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December 23

Little movement in a stable Top Ten… and The Gurus answer questions from “Has having 10 BP nominees made the season more exciting so far?” to “Are Mo’Nique‘s chances to win being hurt in a real way by bad media buzz at this time?”

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December 18

Another Top Eight week for The Gurus. Avatar leaps on the Best Picture list and welcome to the party, Ms. Sandra Bullock!

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December 9

Best Picture only… and only slots 8 & 9 and 10 & 11 change…

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December 2

The Gurus go after all of the Top Eight categories for the first time this season. Up In The Air takes the top spot back from Precious, Bigelow pulls in front of Reitman, two tight Best Acting races, and screenplays are Boaling for Air.

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Gurus o' Gold

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“What Quibi trying to do is get to the next generation of film narrative. The first generation was movies, and they were principally two-hour stories that were designed to be watched in a single sitting in a movie theater [ED: After formats like the nickelodeon]. The next generation of film narrative was television, principally designed to be watched in one-hour chapters in front of a television set. I believe the third generation of film narrative will be a merging of those two ideas, which is to tell two-hour stories in chapters that are seven to ten minutes in length. We are actually doing long-form in bite-size.”
~ Jeffrey Katzenberg

“The important thing is: what makes the audience interested in it? Of course, I don’t take on any roles that don’t interest me, or where I can’t find anything for myself in it. But I don’t like talking about that. If you go into a restaurant and you have been served an exquisite meal, you don’t need to know how the chef felt, or when he chose the vegetables on the market. I always feel a little like I would pull the rug out from under myself if I were to I speak about the background of my work. My explanations would come into conflict with the reason a movie is made in the first place — for the experience of the audience — and that, I would not want.
~  Christoph Waltz