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..Michael Wilmington

Actress - Film

Meryl Streep - Julie and Julia

The unstoppable force.

Carey Mulligan - An Education

The ingenue of the year.

Helen Mirren - The Last Station

A role that could win her a second Oscar in just three years.

Marion Cotillard - Nine

The other one.

Saoirse Ronan - The Lovely Bones

Depends on the film
Abbie Cornish - Bright Star The nominee who would be Carey... but could still get there... if voters see her work
Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side It's a mainstream piece of work, but very touching, and she is having a great year... a long shot, but not impossible

Emily Blunt - The Young Victoria

Hard to get another period woman past cornish and Mirren
Shohreh Agdashloo - The Stoning of Soraya M Will they see the film?

Gabourey Sidibe - Precious

A much longer shot than some seem to think right now


Actress - Film
Mo'Nique - Precious She may Eddie Murphy herself out of a possible win, but the one true category nomination lock
Judi Dench - Nine Long live the queen

Penelope Cruz - Nine

A (recent) Oscar regular breaking out of her shell

Julianne Moore - A Single Man

If the movie doesn't catch on, could drop out... but a party of a perfomance.
Anna Kendrick - Up in the Air Supporting ingenue

Vera Farmiga - Up in the Air     

A really clean, strong role for an actress with a cult of critics and directors... could be the year
Kate Hudson - Nine A-Rod hit in the post-season... anything could happen!
Sophia Loren - Nine Apparently, she has a lot of time on screen... but maybe not for better... even for a legend

November 12, 2009
- by David Poland




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