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The Valkyrie X-Mas Special

Just when Hollywood was counting it out, Valkyrie takes control of the situation and creates the first-ever Hitlercentric Christmas musical special with all the movie’s stars…


But What

Box Office Mojo announced to its subscribers today that


Seven Pounds

I really don


Mamma Mia Latest "Record Breaking" DVD

This comes right on the heels of Mamma Mia! passing Titanic as the highest grossing film in UK history.
The Dark Knight reported 3 million units on its first day of release, though like opening day box office, the numbers for both of these films are skewed by internet and retail pre-sales, which are much more significant now than they were just a year or two ago.
The numbers for both films are excellent, though not beyond huge and not likely to crack Finding Nemo’s DVD record of 28 million units or even Shrek 2″s 16m – 21.6m units (depends on when they were reporting and how you account for returns).
Press Release


BYOB – Wednesday


More Cool, Very Expensive Junk

* $240,000 Mark Hamill’s hero “Luke Skywalker” lightsaber from Star Wars and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
* $120,000 Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi original “C-3PO” droid helmet worn by Anthony Daniels
* $96,000 Second Draft Original Handwritten Manuscript of You Only Live Twice Signed ByRoald Dahl
* $96,000 Full-Sized Animatronic “Joe” From Mighty Joe Young
* $90,000 Signature “Wolverine” black leather battlesuit from X-Men
Here’s the catalog from Profiles in History


Short Ends…. (Pt 3 of 2)



BYOB – The Spirit Movies Us…


Short Ends… (Pt 2 of 2)


Short Ends



DP/30 – Benicio del Toro – Che’


DP/30 – Man On Wire – The Producers

A chat with the Andrea Meditch & Maureen A. Ryan, two of the people who brought us the Oscar short-list doc, Man On Wire.


Because I Do Enjoy Crazy…

This has been coming over the e-transom, over and over again… and now, you can enjoy it!!!
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Soderbergh Talks Che' Controversy

The cameraphone of it all is what it is… but still, interesting to see SS take on the discussion head on…


DP/30 – Josh Brolin – W. & Milk

The interview
Available via Google
Or in QT (200mg), after the jump…

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“I really want to see The Irishman. I’ve heard it’s big brother Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece. But I really can’t find the time. The promotion schedule is so tight, there’s no opportunity to see a three and a half-hour movie. But I really want to see it. In 2017, right before Okja’s New York premiere, I had the chance to go to Scorsese’s office, which is in the DGA building. There’s a lovely screening room there, too, with film prints that he’s collected. I talked to him for about an hour. There’s no movie he hasn’t seen, even Korean films. We talked about what he’s seen and his past work. It was a glorious day. I’ve loved his work since I was in college. Who doesn’t? Anyone involved with movies must feel the same way.”
~ Bong Joon-ho

“But okay, I promise you now that if I ever retire again, I’m going to ensure that I can’t walk it back. I’ll post a series of the most disgusting, offensive, outrageous statements you can ever imagine. That way it will be impossible for me to ever be employed again. No one is going to take my calls. No one is going to want to be seen with me. Oh, it will be scorched earth. I will have torched everything. I’m going to flame out in the most legendary fashion.”
~ Steven Soderbergh