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“I can think of no other director who collided politics, character, emotion, fashion and form with the same thorny intensity.”
Filmmaker Tom Kalin on Alain Resnais And His Life of Riley

“I always give money to drug addicts. It is a necessary reprieve. No one stops taking drugs ’cos they’ve not got money–they will steal.”
Lucy Kellaway Lunches With Russell Brand

“It’s an example of Aristotle’s theory of ‘surprising inevitability.’”
“The Bookish World Of Birdman” As Seen By Co-Writer Alexander Dinelaris, Jr.

“Plastic surgery is fake. So is the Hollywood fantasy where women over 40 just don’t exist.”
Amanda Hess Sez Renée Zellweger’s Face Is “Too Real”

“Maybe it’s part of our storytelling that we can identify if there an efficiency to the mission, the search, the consequence, the quest.”
Ever-Cool Canuck Keanu On The Nexus Of Consequence In Storytelling

“I identify as a visual journalist and as an artist. I don’t tend to identify myself as an activist or advocate. In my films, I’m really interested in the world that I document, and so there’s open-endedness, and people can come away with different conclusions.”
Documentarians Astra Taylor And Laura Poitras Talk Citizenfour
And“There are constraints that become blessings. That hotel room is a claustrophobic space where a few people are doing work that will transform everything outside. And then, when we break out, you see the shock waves. But when I first saw the room, my feeling was “White? Really, white?’”

“If your customers pay you quickly, you manage your inventory well, and you’re able to take your time in paying your suppliers, free cash flow can be consistently positive even when net income is not. Which is the kind of business that Bezos and his colleagues have constructed at Amazon.”
Amazon’s Latest Earnings Release Shows It’s All About Cash Flow

“Screen critics are always harboring hidden agendas—they’re failed creatives, they’re power mad, they’re looking to fill their otherwise empty lives—but they’re rarely shown to be actually enthusiastic about the things they take in for a living.”
Alison Willmore On The Pans Bestowed Onto Critics Onscreen

“The hubris! The hubris of that!”
Keanu On “You Owe Me A Life”

“Netflix rejects the conventions of digital media. It is not user-generated; it is not social; it is not bite size; it is not free. And now its approach is the one most other digital companies with big media ambitions — Google, Amazon, Yahoo—are looking to pursue: that is, to become like television. The digital revolution is a digression, and television—the real video revolution that began in the 1950s—continues.”
Michael Wolff Sez The Promise Of The Internet Has Been Disrupted By Old Media

MCN Curated Headlines

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“I wondered how different it would be to write a novel and it’s totally different. It’s very internal. The weird thing about it is that I found that novel-writing was much more like directing than it is like screenwriting. You’re casting it, you’re lighting it, you’re doing the costumes, you’re doing the locations, you’re doing it all yourself as a director would. In screenwriting, you don’t do that stuff. You don’t describe the face of the actor or the character when you’re writing a screenplay because Tom Cruise is going to do it and he doesn’t look like that, whereas in the novel to describe what he is is what he is. The actual act of writing, just like shooting on a set, is a slow slog. It’s going to work every day.”
~ David Cronenberg On Screenplay vs. Novel

“I was fortunate to be in the two big film epics of the last part of the 20th century: Godfather and “Lonesome Dove” on television, which was my favorite part. That’s my “Hamlet.” The English have Shakespeare; the French, Molière. In Argentina, they have Borges, but the western is ours. I like that.”
~ Robert Duvall