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Toronto Int’l Gala Presentations Include New Delpy, Egoyan, Emmerich, Frears, Helgeland, Mehta, Moorhouse, Scott, Sollett, Vallée

Toronto Int’l Special Presentations Include Anomalisa, Black Mass, Brooklyn, The Danish Girl, Dheepan, The Lobster, Louder Than Bombs, Mountains May Depart, Office, Spotlight, Sunset Song, Trumbo, Youth, And A New Michael Moore

“Who would have guessed a movie based on 80s throwback video games could wind up more sexist than 80s movies?”
Not Only Are Women Agh, Mad For Gad In Pixels, Most Have No Dialogue

“What We Lose When Movie Theaters Aren’t Safe,” By Alyssa Rosenberg

“I believe that, with all my heart, that if you have the citizens who are well trained, and particularly in these places that are considered to be gun-free zones, that we can stop that type of activity, or stop it before there’s as many people that are impacted as what we saw in Lafayette.”
Perennial Presidential Aspirant Rick Perry Wants Guns In Seats

“No, I didn’t call your shitty movie a ‘comedic masterstroke.’
“An Open Letter To Mongrel Media” By A. A. Dowd

“He loved the movies, he loved the paper and he loved his friends.”
Car Crash On Way To The Starlite Drive-In Takes St. Louis Post-Dispatch Film Critic Joe Williams, 56


“If someone’s going to pay $20 to go on opening weekend to see this movie, they want to know that they are making a pretty good investment.”
Why Do Trailer-Makers Choose To Spoil Major Plot Points?


“They were on the set and involved in production, postproduction, marketing, everything. They wanted to learn how we do what we do.”
Southpaw Leads Charge Of China-Financed American Pictures, Many Under Supervision Of Former Studio Heads Like Robinov And Schamus

“When you go to the movies and you watch [digital projection], it feels like you’re watching TV at your house. It’s almost impossible to watch something that was shot on film projected on film.”
Trainwreck DP Jody Lee Lipes On His First Studio Picture


“There are now 46 women who have come forward publicly to accuse Cosby of rape or sexual assault; the women here are the accusers who were willing to be photographed and interviewed. Many of the women say they know of others still out there who’ve chosen to remain silent.”
NYMag Goes Megamultimedia With “‘I’m No Longer Afraid’: 35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being Assaulted By Bill Cosby, And The Culture That Wouldn’t Listen

“While I have no doubt of the wonders of the Internet revolution, I think it’s time to take stock of where this stream is carrying us.”
Producer Jonathan Taplin Pens A Suggestive “Letter To Millennials” 

MCN Curated Headlines


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“To my mind, this embracing of what were unambiguously children’s characters at their mid-20th century inception seems to indicate a retreat from the admittedly overwhelming complexities of modern existence. It looks to me very much like a significant section of the public, having given up on attempting to understand the reality they are actually living in, have instead reasoned that they might at least be able to comprehend the sprawling, meaningless, but at-least-still-finite ‘universes’ presented by DC or Marvel Comics. I would also observe that it is, potentially, culturally catastrophic to have the ephemera of a previous century squatting possessively on the cultural stage and refusing to allow this surely unprecedented era to develop a culture of its own, relevant and sufficient to its times.”
~ “Watchmen”‘s Alan Moore At His Alan Moore-iest

“Between [DuVernay not directing ‘Black Panther’] & Michelle MacLaren leaving ‘Wonder Woman,’ maybe it’s time we stop using the superhero-movie-hiring as a measure of a director’s success, and instead, take this as a sign that Hollywood needs to greenlight better movies that women with higher creative standards actually want to direct (and see).”
~ Producer Mynette Louie, on Facebook