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LWD – Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone

2008 Oscar Nominee Amy Ryan

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LWD – Sundance ’08 – Jacqueline Bissett

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LWD – Sundance ’08, Choke

Anjelica Huston & Sam Rockwell co-star in Choke

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LWD – Sundance ’08: Crips and Bloods: Made in America

The director of Crips and Bloods: Made In America, Stacy Peralta, and two of the subjects, Skipp Towsend and Kumasi.

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LWD – George A. Romero, dir. Diary of The Dead

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LWD – Ellen Page, Juno

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“One of comedy’s defining pathologies, alongside literal pathologies like narcissism and self-loathing, is its swaggering certainty that it is part of the political vanguard, while upholding one of the most rigidly patriarchal hierarchies of any art form.”
~ Lindy West

“When I was first divorced, I started dating younger women, and it was really exciting. But after a while I was like, This is just dumb. You date someone younger and it’s… limited. There’s no future in it. And as far as just going out and getting laid, that kinda got tired for me very quickly. It’s just—it’s very intimate. You’re letting her right into the middle of your life. You see someone and you’re like, She’s really hot, I want to be naked with her. And then you’re naked with her and you’re like, Jesus, she’s in my —-ing room and we’re naked. The idea of that—of just —-ing somebody—became silly to me.”
~ Louis C. K. To GQ, 2011