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“Hamm never seems to truly listen to his scene partners, which creates a profound disconnect that undermines what could be an engaging performance. Much of Hamm’s work outside of ‘Mad Men’ can best be described as serviceable but unmemorable.”
Angelica Jade Bastién Takes On Jon Hamm

“It’s sort of a shame that Edgar Wright hasn’t done more music videos.”
Vigorous Lede Of The Day

“We did seven takes of me urinating against a wall after the car sex – apparently I wasn’t pissing triumphantly enough.”
The Making Of Brit Classic Rita Sue And Bob Too

“I feel like Moondoggy, the old guy that can still surf, and it’s nice. I feel rejuvenated and reborn. The cancer really threw me, and I went very far down. When you get that close to the edge, you have to think about what you really want to do.”
Scott Thompson: Old Kid In New Halls


“It’s a little heartbreaking, without getting too personal. It came to us as a shock. We did not anticipate that level of vitriolic dislike for the film. In the end, do I want to be somebody who pleases both audiences and critics? Absolutely. Is that hugely disappointing? It is. I know it’s something I am very proud of, and everyone who made it is very proud. Please go see the movie and recognize that there was a lot of thought and care put into telling the story.”
Colin Trevorrow Made Book Of Henry For Critics And Fans


“Omni is one of the crown jewels in the Jerrick portfolio. I can’t think of a better person to partner with in developing its content than Jared, whose career has been defined by fearlessness, otherworldly talent and creative risk-taking.”
Jared Leto Partners With “User-Generated Fiction” Website  

“Trump’s people said, ‘No. We’re writing this speech. You guys have no input on this.'”
Disneyworld Hall Of Presidents Animatronic Trump Delayed

NY Times

“The infoboom is taking place in a new environment — the cyber environment — where we’re all spending more time. All the new opportunity it’s bringing will also have consequences. Hopefully we’ll head off the worst of them while we still can.”
Jim Rutenberg Seems To Have Something To Say In Weirdly Disjointed Media Thinkpiece; Does The Usage Of “Hopefully” Signal End To NYT Copy Editing?

“They collaborate closely with their actors and give them creative freedom that, in their experience, brings out the actors’ best performances. Kasdan would not allow this and demanded that every line was said word for word. To appease him and the studio, Lord and Miller would do several takes exactly as written and then shoot additional takes.”
Scooping Up Han Solo Scuttlebutt

“We spent a great deal of time with Al thinking about how to respond in the film. He’s been very engaged and frankly is much less diplomatic now. Since Trump pulled out, Al’s gloves have come off. And he’s been utterly disheartened and publicly doesn’t have to be diplomatic anymore.”
Inconvenient Sequel Gets Edit After Trump Exit From Paris Accords

“In 2016, 53% of box office ticket sales in the country were for Turkish films — the highest national market share of any country in Europe. The number of new Turkish films screened in 2016 was also an all-time high and Turkey is the only European country where domestic films regularly outperform Hollywood offerings.”
Turkish Filmmakers Face Censorship Under Current Regime

MCN Curated Headlines

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“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many recappers, while clearly over their heads, are baseline sympathetic to finding themselves routinely unmoored, even if that means repeating over and over that this is closer to “avant-garde art” than  normal TV to meet the word count. My feed was busy connecting the dots to Peter Tscherkassky (gas station), Tony Conrad (the giant staring at feedback of what we’ve just seen), Pat O’Neill (bombs away) et al., and this is all apposite — visual and conceptual thinking along possibly inadvertent parallel lines. If recappers can’t find those exact reference points to latch onto, that speaks less to willful ignorance than to how unfortunately severed experimental film is from nearly all mainstream discussions of film because it’s generally hard to see outside of privileged contexts (fests, academia, the secret knowledge of a self-preserving circle working with a very finite set of resources and publicity access to the larger world); resources/capital/access/etc. So I won’t assign demerits for willful incuriosity, even if some recappers are reduced, in some unpleasantly condescending/bluffing cases, to dismissing this as a “student film” — because presumably experimentation is something the seasoned artist gets out of their system in maturity, following the George Lucas Model of graduating from Bruce Conner visuals to Lawrence Kasdan’s screenwriting.”
~ Vadim Rizov Goes For It, A Bit

“On the first ‘Twin Peaks,’ doing TV was like going from a mansion to a hut. But the arthouses are gone now, so cable television is a godsend — they’re the new art houses. You’ve got tons of freedom to do the work you want to do on TV, but there is a restriction in terms of picture and sound. The range of television is restricted. It’s hard for the power and the glory to come through. In other words, you can have things in a theater much louder and also much quieter. With TV, the quieter things have to be louder and the louder things have to be quieter, so you have less dynamics. The picture quality — it’s fine if you have a giant television with a good speaker system, but a lot of people will watch this on their laptops or whatever, so the picture and the sound are going to suffer big time. Optimally, people should be watching TV in a dark room with no disturbances and with as big and good a picture as possible and with as great sound as possible.”
~ David Lynch