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“Keep that love close to your heart, and you will make a difference; cinema needs people like that.”
Terrence Malick Talks

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“Compare and despair is a useless time suck. Nobody has it together. Nobody has the answers.”
Producer Effie Brown Keynotes Film Independent Forum

“Wholly lacking in charisma as he is and possessing the proverbial punchable face, D’Souza’s appeal to his target audience is nonetheless understandable: as an Indian-American, he can emit racist dog whistles while escaping charges of racism. Admittedly, this idea doesn’t speak to a very sophisticated understanding of how racism works, but it’s a persona that D’Souza’s been playing for twenty-five years.”
Vadim Rizov On The “Unsavory” Oeuvre Of Kino-Hate Auteur Dinesh D’Souza

MCN Curated Headlines

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“Critics have said that I’ve made a career out of confounding expectations. Really? Because that’s all I do? That’s how I think about it. Confounding expectations. Like I stay up late at night thinking about how to do it. “What do you do for a living, man?” “Oh, I confound expectations.” You’re going to get a job, the man says, “What do you do?” “Oh, confound expectations. And the man says, “Well, we already have that spot filled. Call us back. Or don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Confounding expectations. I don’t even know what that means or who has time for it.”
~ Bob Dylan

“There was somebody from Creative Screenwriting Magazine who was here earlier, and she said ‘Have you got any advice for writers?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, write standing up’. Because this time around, I bought a cheap little stand off Amazon, and I wrote standing up, because it’s slightly uncomfortable – it’s not so uncomfortable that you can’t do it, it’s slightly uncomfortable. And it means you don’t end up going on the internet, basically, because you’re there to do a fucking job. So I’ll write for 25 minutes… then I’ll go and play on the PlayStation for a bit. And I do this all night. I go nocturnal. And then I go back and I’ll write a bit more, and then I go back to the PlayStation, and then I go back… And hopefully by then, I’ll lose track of time and then I’ll be writing for fucking ages, and then there’s a point where you get excited about it. So my advice for writers is always: write standing up, and get Scrivener, and write in 25 minute bursts, and get a PlayStation.”
~ Charlie Brooker

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