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“The relationship between studios and networks has always been that of a frenemy. We started making original content five years ago, betting this would happen.”
At Length: Ramin Setoodeh Cover-Stories Netflix Ted Sarandos

“In light of the socially divisive and morally caustic narrative that our current leadership is choosing to engage in, and in keeping with the principles that I and so many others have fought for, I will be declining the invitation.”
Dancer Carmen de Lavallade Joins Norman Lear And (Possibly) Lionel Richie In Boycotting Kennedy Center Honor Reception At White House

“What’s shocking for me is that this is happening at an art school. It’s a place where you’d think there would be flexibility of thought, openness of expression, freedom to pursue ideas that are challenging or contestatory. The idea that students are trying to censor or curb a professor’s opinions or thinking is appalling.”
School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago Under Fire After Dismissing Professor, An Expert On The Art Of Henry Darger

NY Times

“You sort of have hope up until a certain point and then you have to realize we just don’t want our names attached with this. It’s not for the news cycle. It’s for how are we going to view our opportunity between right and wrong here.”
All 16 Artists, Authors, Performers And Architects On President’s Committee On Arts And The Humanities Resign: All Were Obama Appointees; Trump Had Not Nominated New Members

“Angelina is someone who loves Cambodia sincerely, who loves Cambodia very much. She has a humility. She was not someone who came to make a film about us. She came to make a film with us.”
Cambodian Filmmaker Rithy Panh On Memories Of The Khmer Rouge As Well As Angelina Jolie

“Couple of things I want to say regarding cinema sins, the misuse of the word “satire” and a few more things. I need to put a bow on this.”
“Everything That’s Wrong With ‘Everything That’s Wrong With’ YouTube Film Critiques”

“Our main product used to be film. Now, our main service must be transformative experiences through film.”
TIFF Pivots

“I know I was amused to find out that after years of showing the film to journalists and then suddenly pulling it back, the Weinsteins have now set a review embargo that will elapse the afternoon of September 1, well after the movie is alleged to start playing for general audiences.”
Kyle Buchanan Makes Clever With Fate Of Tulip Fever

“I can’t even believe I have to write this: standing up to Nazis is essential; there are no good Nazis. Or Klansmen, or terrorists. Democrats, Republicans, and others must all agree on this, and it compromises nothing for them to do so.”
James Murdoch To Donate A Million Dollars To Anti-Defamation League


“The White House didn’t respond to requests for comment.”
Could Trump Still Kill The AT&T-Time Warner Merger, Which He Has Publicly Threatened?

NY Times

“You’ve done something marvelous,The youth of the Cinema America are doing something important. Not just for Trastevere but for Rome and for Italy.”
Battle For Rome’s 1950s Cinema America Against Gentrification In Trastevere Neighborhood Persists

“It was an atrocity. I don’t know where we go from here. Does it scare me? Does it scare me? Fear is not an option, so I feel compelled to do what I can in response. And using the media I have available to do that.”
Kathryn Bigelow In London, Post-Charlottesville

NY Times

“Are you kidding me? I love electricity. I love the wind.”
David Lynch On “Twin Peaks” Sound Design

“No matter how strong a person is, they can’t outsmart a sociopath or get them to change their ways. The only way to survive is to make a clean break. Sociopaths often love-bomb women with their charm and sex appeal, so that women become sex-addicted and confused. The typical victim of a sociopath is a person with a good heart who is trusting and loving, who sincerely believes that the sociopath can be rehabilitated. It’s this trust and love that causes the victim to stay longer than another person – often, tragically, long enough to get killed.”
Anna Biller’s Followup To Love Witch: A Bluebeard Movie

“What’s striking isn’t just the size of the sum, or that ABC agreed to it before its lawyers started making their case at trial. It’s that the network continues to stand by its reporting (no retraction, no corrections, nada), which remains on its site. In a world where the free press is under attack from politicians, the public, and Silicon Valley billionaires, one of the few companies with the resources to mount a legal defense of journalism instead chose to pay its assailants to shut up and go away.”
On Disney And Its Deal In Its “Pink Slime” Story

“First he went after immigrants, the poor, Muslims, trans people and people of color, and you did nothing. Now he’s coming after you. The question is: what are you going to do about it?”
Michael Chabon And Ayelet Waldman Pen “An Open Letter To Our Fellow Jews”

“I watch so many old, really pretentious artsy movies that I just love. We were just watching Glauber Rocha. He’s constantly a source of energy. And I just watched The Lovers on the Bridge again. There are Godard movies that I’m still not over. His last movie was one of his best movies in my opinion.”
Talking Velocity With Good Time Cinematographer Sean Price Williams

“By far the biggest category is a group of films that found an older audience – what we’re calling Senior Cinephiles. We’re considering anyone over 35 to be ‘senior.'”
AFM Analyzes Successful Films Since 2000 Budgeted At $10-$20 Million

“I look at nudity as I would a costume.” 
French Actress Marine Vacth

LA Times

“If you call somebody that, yeah, that’s not cool. But the actual word is beautiful, you know?”
Justin Chon On His 1992 L.A. Riots Drama

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Lawsuit Claims Ryan Kavanaugh Bilked Investor Of Mere $2 Million

Russia bans digital security and privacy technologies

Rumoring: Will WB Toss Clint Eastwood’s The 15:17 To Paris Into Oscar Maw?

“It was about 30 minutes into Dunkirk when the German torpedo smashed into the side of the evacuation ship and dozens of young men gasped and struggled and screamed and drowned in pitch blackness that I realized two things. I was having one of the greatest experiences of my life. Dunkirk was a work of near-transcendent excellence. But as an autistic man, I was having one of the worst. My chest tightened into spasms of pain and my head began to teeter on the edge of disassociation. For the rest of the run-time I fought off one a serious panic attack. I’ve heard many a commenter reference ‘Stendhal syndrome’, the psychosomatic response towards overwhelming works of art that can cause fainting and hallucinations. Such a disorder presumes a relatively clean bill of mental health on the part of the witness. But what of people whose mental wiring is frayed and tangled? What of people whose emotional baseline is one of constant overstimulation? For them, Dunkirk is a nightmare.”

UK’s Oldest Black Star, Earl Cameron, Veteran Of Ealing And Bond, Still Hasn’t Retired At 100

At Length: Ramin Setoodeh Cover-Stories Netflix Ted Sarandos

Dancer Carmen de Lavallade Joins Norman Lear And (Possibly) Lionel Richie In Boycotting Kennedy Center Honor Reception At White House

School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago Under Fire After Dismissing Professor, An Expert On The Art Of Henry Darger

All 16 Artists, Authors, Performers And Architects On President’s Committee On Arts And The Humanities Resign

Cambodian Filmmaker Rithy Panh On Memories Of The Khmer Rouge As Well As Angelina Jolie

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Dear Irene Cho, I will miss your energy and passion; your optimism and joy; your kindness towards friends, colleagues, strangers, struggling filmmakers, or anyone who randomly crossed your path and needed a hand. My brothers and I have long considered you another sibling in our family. Our holiday photos – both western and eastern – have you among all the cousins, in-laws, and kids… in the snow, sun, opening presents, at large dinner gatherings, playing Monopoly, breaking out pomegranate seeds and teaching us all how to dance Gangnam style. Your friendship and loyalty meant a great deal to me: you were the loudest cheerleader when I experienced victories and you were always ready with sushi when I had disappointments. You had endless crazy ideas which always seemed impossible but you would will them into existence. (Like that time you called me and suggested that we host a brunch for newly elected mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti because “he is going to president one day.” We didn’t have enough time or funding, of course, only your desire to do it. So you did, and I followed.) You created The Daily Buzz from nothing and it survived on your steam in spite of many setbacks because you believed in a platform for emerging filmmakers from all nations. Most of all, you were a wonderful mother to your son, Ethan, a devoted wife to your husband, and a wonderful sibling and daughter to your family. We will all miss how your wonderful smile and energy lit up the room and our lives. Rest in peace, Irene.
~ Rose Kuo Remembers Irene Cho on Facebook

“You know, I was never a critic. I never considered myself as a film critic. I started doing short films, writing screenplays and then for awhile, for a few years I wrote some film theory, including some film criticism because I had to, but I was never… I never had the desire to be a film critic. I never envisioned myself as a film critic, but I did that at a period of my life when I thought I kind of needed to understand things about cinema, understand things about film theory, understand the world map of cinema, and writing about movies gave me that, and also the opportunity to meet filmmakers I admired.

“To me, it was the best possible film school. The way it changed my perspective I suppose is that I believe in this connection between theory and practice. I think that you also make movies with ideas and you need to have ideas about filmmaking to achieve whatever you’re trying to achieve through your movies, but then I started making features in 1986 — a while ago — and I left all that behind.

“For the last three decades I’ve been making movies, I’ve been living, I’ve been observing the world. You become a different person, so basically my perspective on the world in general is very different and I hope that with every movie I make a step forward. I kind of hope I’m a better person, and hopefully a better filmmaker and hopefully try to… It’s very hard for me to go back to a different time when I would have different values in my relationship to filmmaking. I had a stiffer notion of cinema.”
~ Olivier Assayas