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DP/30: This is 40, writer/director Judd Apatow

I kinda loved the original YouTube still frame… It seemed like unintentional art. But with the new you, you can see the man’s face.

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DP/30: Skyfall, director Sam Mendes

As Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film, opens in America, director Sam Mendes, talks about the development of the film, Daniel Craig, and a career in theater and film.

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.“People that are liars — lying to his wife, to his children, to everyone — well, they have to turn around and say, ‘Who stabbed me?’ It’s unbelievable that even to this moment he is more concerned with who sold him out. I don’t hear concern or contrition for the victims. And I want them to hear that.”
~ Bob Weinstein

“I really hated the experience. My first American experience was almost my last because it was with the Weinsteins and Miramax. I have got to tell you, two horrible things happened in the late nineties, my father was kidnapped and I worked with the Weinsteins. I know which one was worse—the kidnappers made more sense, I knew what they wanted.”
~ Guillermo del Toro