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“There are pockets of age groups and demographics that have not been inspired by what they’re seeing at movie theaters.”
Sea Of Sighs Over So-So Summer

“They made it look great. It finally looks like a bad John Cassavetes movie.”
Michael Musto And John Waters Talk “Fabulous Filth” On The Restoration And Reissue Of 1970’s Multiple Maniacs

“It’s almost like an 80s movie or something – the kind that studios don’t make anymore.”
Don’t Think Twice‘s Mike Bisbiglia On Ambition

“It might have seemed brilliant for Sam Beckett to dispense with plot and give us dated philosophical chattering for three hours, but even superb acting could not prevent time standing still for me.”
Elder Playwright David Williamson Urges Australian Writers To Make Work Like Television
“Is it correct that new Australian plays are being ‘swept off the stage’ by cheap and easy adaptations of classics by auteur directors? I can categorically tell you that these accusations are completely untrue.”
While – Oz Critic Alison Croggon, Dissed By Williamson, Differs

LA Times

“People think dialogue is unexplainable. Great dialogue has transparency. Something is being said while something else is being felt. You sense not only the unsaid, but the unsayable. When dialogue achieves that kind of multilayered expressivity, it becomes really terrific stuff.”
Robert McKee Articulates “Dialogue”

LA Times

“It could be something lovely, it could be something funny. It could be ‘Hang yourself, here’s a noose. When can I kill you?’ That’s less fun. That’s less interesting. Eventually, it becomes kind of a white noise. You can’t remember what the dialogue was, so you stop having it. I would like always to have a dialogue with the audience, but at the same time you can’t create by committee.”
Joss Whedon On Avoiding Social Media

“It is not ghosts that haunt the film’s protagonists; it’s their inability to connect with women.”
“The Spiritualist Origins Of Ghostbusters (1984)”

“Everything is being destroyed in Tehran, without us knowing what’s going to come next.”
Asghar Farhadi On Freedom and Salesmanship

MCN Curated Headlines

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“People react primarily to direct experience and not to abstractions; it is very rare to find anyone who can become emotionally involved with an abstraction. The longer the bomb is around without anything happening, the better the job that people do in psychologically denying its existence. It has become as abstract as the fact that we are all going to die someday, which we usually do an excellent job of denying. For this reason, most people have very little interest in nuclear war. It has become even less interesting as a problem than, say, city government, and the longer a nuclear event is postponed, the greater becomes the illusion that we are constantly building up security, like interest at the bank. As time goes on, the danger increases, I believe, because the thing becomes more and more remote in people’s minds. No one can predict the panic that suddenly arises when all the lights go out — that indefinable something that can make a leader abandon his carefully laid plans. A lot of effort has gone into trying to imagine possible nuclear accidents and to protect against them. But whether the human imagination is really capable of encompassing all the subtle permutations and psychological variants of these possibilities, I doubt. The nuclear strategists who make up all those war scenarios are never as inventive as reality, and political and military leaders are never as sophisticated as they think they are.”
~ Stanley Kubrick

“You can’t make films about something the audience knows nothing about. The trick is getting the audience to tell their own stories in the story so that they know what will happen. And then, just before they get bored, you must surprise them and move the story in a new direction.”
~ Mogens Rukov

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