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35 Weeks To Go Run Silent, Run Depp

“For what’s the sound of the world out there? Those crunching noises pervading the air! It’s man devouring man, my dear! Then who are we to deny it in here?” That’s a lyric from Sweeney Todd, but actually another movie has been more quotable so far.  In Oscar pre-season 2007, no one can hear you…

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BEST PICTURE Picture Studio Director Awards – Poss Stars Comment May 4 Away From Her Lions Polley Christie Not much business and not much of a campaigner, but a loved vet June 8 La Vie En Rose PictH Dahan Cotillard This year’s Cruz? June 22 A Mighty Heart ParVan Winterbottom Jolie Too early to hold…

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“I really want to see The Irishman. I’ve heard it’s big brother Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece. But I really can’t find the time. The promotion schedule is so tight, there’s no opportunity to see a three and a half-hour movie. But I really want to see it. In 2017, right before Okja’s New York premiere, I had the chance to go to Scorsese’s office, which is in the DGA building. There’s a lovely screening room there, too, with film prints that he’s collected. I talked to him for about an hour. There’s no movie he hasn’t seen, even Korean films. We talked about what he’s seen and his past work. It was a glorious day. I’ve loved his work since I was in college. Who doesn’t? Anyone involved with movies must feel the same way.”
~ Bong Joon-ho

“But okay, I promise you now that if I ever retire again, I’m going to ensure that I can’t walk it back. I’ll post a series of the most disgusting, offensive, outrageous statements you can ever imagine. That way it will be impossible for me to ever be employed again. No one is going to take my calls. No one is going to want to be seen with me. Oh, it will be scorched earth. I will have torched everything. I’m going to flame out in the most legendary fashion.”
~ Steven Soderbergh