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“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
Turkey Bans All Foreign Plays From State Theaters While Compelling Lists Of “Dissidents” To Vanquish

“Mekas came to the U. S. from Lithuania in 1949 with everything he owned in his arms: three bags of books and one set of clothes. What he’s done since is a rags-to-riches story of a very different kind. Rather than enrich himself, he’s made the lives of so many others richer.”
WGA President Howard Rodman Tub-Thumps For Honorary Oscar For 93-Year-Filmmaker-Life Force Jonas Mekas


“Horror movies always seem to find an audience. They are extraordinarily cost-efficient. You don’t need a ton of money to make one. All you have to have is a darkened room and some people chasing other people and you’ve got a horror movie.”
Don’t Breathe Gets The Traditional Condescension-To-Horror Analysis

“Bekmambetov shows us a more contemplative, sensitive side here, allowing for moments of quiet reflection or, more often, raging emotion.”
An Unexpected Sentence From Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson

“Put it this way, when you’re 19, a threesome is normal. It’s fun. When you’re 19, getting a girl to say yes, or being a dog, or being a player, cheating. Consent is all about–for me, back then–if you can get a girl to say yes, you win.”
Ebony Magazine Has An Audience With Nate Parker


“I just don’t have a lot of interest in watching them if they’re done. I enjoy the build, and if I’m honest about it, I just don’t care to review it. It feels like a love affair gone past. I don’t feel like re-reading the Valentines. Maybe when I’m an older man, I’ll have something to look forward to, but right now I just like making things.”
Ben Foster Reflects On Hell Or High Water And Acting Today

“Ovitz called Murdoch to demand that he kill the story. Murdoch in turn phoned Susan Lyne to ask what he was talking about. She read him the item and waited nervously for the response. There was a pause, and then Murdoch said with obvious relish: “Read it to me again. I’m going to dinner, and I want to tell it right.” So that was how a real titan responded to Ovitz. And after that, we were told, Ovitz never ate at The Palm again.”
Kim Masters On Her Battles With Prickly Mike Ovitz In His CAA Reign

MCN Curated Headlines

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“I don’t believe in the Nietzschean notion that what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger. You see these soldiers come back with PTSD; they’ve been to war and seen death and experienced these existential crises one after the other. There are traumas in life that weaken us for the future. And that’s what’s happened to me. The various slings and arrows of life have not strengthened me. I think I’m weaker. I think there are things I couldn’t take now that I would have been able to take when I was younger.”
~ Woody Allen

“Hitchcock films the story with a wide-eyed, astonished, fascinated, and disturbed camera stare that seems to shudder and tremble every time Hedren is onscreen. Even the director’s cameo—in which he watches Hedren walking down a hotel corridor and then turns back to look at the camera, shamefacedly caught in his own leer—suggests his self-aware sense of visual carnality. The images offer an extraordinary swing between blasts of heat and an eerie chill, sometimes bringing the two together. Even the film’s exterior locations have a fluorescent buzz that captures an ambient sense of derangement.”
~ Richard Brody on Marnie


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