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The List

It’s always difficult to put a year-end list together and it always makes me a bit saddened by the fact that some films have inevitably fallen through the cracks and will go unseen by me. As usual, I plowed through over two hundred films this year, but I still haven’t seen all the ones I…

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Matteo Garrone Director of Gomorrah

This week Noah talks Matteo Garrone, director of Gomorrah, about Italian mafia, Italian cinema and the conventions of the American gangster movie. Listen to Noah Forrest Podcast with Matteo Garrone

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The Frenzies

It seems everywhere you look these days, there’s some different group of folks that are handing out awards to films and actors that they feel are the ‘best’ in a particular category. I figured that I might as well start giving out some awards of my own in different sorts of categories that you might…

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John Patrick Shanley

This week Noah chats with writer/director John Patrick Shanley about his new film Doubt, his last film Joe Versus the Volcano, working with Meryl Streep, and the wonder of Sabu. Listen to Noah Forrest Podcast with John Patrick Shanley

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Doubt Grows

I was originally going to devote a column to Doubt about three weeks ago, but I’m really glad that I didn’t. That extra time allowed the film to marinate a little bit longer in my mind, which turned out to be necessary for me to come to my ultimate conclusion. With most films, my reaction as…

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Hey Oscar, Don’t Forget the Subtle Gals!

Last year when I wrote this column, it was to praise two young men for terrific lead performances that I thought wouldn’t get the recognition from the Academy because Oscar doesn’t often reward subtlety. It turns out I was right and Emile Hirsch(Into the Wild) and Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone) did not get nominated for those…

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Frenzy On Column

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“The word I have fallen in love with lately is ‘Hellenic.’ Greek in its mythology. So while everyone is skewing towards the YouTube generation, here we are making two-and-a-half-hour movies and trying to buck the system. It’s become clear to me that we are never going to be a perfect fit with Hollywood; we will always be the renegade Texans running around trying to stir the pot. Really it’s not provocation for the sake of being provocative, but trying to make something that people fall in love with and has staying power. I think people are going to remember Dragged Across Concrete and these other movies decades from now. I do not believe that they will remember some of the stuff that big Hollywood has put out in the last couple of years. You’ve got to look at the independent space to find the movies that have been really special recently. Even though I don’t share the same world-view as some of my colleagues, I certainly respect the hell out of their movies which are way more fascinating than the stuff coming out of the studio system.”
~ Dallas Sonnier

“My first objective relationship in life was with the camera. I didn’t understand anything but then I realized the camera is my friend. It doesn’t lie to me. It doesn’t manipulate me. It only reports what I’m doing. And therefore, for me to work with a camera and the camera to be directed by an artist, a craftsman, someone who knows what he or she wants, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”
~ Elliot Gould