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Review: Detroit (no spoilers)

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One of the excellent things about this film is that while non-blacks cannot fully feel the black experience of America, anyone can understand and identify with the experience of this group of victims under the control of that small number of law enforcement officers gone rogue. The threat of state authority is alive and unwell in countries all over this planet, enforced against and abused by people of all races, religions, genders, and ethnicities.

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The Weekend Report

Weekend Estimates 2017-07-23 at 9.32.20 AM

The harbor town of Dunkerque provided filmmaker Christopher Nolan with a heady landing base as his Dunkirk topped weekend viewing with an estimated $50.6 million launch. Also bowing powerfully was the bawdy Girls Trip with $30.4 million. But it was just OK results for the third national newcomer,Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which ranked fifth in the lineup with $17.1 million.

Exclusives were led by indie comedy Landline with a solid start of $51,400 from four dial-ups.

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Friday Box Office Estimates

Friay Esitmates 2017-07-22 at 10.00.40 AM

Dunkirk storms the beaches, overperforming with a sure IMAX $ push. Girls Trip, the fifth comedy released this summer, has a better opening day than the first two days of any other summer comedy. And Valerian opens softly, with almost the exact opening as The Fifth Element (1997). And opening over $10k per screen on four, Landline.

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The Gronvall Report: CITY OF GHOSTS and Citizen Journalist Abdelaziz Alhamza

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The DVD Wrapup: Resident Evil, Buster’s Mal Heart, Free Fire, Tommy’s Honour, Stormy Monday, T.J. Hooker … More

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Review: Dunkirk (spoiler-free)

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The Weekend Report

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“New technologies are giving rise to a phenomenon of more varied access to public discourse. That something we have in a bag or a pocket can document images and sound allows us to imagine that more people will access the production of an audiovisual discourse. Sadly, history shows us having low-cost pens is not enough to create writers. You have to find ways of preventing single, exclusionary visions from being established.”
Zama Director Lucrecia Martel On Staying Productive

Venice Competition Has A Single Entry From A Female Director; But Is It A Reflection On Programmers Or Financiers?
And – Cinema Scope Magazine Tweets 21 Films It Considers Better Than Lucrecia Martel’s Latest, Which Was Not Selected

“For a very long time, the criteria for excellence in the arts have been owned by a particular body of experts who generally have a condescending view of the quality of art developed in community-based and social change programs and projects. These credentialed ‘experts’ hold to a definition of quality largely based in an ‘art for art’s sake’ paradigm. However, this definition loses the connection with the vast majority of people who live in the country.”
Eric Booth Sees “A  Democratizing Moment, When The Hegemony Of The Established Industry Controllers Is Expanded To Provide Additional Valid Criteria To Judge Excellence”

“Getting a movie made is a fascinating, complicated process. You could write a movie about it.”
Taylor Sheridan On Making His Own Screenwriting Rules

“Brands started to question the ROI of sponsorship. The question was how to solve for that. We had to productize more effectively. A live event offers access, experience and content. We have access to the world’s best storytellers and create incredible experiences brands can be part of, and then we make content for brands and we have a place to showcase that.”
Tribeca Enterprises CEO Talks About More Active Brand Presence

“I didn’t do enough hand-holding and flattering and reassuring to the financiers. I only cared about the acting and that didn’t translate to caring about the film or all that money.”
Val Kilmer Regrets Having Attitude

“Roadside editing, you know, this is anywhere, anytime basically. This was for a climactic chase sequence, and you could literally wheel it out of the main truck and be ready for Edgar in minutes. Edgar said, ‘We’re filming on the road, I’d like you to be with me editing as we’re filming.’ This was editing quite literally on the fly. Edgar sitting next to me yelling ‘Cut,’ I could immediately grab the shot from video assist, and we’d put this little sequence together exactly in this manner.”
How Baby Driver Was Cut Day-By-Day During Location Production

“We intend to shorten the length of play that we allot many films, which helps keep the content on screen fresh.”
IMAX To Screen Fewer 3D Versions Of Tentpoles

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“It would be difficult to find something made by a human being that isn’t pregnant with a vision of the world. Likely impossible. It’s inherent to existence. It turns out that world visions can coincide with a certain hegemonic idea of what the world is —or not. It’s like when they say that “indie cinema” is intellectual, simply because it does not coincide with a narrative system the industry legitimates. But the industry is as intellectual as ‘indie’ movies. The difference is that one affirms reality, doesn’t call it into question. And not all ‘art movies’ are after that. You’ve got to call reality into doubt. Or better yet, I’d say you’ve got to be suspicious of reality. Because if you’re not, there’s no possible transformation. Every one of us who has done cinema —to speak just of moviemaking— has contributed our perspectives to a vision of the world. A community needs that —lots of perspectives. There will be times when some are valued more than others. But the really important thing is that a lot of different visions coexist. The big task is to facilitate that variety.”
~ Lucrecia Martel

“It’s a film festival’s job—and increasingly so—to create moments of recognition, of enjoyment, of shock, of learning. Not of consumerism. Not of implementing cultural policy. But moments without pretence, unclouded by vested interests, by intervention, by cynicism, by everyday business. Committed to nothing but the thing itself. Under obligation to nothing, to no one, not even to the filmmakers themselves. To basically seek access to a form that does not yet exist, a place no one has been to, a time that has not yet come. ’A form that thinks, and a thought that forms,’ as Jean-Luc Godard has it.”
~ Hans Hurch, late director of the Viennale