nothing if not stale. Adapted from Lois Lowry’s book for young readers, the story involves an isolated society that, with its cubistic dwellings, mindless smiles, monochromatic environs and nebulous communitarianism, seem modeled on a Scandinavian country or an old Mentos commercial.”
~ Manohla Dargis’ Deadly Lede For Review Of The Giver

“It’s possible that in the coming days or, God forbid, weeks, the president could have something more specific to say about the freighted decades-long history of political imbalance at work, in this case between a mostly black working-class town and its majority white government and police force. But this is a black man who must choose his words about race, governance, and law enforcement even more carefully than a white politician would. And this is the third summer in which, as president, he would have to do so…

“Until this point in the turmoil, the absence of the crucial second face in the incident seemed to heighten the distance between police and the people they serve. It grants them both an anonymity and autonomy that matches the bizarre transformation, in Ferguson and elsewhere, of police into troops. The riot gear turns 2014 into a dot on a Jim Crow–era timeline. Since the officer’s name wasn’t made public more immediately, it should have seemed urgent for the police to lose the riot attire and take steps to minimize distrust, to dispel the contagious assumption that silence equates racism…

“What is so affecting isn’t just that 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed when he was barely a man. It’s other things as well. One was how many reports of the incident that first day mentioned that he was about to start college. That’s a rite that’s universally emotional. But for a black male from a poor family, the first day of college is a freighted day that usually requires the sacrifice of more than one person. Black people know the odds of getting to and graduating from college, and that they’re low. That Brown seemed to be on the right path compounded the parental, local, and national outrage over his being wiped from it.”

~ Wesley Morris On Let’s Be Cops, The Shooting In Ferguson, Obama…