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“This one’s an epochal Oscar travesty. This one hurts. By nominating Boyhood, the academy gave itself the chance to recognize a movie that is not just good but revolutionary—a film that reconsiders, in surprising and rewarding ways, the medium’s relationship with time, with storytelling, and with its audience. It’s both a singular work—no one but Richard Linklater could have made it—and a universal one. It’s the crowning work of a crucial American filmmaker and a profound statement about the lives we live.”
Dan Kois: Boyhood Fan

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“The Oscars haven’t abandoned movies with mass-audience appeal. It’s theatrical audiences that, with rare exceptions, who have abandoned anything but big-budget spectacle. “
Sam Adams Pooh-Poohs The Universally-Derided Cieply-Barnes-Grey Lady Screed Favoring The Banishment Of “Elitist” Films From Oscar

“Part of the nature of love in general is that it is necessary for both partners to submit. It makes a man a man to submit to the feminine, and vice versa.”
Jane Campion And Sam Taylor-Johnson Have A Chat

“Neil Meron and Craig Zadan are the producers of the show. They are the guiding lights. This year the charge was that they wanted as much visual excitement as possible.” 
Meet Henry Hobson, Designer Of All The Swell Oscar Show Graphic Cards

“Google said it will still allow nudity if the content offers a substantial public benefit—for example in artistic, educational, documentary or scientific contexts.”
Google’s Blogger Platform To Ban Sexually Explicit Images And Videos

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Oh, The Poor, Poor Grey Lady
Noted Cinematic Wags Frank Bruni And Ross Douthat Thumbsuck About Oscar
“It’s sad, but most people have to finally accept that the Oscars have become, well, elitist and not in step with anything that is actually popular. No one really believes anymore that the films they chose are the ones that are going to last over time.”
AndMichael Cieply And Brooks Barnes And A Film Studies LIbrarian Add Their Tuppence Of Thumbing Down

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“I think it’s about the creative process. I don’t know if I have a career or not, or where it ends or it begins. I have been working, doing what I do for a long time. But my creative process has always been so tortuous. I have been always demanding of myself a lot, maybe more than my capacities. That has been becoming a —-ing chronic dissatisfaction. Anything that I have done, I consider a piece of shit.”
A Pre-Oscar Flashback With Alejandro González Iñárritu

“Linklater’s movie, though sanctimonious about its virtuous youth and family values, is still the slightly better film. The director’s perceptions are finer and subtler, his sense of milieu truer, his compositions both more precise and more relaxed. Linklater sees; Iñárritu shows.”
Richard Brody Cites H’wd For Its “Birdmania”

MCN Curated Headlines

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“The evening’s curious vanity and irrelevance stay with me, if only because those qualities characterize so many of Hollywood’s best intentions. Social problems present themselves to many of these people in terms of a scenario, in which, once certain key scenes are licked (the confrontation on the courthouse steps, the revelation that the opposition leader has an anti-Semitic past, the presentation of the bill of participants to the President, a Henry Fonda cameo), the plot will proceed inexorably to an upbeat fade. Marlon Brando does not, in a well-plotted motion picture, picket San Quentin in vain: what we are talking about here is faith in a dramatic convention. Things “happen” in motion pictures. There is always a resolution, always a strong cause-effect dramatic line, and to perceive the world in those terms is to assume an ending for every social scenario… If the poor people march on Washington and camp out, there to receive bundles of clothes gathered on the Fox lot by Barbra Streisand, then some good must come of it (the script here has a great many dramatic staples, not the least of them in a sentimental notion of Washington as an open forum, cf. Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington), and doubts have no place in the story.”
~ Joan Didion On Hw’d In 1970

CAMPION: We were driving around the countryside the other day, and we happened to chance upon a lone bull and cow going through some sex rituals. I was so surprised to see how lengthy the whole process was for this bull. He started licking the cow’s shin and worked his way quite laboriously up toward her ass. And every now and again, you thought, “Maybe she’s ready now—he’ll try a quick move.”
TAYLOR-JOHNSON: She wasn’t ready.
CAMPION: She made it clear that that wasn’t the case. We couldn’t even wait; it was like 15 minutes, but it was really adorable. Even when we came back, they were still at it. The foreplay was phenomenal.
TAYLOR-JOHNSON: You don’t think of animal love in that way.
~ Jane Campion And Sam Taylor-Johnson in Interview