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Friday Estimates

Friday Estimates 2017-09-23 at 9.19.56A

Kingsman 2 lands, delivering another strong opener in, most likely, the best September ever. Content, content, content. Also arriving, The Lego Ninjago Movie, a rare miss for WB these last few months, a signal that the Lego Movie Universe has a more narrow scope than the studio had hoped. Tough drops for American Assassin and mother!. Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios has its first wide-release flop with Friend Request. And Stronger has a soft start on an odd screen count of 574 screens.

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The DVD Wrapup: ET, Vietnam, Big Sick, Glory, Certain Women, The Hero, Hana-Bi, By the Time It Gets Dark, The Prison, The Flesh, Moderns … More


I wonder how many kids and young adults have only watched E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind on screens smaller than a Mini or Fiat. There probably have been plenty of opportunities to catch a special screening at a plus-size theater with state-of-the-art visuals and sonics, but the temptation to watch something with less mileage probably outweighed the advantages of seeing these masterpieces the way Steven Spielberg intended.

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23 Weeks To Oscar: Actors!!!


This is a good year for movies. It may become the most boring Oscar race in living memory. Why? Because even though the answers are not 100% clear in any category yet… the reason that no one has taken “absolutely winning” position is not a lack of great performances, but a distinct lack of “must win” candidates.

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The Weekend Report

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Confessions of a Film Festival Junkie: Shape of Water, The Florida Project

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Friday Box Office Estimates

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The DVD Wrapup: Beatriz at Dinner, The Mummy, Soul on a String, The Resurrected, Spider, The Apology, Glen Campbell and more

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“How the fuck can MoviePass avoid bankruptcy — let alone expect to turn a profit — when the company hemorrhages money every time a subscriber sees more than six movies a month?”
Well, If You Put It That Way

“For me, ‘reality hunger’ is a dubious notion, because it tends to equate itself with the taste for the documentary, the desire for the flesh, for the ‘reality’ of reality shows. For me fiction doesn’t mean the invention of imaginary beings but the creation of a certain structure of rationality, a structure for presenting facts, characters and situations, for connecting events, let’s say. There is fiction everywhere, even in the news that we hear every day. So fiction in general is what creates a sense of reality.”
Jacques Rancière Thinks On Contemporary Movies

“Harry Dean, Harry Dean, you mean so much to us.”
Tom Charity On Harry Dean Stanton

“Nothing went into ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ that people hadn’t done at some point in time, in some place.” 
“Margaret Atwood, Canadian Queen Of Dystopia”

“Judi Dench’s face is incredibly expressive. There’s an enormous amount going on behind her eyes and Judi’s learned how to use that power because she’s such a fantastic actress. However you decide to shoot her, you know it’s going to be powerful. You just want to keep out of the way, really.”
Stephen Frears On The Daunting Deed Of Directing Judi Dench

“t is while discussing the difference between his stage persona and his day-to-day life that Marilyn Manson leans over and flicks me in the testicles. This comes as quite a surprise: I have encountered a lot of unusual things as a journalist, but have thus far managed to get by without an interviewee touching my genitals.”
Lede Of The Moment

indie wire

“There was a rumor about me and an ex-girlfriend that felt ugly. They’re a complete fabrication and lie… [will] address the rumors on the other side of Fantastic Fest.”
Harry Knowles Also Exits Fantastic Fest

“Part of an overall political game that’s being played by big corporate media outlets to purge independents.”
THR Amplifies Couple Running The Latest Google Adwords-Shunned Russia Today-Favoring Website Ot Of Los Angeles

“As important as it is to call out obviously racist or insensitive casting choices, it is just as important to define what should be permissible when representing ethnicity onscreen and what isn’t really a problem and should not be dragged into this discussion.”
Producer Gavin Polone Asserts

“Movies don’t have to be just entertainment. Don’t ever pretend that they’re only distractions, only ephemeral, only ‘content’ designed to generate money and nothing else. Don’t ever pretend that they can’t change the way you see the world, the way you see yourself, or the way you see others. Don’t ever pretend that movies don’t matter.”
Screenwriter Geoff LaTulippe On The Big Sick

“Negotiating to get onto the set required more back-and-forth than a Voight-Kampff test. I’m told I’m the only US journalist who passed.”
Wired Goes Behind The Scenes With BR2049

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“TIFF doesn’t make attendance numbers for its Lightbox screenings publicly available, so it’s difficult to gauge exactly how many filmgoers the Lightbox is attracting (or how much money it’s bringing in). But the King Street West venue hasn’t become a significant draw for film enthusiasts. The Lightbox’s attendance has plunged – 49,000 fewer visitors last year, a drop of 27 per cent, according to figures recently reported in the Toronto Star. Its gallery space – designed to showcase the visions of cinema’s most iconic filmmakers – saw most of its exhibitions staff quietly axed this past fall. And its marketing barely escapes the Lightbox’s walls. Unless you are a TIFF member or one of the city’s most avid filmgoers, you could walk by the Lightbox and remain blissfully unaware of a single thing that goes on inside. TIFF “still has a world-class brand,” said Barry Avrich, a filmmaker and former board member, “but it’s going to take some fresh vision from retail, consumer programming and marketing experts, given how the lines have become intensely blurred when it comes to how people watch film. They will have to experiment with programming to find the right blend of function and relevance.”
~ Globe & Mail Epic On State of Toronto Int’l (paywalled)

“I’m 87 years old… I only eat so I can smoke and stay alive… The only fear I have is how long consciousness is gonna hang on after my body goes. I just hope there’s nothing. Like there was before I was born. I’m not really into religion, they’re all macrocosms of the ego. When man began to think he was a separate person with a separate soul, it created a violent situation.

“The void, the concept of nothingness, is terrifying to most people on the planet. And I get anxiety attacks myself. I know the fear of that void. You have to learn to die before you die. You give up, surrender to the void, to nothingness.

“Anybody else you’ve interviewed bring these things up? Hang on, I gotta take this call… Hey, brother. That’s great, man. Yeah, I’m being interviewed… We’re talking about nothing. I’ve got him well-steeped in nothing right now. He’s stopped asking questions.”
~ Harry Dean Stanton