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“So if Sony canceled a film that couldn’t be shown anyway, was that a cancellation or just a certification of reality? If Sony is a coward, they all are.”
Frank Rich On The Sony Hack And The Ongoing Aftermath

“I wish they had spoken to me first… I think it says something about North Korea, [that they] mount an all-out attack over a satirical film starring Seth Rogen.”
Obama Criticizes Sony For Shelving The Interview

NY Times

“For the moment, the studio is reluctant to consider the option of charging for it online, on the assumption that few consumers would share credit cards with a company under attack by hackers.”
Cieply & Barnes Seek Evidence Of Discord In Wake Of Sony Hack, Citing Tweets And Unsourced Supposition

“I’ve never seen a movie more about the work of forward motion. Images of rows and rows of arms clasped, moving against the physical force of hatred, determined to get a civil rights law passed, achieving galvanic force. The movie blows past Selma and right through you.”
Wesley Morris‘ Terse Yet Limber Top Ten List Includes This Splendid Graf

“This film is not an act of courage. It is not a stand against totalitarianism, concentration camps, mass starvation, or state-sponsored terror. It is simply a comedy, made by a group of talented actors, writers, and directors, and intended, like most comedies, to make money and earn laughs… The day will come when North Koreans are free, and liberated concentration camp survivors will have to learn that the world was more interested in the oddities of the oppressors than the torment of the oppressed.”
Adrian Hong, Co-Founder Of “Liberty In North Korea,” Is Not Amused

“I’m going to be trying to hold the first big Kirk for Senate fundraiser at a screening of The Interview, so that everybody shows the North Koreans that you cannot edit what we want to see and do in the United States.”
Republican Senator For Illinois Unclear On Content Of The Interview

“We do think it’s appropriate to respond.”
CNN Reports Unnamed Gov’t Officials Claim Sony Hackers Stole System Admin Credentials

“Once you capitulate to one dictator, does that mean that the next dictator or the next terrorist that says you’re not going to make a comedy about—or a film at all about ISIS. All of us in public life have a responsibility right now to speak out and to say, ‘No, Sony, you did the wrong thing’ and to say to Hollywood, come behind—the other studios should come behind Sony and offer their support.”
Asserts California Republican Congressman

“Critics who cite the movie’s painfully meticulous stylization as a barrier to its capacity for emotional connection align themselves with dominant currents of film criticism that have often given ‘cool’ a bad rap.”
Isabel Ortiz On A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

ny post

“The heckler’s veto—the rude interruption that drowns out public discourse—has been replaced by the terrorist’s veto: Anyone with a grudge, a computer and an Internet connection can henceforth block the distribution of any form of communication it dislikes.”
Kyle Smith Looks Down Upon H’wd


I find it ironic that fear is eliminating the possibility to tell stories that depict our ability to overcome fear.”
Gore Verbinski On His Cancelled “Pyongyang” Project

MCN Curated Headlines

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“Any time a movie causes a country to threaten nuclear retaliation, the higher-ups wanna get in a room with you… In terms of getting the word out about the movie, it’s not bad. If they actually make good on it, it would be bad for the world—but luckily that doesn’t seem like their style… We’ll make a movie that maybe for two seconds will make some 18-year-old think about North Korea in a way he never would have otherwise. Or who knows? We were told one of the reasons they’re so against the movie is that they’re afraid it’ll actually get into North Korea. They do have bootlegs and stuff. Maybe the tapes will make their way to North Korea and cause a fucking revolution. At best, it will cause a country to be free, and at worst, it will cause a nuclear war. Big margin with this movie.”
~ Seth Rogen In Rolling Stone 1224

“Yes, good movies sprout up, inevitably, in the cracks and seams between the tectonic plates on which all of these franchises stay balanced, and we are reassured of their hardiness. But we don’t see what we don’t see; we don’t see the effort, or the cost of the effort, or the movies of which we’re deprived because of the cost of the effort. Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice may have come from a studio, but it still required a substantial chunk of outside financing, and at $35 million, it’s not even that expensive. No studio could find the $8.5 million it cost Dan Gilroy to make Nightcrawler. Birdman cost a mere $18 million and still had to scrape that together at the last minute. Imagine American movie culture for the last few years without Her or Foxcatcher or American Hustle or The Master or Zero Dark Thirty and it suddenly looks markedly more frail—and those movies exist only because of the fairy godmothership of independent producer Megan Ellison. The grace of billionaires is not a great business model on which to hang the hopes of an art form.”
~ Mark Harris On The State Of The Movies