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ONE BIG SOUL: An Oral Biography Of Terrence Malick

Coming in the next few weeks from Paul J. Maher, Jr.

DRIVE “The Getaway” 2’15”

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Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Don’t Talk” For Alamo Drafthouse

Cinema Scope Roundtables TIFF

Canadian cineaste quarterly Cinema Scope roundtables TIFF11 with publisher Mark Peranson and contributors Robert Koehler, Jason Anderson, Adam Nayman and John Semley. Opinions and imperial pints stand tall. Four more parts below the fold.

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A near-fatal miscalculation in reformed film critic Rod Lurie’s sixth feature as writer and director is James Marsden’s performance as David Sumner, a screenwriter immersed in completing a sprawling Hollywood epic about the Siege of Stalingrad, who brandishes a Harvard Lacrosse t-shirt as if it were the sheepskin itself. Marsden’s dancing eyes practically patronize his leaping cheekbones and protruding eyeteeth. Uptight and unsympathetic, the character is intractable as a middlebrow wannabe-hipster who is valiantly, decisively uncool and unfunny. What does it mean to him to “be a man”? The question is more, what does it mean to come across as even human?  Kate Bosworth is another matter as his wife Amy, the local cheerleader come back South, her lightly freckled features and markedly mismatched eyes gentle until the steel behind her perkiness rises urgently to the surface. Physically, Bosworth’s is an impressive performance, where consensual teasing that’s kittenish congeals at repeated rebuffs from her increasingly indifferent husband. With native instinct, Amy dresses in tops and shorts for the swelter, best described as “rompers,” as if she shopped at Lolita-on-the-Square. Still, Bosworth’s quirky delivery of lines like, “Honey, you know a lot, but you don’t know shit about southern daddies and their daughters,” hits unexpectedly telling notes. [See the rest of my review at Newcity.]



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The BLADE RUNNER Convention Reel Resurfaces

“One of the Blade Runner Convention Reels featuring interviews with Ridley Scott, Syd Mead and Douglas Trumbull about making [the] Blade Runner universe. This 16mm featurette, made by M. K. Productions in 1982, is specifically designed to circulate through the country’s various horror, fantasy and science fiction conventions.”


Glistening, gorgeous: the crystalline light in the nine-minute trailer for David Fincher‘s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was the consistent aspect that kept me gawping after Wednesday night’s Chicago all-media of Straw Dogs. And Lisbeth Salander’s “FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCK” t-shirt, sported as soiled sleepwear is as immediately iconic as the stray cardboard carton with an IKEA logo. Whatever combination of digital formats Fincher and cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth are wielding, hurrah. Swedish eggshell-to-matte-gray light allows color and dimension to pop in almost every image in the product reel. (There’s a gray-black-orange-pale red sunset over a vista of Stockholm’s Soldermalm neighborhood like part of a slow dusk that would take hours to fall.) While it’s intended to introduce audiences who know neither Stieg Larsson‘s three books or the Swedish trilogy to the teeming dramatis personae, it’s comforting in a different way if you know the material: ah, this. Ah, that. (Unembarrassed grin in half-darkness.) A detail-fixated film director takes on a surly Aspergian protagonist with ample, similar skills? Ah, that. Here’s a streaming 7’26” of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross‘ score. Twitter account @mouthtapedshut solicited those with a free Thursday evening in seventeen cities to retweet for the chance to be invited to…most  likely a sneak of Straw Dogs brandishing the same nine minutes. [Images via the film’s “viral” Tumblr MTS.]


Drinking with Jaaaack

Apparent GIRL WITH THE DRAGON Twitter Sneaks Quickly Fill Up

Sneaky-sneak sneaks…

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The John Calley Tribute Reel For Thalberg Award (4’36”)

RIP Richard Hamilton

“Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?”

Postering DRIVE на русском языке

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Movie City Indie

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“Film festivals, for those who don’t know, are not exactly the glitzy red carpet affairs you see on TV. Those do happen, but they’re a tiny part of the festival. The main part of any film festival are the thousands of people with festival passes hanging on lanyards beneath their anoraks, carrying brochures for movies you have never and will never hear of, desperately scrabbling to sell whatever movie it is to buyers from all over the world. Every hotel bar, every cafe, every restaurant is filled to the brim with these people, talking loudly about non-existent deals. The Brits are the worst because most of the British film industry, with a few honourable exceptions, are scam artists and chancers who move around from company to company failing to get anything good made and trying to cast Danny Dyer in anything that moves. I’m seeing guys here who I first met twenty years ago and who are still wearing the same clothes, doing the same job (albeit for a different company) and spinning the same line of bullshit about how THIS movie has Al Pacino or Meryl Streep or George Clooney attached and, whilst that last one didn’t work out, THIS ONE is going to be HUGE. As the day goes on, they start drinking and it all gets ugly and, well, that’s why I’m the guy walking through the Tiergarten with a camera taking pictures of frozen lakes and pretending this isn’t happening.

“Berlin is cool, though and I’ve been lucky to be doing meetings with some people who want to actually get things done. We’ll see what comes of it.”
~ Julian Simpson 

“The difference between poetry and prose, and why if you’re not acculturated to poetry, you might resist it: that page is frightening. Why is it not filled? The two categories of people who don’t feel that way are children and prisoners. So many prison poets; they see that gap and experience it differently. I’m for the gap!”
~ Poet Eileen Myles