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“To understand what’s wrong with Hollywood today, you have to go back to the British philosopher and historian Sir Isaiah Berlin and his concept of the hedgehog and the fox.
Kenneth Turan Is Alarmed, I Say, Alarmed, Alarmed, Alarmed About The Health Of The Film Industry, Plus, Isn’t That A Weird —-ing Lede?

“Ostensibly a serpentine cat and mouse thriller that will leave many viewers looking askance at their spouses, David Fincher’s guileful Gone Girl—which opened the New York Film Festival [sic]—should transcend its aura of adult sophistication to become a major hit in all territories. As it traces what went wrong in the marriage, Gone Girl simultaneously evolves as a mordant satire of the mediating of domestic violence as mass entertainment.”
Graham Fuller‘s All In for Gone Girl spoiler-ish
With – A Taste Of Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross’ Score

“Patinkin was about as close to the living ground zero of the Chicago theater as it possible for a single individual to be.”
The Great Sheldon Patinkin Was 79; Major Force In Comedy, Theater, Second City, Among The First Of The Chicago Improvisers

“A DCP is as good as a doorstop for us.” 
Why Archivists Prefer Film To Digital Video

“You have huge power and potency at this age. There’s the mythology of age, the bearded elder, the wise old man. In some cultures advanced age is very much revered, the Chinese culture, Confucius and so on: you are supposed to gain in wisdom and experience and therefore be quite a valuable member of society who should be honoured and listened to. At the moment, in the west, we certainly don’t have that.”
David Cronenberg On His Age At His Age

MCN Curated Headlines

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“Well, he’s, of course, writing from the, shall we say, luxury lodgings of the local embassy in London. The fact of the matter is Julian is very paranoid about things and it’s true that the NSA did things that they shouldn’t have done, but Google has done none of those things. Google never collaborated with NSA and in fact, we’ve fought very hard against what they did and since what the NSA did which we do not like, we have taken all of our data, all of our exchanges, and we fully encrypted them so no one can get them, especially the government.”
~ “First Do No Evil” Google CEO Eric Schmidt Snipes At Julian Assange, Because, Google

“While we ask for respect as artists, we really don’t know what we mean by art.” Screenwriters aren’t making art, they’re compiling “124 pages of begging for money and attention.”
~ James Schamus