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“We’ve said over the last five years, three or four times, ‘God, we can’t go any further, we can’t go any further.’ And yet we always have been able to.”
Canada’s National Post Chain Set To Cut Expenses Even More Deeply Than The Past Year’s 800 Jobs

NY Times

“I write scripts the way a lot of people play Angry Birds. In my head, I see a movie. If I don’t write the script, there’s no chance that movie will exist. If it doesn’t exist, I feel like I’m failing. I feel like this pit inside of me is rapidly growing and expanding. And I’ll disappear and be nothing. So clearly I have to write something. Otherwise I’ll die.”
NY Times Catches Up To Max Landis And His Motorized Mouth

“Hollywood, which is famous for its storytelling, apparently is not as good as it used to be in telling stories. Those sequels might have worked before, but Chinese audiences are more sophisticated now. If you want to participate in the growing Chinese market, you must improve film quality.”
Nigel M. Smith Wonders What China’s Richest Tycoon, Wang Jianlin, Wants From H’wd

“I think a lot of that is because they don’t like the idea of a Trump candidacy, and that’s just a projection of ‘How could you have [Lewandowski] on the set?’ Well, someone’s got to represent the 14 million people who voted for the guy. I understand that there are people who might not like that, who might not like those people who are supporting him, but that’s what happened.”
The Baffler Has Words For Jeff Zucker, Who Nurtured Donald Trump And Reality TV While Programming NBC, And Now Heads CNN

indie wire

“I think a filmmaker like me isn’t on the outside in the same way that I was in 2008, even though the work itself feels very, very outsiderish. It’s completely fucking crazy, because it didn’t used to be that way.”
Barry Jenkins On Finding His Moment, Again

daily beast

“I’m quite dweeby and I’m actually really quite pro-technology, which people don’t expect,The story ideas come out not from us going, ‘What’s the Black Mirror take on Tinder,’ but more like, ‘Hey—wouldn’t it be WEIRD if this happened?’ I’m not the Unabomber!”
Charlie Brooker On Even More “Black Mirror”

“We are not individuals independent of society. Intelligent progress depends upon finding a morally sound group to belong to, be that literal membership or spiritual fraternity.”
Can Movies Change The World?

“I was in England during Brexit week, promoting my last film. All the polls said it wouldn’t happen. They were wrong.”
Jordan Hoffman On What’s In Those 73 Minutes Of Overnight Production Michael Moore In TrumpLand

Moonlight is an immersive film. Or so I hope.”
Barry Jenkins Open-Letters His Audience To Come

MCN Curated Headlines

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“There was somebody from Creative Screenwriting Magazine who was here earlier, and she said ‘Have you got any advice for writers?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, write standing up’. Because this time around, I bought a cheap little stand off Amazon, and I wrote standing up, because it’s slightly uncomfortable – it’s not so uncomfortable that you can’t do it, it’s slightly uncomfortable. And it means you don’t end up going on the internet, basically, because you’re there to do a fucking job. So I’ll write for 25 minutes… then I’ll go and play on the PlayStation for a bit. And I do this all night. I go nocturnal. And then I go back and I’ll write a bit more, and then I go back to the PlayStation, and then I go back… And hopefully by then, I’ll lose track of time and then I’ll be writing for fucking ages, and then there’s a point where you get excited about it. So my advice for writers is always: write standing up, and get Scrivener, and write in 25 minute bursts, and get a PlayStation.”
~ Charlie Brooker

“People used to love to call me a maverick, because I had a big mouth, and I’d say, ‘That bum!’ or something like that when I was young. Mainly, because I believed it, and I didn’t know there was anybody’s pain connected to the business. I was so young, I didn’t feel any pain. I just thought, ‘Why don’t they do some exciting, venturesome things? Why are they just sitting there, doing these dull pictures that have already been done many, many times, and calling them exciting? That’s a lie — they’re not exciting. Exciting is an experiment… That reputation keeps with you, through the years. Once the press calls you a maverick, it stays in their files. I’ll be dead five years, and they’ll still be saying, ‘That maverick son-of-a-bitch, he’s off in Colorado, making a movie.’ As if they really cared. You know, in this business, it’s all jealousy. I mean, this is the dumbest business I’ve ever seen in my life. If somebody gets married, they say, ‘It’ll never work.’ If somebody gets divorced, they say, ‘Good. I’ll give you my lawyer.’ If somebody loses a job, everyone will call him — to gloat. They’ll discuss it, they’ll be happy, they’ll have parties. I don’t understand how people that can see each other all the time, and be friends, can be so happy about each other’s demise.”
~ John Cassavetes


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