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Moonlight SpiritsMoonlight; Isabelle Huppert, Casey Affleck; Toni ErdmannOJ: Made In America; Ben Foster, Molly Shannon, Supporting, Hell Or High Water; Moonlight, Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography; The Witch, Best First Feature, Best First Screenplay; Spa Night, Cassavetes For Under $500,000

“I watched them dreaming that I could do that: tell the story of my city and my people When I saw the work of the White Helmets, I knew that was the story of Syria I wanted to tell to tell the world.”

“The Academy Awards and its relationship with black artistry has been characterized by a profound absence and silence in regards to the fullness of the black experience.”
Angelica Jade Bastién On Oscar’s History With Black Filmmakers

“It is important that people understand that Syria has people who want the same things they want: Peace, jobs, family, and to live without the fear of bombs. This is what I hope the film does.”
“Derogatory Information” Prevents Oscar-Nominated Syrian Cinematographer Of White Helmets From Entering America

“Hollywood is so fickle. They don’t forgive you have life shit going on. They know addicts can make great artists. But can they make money? That’s the real question.”
Page Six Hosannas “Return” Of Mel Gibson With Photo As Luciferian Madman

“In our post-Christopher Nolan multiplex, pessimism, fatalism, nihilism, gloomy aesthetics, an absence of moral certainty, and perverse plot twists qualify as a popcorn-munching pastime of their own.”
A Sentence Found Glittering In A Consideration Of Denis Villeneuve

“At the biggest red carpet of the year this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of boob contouring.”
Slate Is On It

“Dick Schickel was the pro, and the reliable hack movies deserved. I do not use the word ‘hack’ with any distaste; it’s a badge of honour and I heard him use it on himself a few times.”
David Thomson Recollects Richard Schickel

MCN Curated Headlines

Isabelle Who…ppert? A Beginner’s Guide to the Oscar-Nominated ‘Elle’ Actress

“From the wry irony of the deceptively exuberant opening sequence (in which dozens of starry-eyed wannabes dazzle us with their dreams and then, as winter arrives in a city without seasons, promptly disappear into the ether), the entire film is engaged in a self-aware soft-shoe around the amorphous border between fantasy and reality.”

Marisa Silver On The A Generation’s Turn From Plot To Personal Digression, Referencing 1928’sWeirdly Fascinating “Plotto: The Master Book Of All Plots”

Michael Cieply Douses Writer Hopes In Imminent Bargaining With AMPTP Water From A Single Unnamed Executive

Spirit Awards

Academy Rescinds 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi Sound Mixing Nomination For Lobbying By Telephone

“I watched them dreaming that I could do that: tell the story of my city and my people When I saw the work of the White Helmets, I knew that was the story of Syria I wanted to tell to tell the world.”

“Since there are only three nominees in the category and Suicide Squad certainly has the most makeup, there is a real chance that a film with Harley Quinn as a tubercular Juggalo will win an Oscar. David Lynch has never gotten an Academy Award but Suicide Squad, a film that covered Jared Leto in mall tattoos and paid someone to stencil “Damaged” onto his forehead, is within spitting distance of a win.”

Michael Phillips And Jordan Peele

“As entertaining and satisfying as Zootopia may be scene-by-scene, it ultimately fails because it insists on having it both ways simultaneously—anthropomorphic and metaphoric.”

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“All of the security, all of the waiters, all of the musicians … that’s 3,000 people!” The shopping required fifty tractor trailers. The are thirty gallons of cocktail sauce; 350 pounds of smoked salmon; 200 pounds of brussels sprouts, 250 pounds parmesan cheese; 3,600 eggs; 6,000 mini-brioche buns; five gallons of hot fudge; 20 pounds pickled ginger; 30 pounds edible gold dust; 7,000 miniature chocolate Oscars. There are 1,400 bottles of Piper-Heidsieck champagne and 2,200 bottles from Francis Ford Coppola’s winery. This will be served in and upon 13,000 glasses, 4,500 bamboo skewers, 4,800 ramekins and 6,000 cocktail forks.”
~ Wolfgang Puck Goes Oscar Dinner Shopping

“While these images seem to reveal all, they disclose nothing beneath the surface. All that we know is what we see onscreen and that Seberg’s face is delicate and lightly creased. She’s rarely shown smiling, although there are instances when she laughs emphatically, moments that feel uncomfortable and artificial, as if she were trying out an emotion she had forgotten. We know the texture of her skin; the patterns on the walls; the depth of field; the quality of the light; the contrast of the black-and-white film; the level of grain; the dowdiness of her clothes. She’s partial to granny dresses, or maybe they’re nightgowns, and when she stands in front of a window, the sunlight glows softly, creating a kind of ravishing halo effect: Saint Jean.”
~ Manohla Dargis On Philippe Garrel’s Les Hautes Solitudes