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Oscar 2004: Hilary Vs. Annette: Round Two

History tends to repeat itself. For example, as film historians we compare the Cold War mentality and movies of the 1950s to the 1980s, when Reagan brought back a wave of right-wing chauvinistic movies with that 1950s mentality. But who could have predicted that the fierce battle between Annette Bening and Hilary Swank for the 1999…

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Oscar 2004: Scorsese’s Year?

Yes, No, Maybe With The Aviator, his extremely entertaining bio-picture about the young Howard Hughes, Martin Scorsese emerges as a frontrunner in this year’s Oscar race. Aviator raises a number of interesting questions regarding Scorsese’s Oscar prospects. Will Scorsese win the Oscar at his fifth nomination? And how high will Aviator fly with the Academy voters? Five nominations…

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“What Quibi trying to do is get to the next generation of film narrative. The first generation was movies, and they were principally two-hour stories that were designed to be watched in a single sitting in a movie theater [ED: After formats like the nickelodeon]. The next generation of film narrative was television, principally designed to be watched in one-hour chapters in front of a television set. I believe the third generation of film narrative will be a merging of those two ideas, which is to tell two-hour stories in chapters that are seven to ten minutes in length. We are actually doing long-form in bite-size.”
~ Jeffrey Katzenberg

“The important thing is: what makes the audience interested in it? Of course, I don’t take on any roles that don’t interest me, or where I can’t find anything for myself in it. But I don’t like talking about that. If you go into a restaurant and you have been served an exquisite meal, you don’t need to know how the chef felt, or when he chose the vegetables on the market. I always feel a little like I would pull the rug out from under myself if I were to I speak about the background of my work. My explanations would come into conflict with the reason a movie is made in the first place — for the experience of the audience — and that, I would not want.
~  Christoph Waltz