Movie City Indie Archive for May, 2014

Trailering SNOWPIERCER (2’09”)

Trailering MISTER BABADOOK (2’23”)

John Lasseter’s 2014 CalArts Commencement Speech (20’34”)

Now that’s entertainment.

Incorporating War Footage Into OVERLORD (3’27”)

RIP Standish Lawder

1971’s Colorfilm at Ubuweb.
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Jean-Luc’s Good Mood (5’55”) (sans sous-titres)

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 3.20.16 PM

Trailering INTERSTELLAR (2’14”)

David Lynch on sound designer Alan Splet (12’57”)

David Cronenberg’s CAMERA (6’00”) RIP Les Carlson

Red-Band Trailering SNOWPIERCER (1’53”)

Teasing Abel Ferrara’s WELCOME TO NEW YORK (1’07”)

In French; for the VOD-only release in France.

Trailering James Gray’s THE IMMIGRANT (2’26”)

But a dream…

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“I wanted that feeling that you could live in a city your entire life and never meet anyone who wasn’t like you.”
Gillian Flynn

“We’re all going to die so it makes it very easy. I haven’t always thought that way but I’ve realized it’s the truth. I think age gets you there, questioning your mortality… When you realize that, it’s so liberating, it’s so free, you can fly! There’s no need to hold on to anything. Like, think of the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you; it’s probably happened to 500 million people as well. Who gives a shit!”
~ Steve McQueen