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“You don’t say to men: ‘You played another really strong man. The idea that women are inherently weak—and we’ve identified the few strong ones to tell stories about—is mad.”
Elle UK Cover-Stories Carey Mulligan

NY Times

“‘Snob’ is a category in which nobody would willingly, or at least unironically, claim membership. Like the related (and similarly complicated) term ‘hipster,’ it’s what you call someone else. What some of my nearest and dearest, I might as well admit, call me.”
A. O. Scott To The Rescue Of The Beleaguered Film Snob

LA Times

“You know how sometimes, when you’re on the plane and the altitude changes drastically, you feel like it really wakes you up? In the process of being afraid, you feel very alive.”
Amy Kaufman Sits By The Pool With Michael Shannon

“This is how Villeneuve operates. He deals in significance. He leans into symbols. Think of the tattoo in Incendies, Guernica in Polytechnique, the tarantulas in Enemy, the spirals in Prisoners. His mastery of dread takes brutal precedence over logic.”
Pete’s Dragon Director David Lowery On Denis Villeneuve


“If a director is telling you, ‘This is the shot, I’m coming in close here, and this is the wide,’ he’s basically opening the kimono and telling you the exact shape of the story and it makes it a lot easier to modulate your performance.”
Matt Damon On Acting For Sir Ridley

“The mark of a successful relationship shouldn’t be whether you’re there forever after. Sometimes you’re not meant to be forever together.”
Bonham Carter Talks Burton

Irish Playwright Brian Friel Was 86
“Tynan said we used it like drunken sailors, you know that kind of image. That’s all old rubbish. A language is much more profound than that. It’s not something we produce for the entertainment of outsiders. And that’s how Irish theatre is viewed, indeed, isn’t it?”
WithA Rare Talk With The Reticent Writer Of “Translations,” From 1982

indie wire

“My first rule of filmmaking is: Do not work with assholes.”
David Cronenberg Lets His Hair Down In Reykjavík

MCN Curated Headlines

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“I was brought up on newspapers. I love newspapers. I love old-fashioned newspapers, but today I read them on the Internet because of time. And in New York, I read the morning papers, then I read the London papers on my iPad. But entertainment is very important. With broadband coming, everything is changing. People now spend four or five hours on their iPhones, their smartphones, which is changing the world totally. I found it with my young children. They are on their iPhones while they are watching television, doing two things at once. The fact that now we have 2.5 billion people with smartphones, with access to knowledge all over the world, with access to each other, government is going to change, the world is going to change. And it’s going to change very fast. We’ve only had smartphones for eight years, and now we have 2.5 billion of them. In another eight years, we will have 5 billion. The whole world will be on them… If newspapers have opinions, if they are really well-written, if they’re very reliable, people will pay for them. Then they are viable. We found [that] with the Wall Street Journal. You have newspapers on the Internet which are so good people will pay for them. There are people who steal things, rewrite them and put them out, like Google, but they are not reliable at all.”
~ Rupert Murdoch

“I’ve never been evicted from my house, but I’ve evicted parts of myself. I’ve felt evicted. I’ve felt exiled by a culture. And I’ve felt unworthy. I’ve felt like I’m not needed in my society, I’ve been told that in a subliminal way—that I’m not enough if I’m not at the top of one of these buildings or not driving a Lamborghini or not wearing the newest whatever. We are given this message that we’re not needed—that all of us aren’t needed, that we only need a select few, which is forgetting the truth that everyone is exceptional. That’s a fucking Hallmark card, but it’s also the truth.”
~ Andrew Garfield