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Sunday Estimates by Klady

Well, there you go


Friday Estimates by Klady

The sturm & drang by the Axis Of Idiots over the opening of Miami Vice is silly. It will be Mann’s best opening ever and no doubt, Universal hopes it is his best international performer ever. Does anyone out there really think that Universal green lit the film without being aware of Mann


Box Office Hell – 7/28



FGME Brought To Down To Earth?

If I am going to write about the success, I guess I have to write about the disasters…
Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest came in a stunning second all-time this Monday, the record being third week Monday non-holiday. The record of $4,308,824 was held by Spider-Man. P2 missed by a daunting $4613.00.
New Disney movie chief Oren Aviv was unable to speak


The Foreigners

Variety reports
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest raked it in over the weekend, bowing in 11 new markets to add $62 million to its coffers.
Pic, which has now grossed $217 overseas, became the 20th Buena Vista Intl. title to cross the $200 million barrier abroad and the 10th to plunder more than $500 million worldwide.
Perhaps the only real surprise over the weekend would have come had “Pirates” been bested in any of its new territories, which included Japan, Mexico and Brazil as well as a host of smaller ones (Hungary, Portugal, Poland) and some challenging terrain for Hollywood pics (India).
There are still major openings to come: Pic has yet to open in Spain, Germany, Italy and France.
In head-to-head square-offs around the globe, “Pirates” forced Warner Bros.’ No. 2 finisher of the frame, Superman Returns, to walk the plank every time.
With no major openings on its side, Warner Bros.’ Superman Returns flew in with $16.3 million from 5,900 prints in 40 markets. International cume is $110 million.
UIP’s Over the Hedge and BVI’s Cars continued Hollywood’s roll abroad with high-profile CG-animated fare: Both crossed the $100 million mark.


A Pirate-Free 2006 Record

In spite of what feels like a soft opening for Monster House, some acknowledgement should be given to Sony’s record-setting eighth $20 million-plus opener in one year, cracking the previous record held by Fox.
What is interesting is that it, like Fox’s record, comes at a time when a $20 million opening gets written off by a lot of people as mediocre.
But like the most $100 million movies in a year in an era where the blockbuster really starts at $200 million, it is a major achievement and should be touted. If just anyone could do it, everyone would.
There have been only 28 total $20 million openings this year. 8 by Sony, 5 from Paramount/DW Animation, 4 each from Fox & Universal, 3 from Warner Bros, 2 from Buena Vista, 1 each from Lionsgate & Dimension. (Sony would love to include The Benchwarmers‘ $19.7 million launch and Lionsgate Hostel


Sunday Estimates by Klady

The FGME (fug-me?) continues to break a record a day. According to estimates, sfter 17 days, it is the Fastest Grossing Movie Ever by $21.6 million, increasing its lead over Star Wars: Episode Three – Revenge of the Sith by about $8 million in the third weekend


Friday Estimates

Well, that


Box Office Hell Returns…

For some reason, there have been a lot of requests for the return of “Road To Box Office Hell?” this week at MCN… so… why not?
(For me, I finally decided that I didn’t like the game of it all and didn’t want to add to the insanity about numbers anymore than we already do. But let’s see how it goes..)
I haven’t figure out how to post a chart on here, so you have to go to the MCN homepage to see where we are. As some of you may know, we have the Weekend Warrior as a regular around here. So feel free to bug him. And me. And as soon as Mojo and EW offer their opinions, they will be added.


Screen Bleed

Who is paying the price for four new films hitting the mulltiplexes wide (2000 screens minimum) this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo?
Title (Distributor) / Theater Count (Change) / Week #
The Lake House (Warner Bros.) / 603 (-1107) / 6
Nacho Libre (Paramount) / 505 (-996) / 6
Click (Sony / Revolution) / 2,312 (-984) / 5
Superman Returns (Warner Bros.) / 2,826 (-939) / 4
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Universal) / 397 (-743) / 6
Cars (Buena Vista) / 2,410 (-593) / 7
The Devil Wears Prada (Fox) / 2,248 (-562) / 4
Waist Deep (Rogue Pictures) / 175 (-464) / 5


By The Box Office Way

Even though Day 12 for Star Wars: Episode Three


Directors Who Have Had A More Impressive Start Than Night

In an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the enthusiastic Anne Thompson says,


Clear Enough For Crazy People To Understand

Just to be clear for the whack jobs that wish to spin otherwise this weekend


Sunday Estimates by Klady

After 10 days, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is the fastest grossing film ever by an estimated $21.5 million.
And, it is likely once again, that Disney has done its best to estimate low to get another success story on Monday afternoon, when


Friday Estimates by Klady

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man


Box Office

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