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1970s German soccer fashion demonstration

Maybe Yes Man could have used some of this? (Ja, ja.)

The Carl Th. Dreyer elf dance

You know if you’ll be someone who’ll get it. Takes a sec to load. Created by Henrik Fuglsang. [Via David Bordwell.]

Indie is writing about Gran Torino

Would-be burglar taken aback

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PR we never finished reading, part 44


Super 8 for when it's 18 degrees outside

Video from Thievery Corporation.

NYC Subway, ca. 1905, shot by Billy Bitzer

RIP Robert Prosky

[PR] Jerry Lewis to Receive Hersholt Humanitarian Award at 81st Academy Awards®

clowndraft.jpgThe Academy has spoken: “Actor, director, writer and producer Jerry Lewis has been voted the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Academy President Sid Ganis announced today. The award, an Oscar® statuette, will be presented to Lewis during the 81st Academy Awards ceremony on February 22, 2009. The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award is given to an individual in the motion picture industry whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry. “Jerry is a legendary comedian who has not only brought laughter to millions around the world,” said Ganis, “but has also helped thousands upon thousands by raising funds and awareness for those suffering from muscular dystrophy.”

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Mickey Rourke and a problem with eggs.

[A younger man, from Angel Heart.]

Nixon/Watergate? Tiny me?

The swell thing about a Patrick Fitzgerald biopic is that this would likely be the biggest scene for whomever plays the indicted Governor of Illinois. “I don’t believe there’s any cloud that hangs over me. I think there’s nothing but sunshine hanging over me.”

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Ingmar Bergman on Dick Cavett

O Canada!

The most eye-opening animation of national pride I’ve seen in an age. So that’s Canada!

A very WALL*E bento


[Via Anna the Red’s Bento Factory.]


Seventy thousand Russian soldiers advance over the hillside…

Further evidence that Sofia Coppola is a girl

Oui, oui, plus fort, oui oui.

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“Ten years ago at Telluride, I said on a panel that theatrical distribution was dying. It seemed obvious to me. I was surprised how many in the audience violently objected: ‘People will always want to go to the movies!’ That’s true, but it’s also true that theatrical cinema as we once knew it has died. Theatrical cinema is now Event Cinema, just as theatrical plays and musical performances are Events. No one just goes to a movie. It’s a planned occasion. Four types of Event Cinema remain.
1. Spectacle (IMAX-style blockbusters)
2. Family (cartoon like features)
3. Horror (teen-driven), and
4. Film Club (formerly arthouse but now anything serious).

There are isolated pockets like black cinema, romcom, girl’s-night-out, seniors, teen gross-outs, but it’s primarily those four. Everything else is TV. Now I have to go back to episode five of ‘Looming Tower.'”
~ Paul Schrader

“Because of my relative candor on Twitter regarding why I quit my day job, my DMs have overflowed with similar stories from colleagues around the globe. These peeks behind the curtains of film festivals, venues, distributors and funding bodies weren’t pretty. Certain dismal patterns recurred (and resonated): Boards who don’t engage with or even understand their organization’s artistic mission and are insensitive to the diverse neighborhood in which their organization’s venue is located; incompetent founders and/or presidents who create only obstacles, never solutions; unduly empowered, Trumpian bean counters who chip away at the taste and experiences that make organizations’ cultural offerings special; expensive PR teams that don’t bring to the table a bare-minimum familiarity with the rich subcultural art form they’re half-heartedly peddling as “product”; nonprofit arts organizations for whom art now ranks as a distant-second goal behind profit.”
~ Eric Allen Hatch