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“He gave me dialogue pages, or sometimes it was even long monologues that he would type out the night before shooting, or even on the same day. Then he’d say, ‘Find what speaks to you.’ So you’d find one or two lines out of pages and pages that felt like something you would say, and you’d use that.”
Natalie Portman On Her Terrence Malick Double Feature

“I’m hands-off from now on. It’s not a fun use of my time. I’m really devoted to doing as many comics as I can, where I [don’t] have to hang up the green eyeshade that we cartoonists all wear. With our sleeve garters.”
Daniel Clowes On Wilson

“We’re super-special beings! We really are! And we have a glorious future—if only we could realize that and grow rapidly toward that, it would be beautiful. The key to it is the transcendent—this deepest, eternal level of life, the big treasury within every human being. When any one human being experiences that deepest level, they grow in that—all positive—and life gets better. They say the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness—beautiful description of what it’s all about. It’s real simple. We’re not meant to suffer. We’re meant to be blissful and enjoy life and enjoy all diversity.”
Guess The Auteur

“It is easy for artists to self-censor, to convince yourself to not make something before you even try. There were many reasons why I could not, should not, make this painting [but] art can be a space for empathy, a vehicle for connection.”
Artists Denounce Painting Of Emmett Till By White British Artist


“Some studios are weighing a scenario where movies could be made available for rental at a higher price as soon as they dip below a certain number of screens. The thinking is that it doesn’t make sense for a movie to stay exclusively in theaters if it isn’t being widely shown.”
Report: Studios Inch Toward Jettisoning As Much Of Theatrical Window As Exhibitors Will Allow

“There was a column for nature films and another for what are internally known as ‘brand deposit’ titles, modestly-budgeted movies that maintain the Disney brand but aren’t expected to be huge hits. (Think Saving Mr. Banks or Queen of Katwe).”
In The Kingdom Of The Remake

“Maybe if Condon had not mentioned the gay element, people wouldn’t be so curious and we could let it go with a potentially minor cut. And this whole thing may not have been an issue. We at LPF want to preserve films as much as how they are intended by the director, but the moment the gay element is thrown into the mix, we had to protect ourselves.”
Malaysia Backs Down On Beauty And The Beast Cuts

indie wire

“Our best and most talented, passionate filmmakers vehemently do not want their films to be viewed first and foremost on a phone, on the train to work, while checking email, while chopping vegetables for the evening meal, on mute with subtitles while rocking a baby to sleep, or while dozing off before bed. The reality is, most Netflix content is ‘consumed’ in a less-than-ideal environment.”
Drafthouse’s Tim League v. Netflix

“If someone asked, ‘What are your films like?’, the best I can come up with is that they’re, like, a fine balance between comedy and drama. And they deal mainly with the clumsiness of humanity.”
Taika Waititi Says New Thor “Taika-esque”

indie wire

“‘It would not be an understatement to say that Robin O’Hara launched my career,’ James Schamus said.”
Filmmakers And Friends Remember Influential Indie Producer Robin O’Hara; Movies Include Gummo, Raising Victor Vargas

“As my wife pointed out after she first read ‘Wilson,’ every character that Wilson talks to is me. Normally the main character in my books serves as my stand-in, but in this case I am like Wilson’s perfect victim.”
Daniel Clowes On His Latest Screen Incarnation

“Just 30 solid years of just partying too fucking hard.”
Woody Harrelson Drops Pot

Robert B. Silvers, Co-Founder Of NY Review Of Books And Major Literary Mover, Was 87
“I find Silvers’ work ethic inspiring, if hard to mimic; he is in the office seven days a week, often until midnight, where he keeps a bed in a cupboard. He edits every piece in the NYRB himself. Contributors speak of his long polite memos revealing an encyclopedic knowledge of even the most obscure subjects, as well as a disregard for normal working hours; many have stories of receiving clippings and queries from ‘Bob’ in the middle of the night or as they sit down to Christmas lunch.”
WithA 2013 Lunch With The FT

NY Daily News

“And Jim Moran and Tony Palma, older now, cops in a world with no fun, stood in the emergency room as John Lennon, whose music they knew, whose music was known everywhere on earth, became another person who died after being shot with a gun on the streets of New York.”
Another Jimmy Breslin Deadliner

‘When people in power seek to silence the creative voices that contextualize our sociopolitical life that is an attack on democracy itself.”
San Francisco Film Festival’s Noah Cowan On Trump Zero Funding For Humanities And Arts

“Seven luxury auditoriums would have food and drink service, ordered by iPads embedded at each seat — and, according to Elie Samaha, cashmere blankets available to keep warm.
H’wd Once-Producer, The Money Behind Battlefield Earth, Intends To Transform Abandoned San Diego Cineplex

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“If you’re smart and you get old, all you know is that everything changes. You’re not in control of anything. If you don’t learn that early, you’re going to be fucked. No, really… you can rail it all you like. It’s like the last railings of [these] people. It’s like the last railings of this group of people who are going extinct and you want to go, ‘What the fuck are you talking about?’ What are you clinging to? America of the ‘50s? Or England of the ‘50s with Brexit? People pottering around tending their garden in Norfolk thinking, ‘These Syrians are going to come in any minute now and ruin my roses.’ What a load of cock.”
~ Ian McShane

“What IS it with people who ask questions on posts like the person who posted is their personal researcher and water carrier? Do they not realize they’re online themselves? That they can read the story the post links to? That of the seven billion people on earth, almost none of them are mom?”
~ Rebecca Solnit