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Pride’s Friday 5 (June 29, 2012)

Sarah Polley’s “lucid and lucent” “Take This Waltz”; “Magic Mike” and the love of “Saturday Night Fever”; the modern dance between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in “The Amazing Spider-Man”; Mila Kunis, in a towel, in “Ted,” and the grave beauty of Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s “Once Upon A Time In Anatolia.”

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Pride’s Friday 5 (June 22, 2012)

The tangled red of “Brave”; the sensation of “Gerhard Richter Painting”; gentle geek fable “Nate & Margaret” and its light, platonic “Harold and Maude” vibe; the family dynamics of “Declaration of War” and the bop Italiano of Woody’s latest late-career ensemble comedy.

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Pride’s Friday 5: June 7, 2012

Three movies, in theaters now; two books, downloadable today. “Oslo, August 31″; “The Color Wheel”; “Moonrise Kingdom”; David Bordwell’s lucid, frightening overview of the digital bend-over, “Pandora’s Digital Box: Films, Files, and the Future of Movies”; and Paul Maher, Jr.’s oral history of the cryptic career of Terrence Malick, “One Big Soul.”

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“We don’t have any idea what the universe is. Wise people have always told us that this is proof you shouldn’t think, because thinking leads you nowhere. You just build over this huge construction of misunderstanding, which is culture. The history of culture is the history of the misunderstandings of great thinkers. So we always have to go back to zero and begin differently. And maybe in that way you have a chance not to understand but at least not to have further misunderstandings. Because this is the other side of this question—Am I really so brave to cancel all human culture? To stop admiring the beauty in human production? It’s very difficult to say no.”
~ László Krasznahorkai

“I have a license to carry in New York. Can you believe that? Nobody knows that, [Applause] somebody attacks, somebody attacks me, oh, they’re gonna be shot. Can you imagine? Somebody says, oh, it is Trump, he’s easy pickings what do you say? Right? Oh, boy. What was the famous movie? No. Remember, no remember where he went around and he sort of after his wife was hurt so badly and kill. What?  I — Honestly, Yeah, right, it’s true, but you have many of them. Famous movie. Somebody. You have many of them. Charles Bronson right the late great Charles Bronson name of the movie come on.  , remember that? Ah, we’re gonna cut you up, sir, we’re gonna cut you up, uh-huh.


One of the great movies. Charles Bronson, great, Charles Bronson. Great movies. Today you can’t make that movie because it’s not politically correct, right? It’s not politically correct. But could you imagine with Trump? Somebody says, oh, all these big monsters aren’t around he’s easy pickings and then shoot.”
~ Donald Trump