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Trailering CATS (2019) (Tugger warning)

13 Responses to “Trailering CATS (2019) (Tugger warning)”

  1. leahnz says:

    i can never unsee this so, thanks a lot

  2. movieman says:

    Yeah, this looks truly repulsive, but I’ve got a hunch it’s gonna bank some major bucks over the holidays.

    P.S.= Am I the only one who can’t stomach James Corden?

  3. Pete B. says:

    No Movieman, I loathe him too. Which was why I was surprised I enjoyed Peter Rabbit. Maybe because I didn’t have to endure his fat smug face?

  4. movieman says:

    Glad someone else loathes Corden as much as I do, Pete, lol.

    On the bright side, at least Meryl Streep isn’t playing the Judi Dench role.

  5. MarkVH80 says:

    Utterly awful. Just the hardest possible pass.

  6. Hcat says:

    I am in. God help me.

    I don’t think it will be good in a real movie way. But Hopper is going to bring his tinkerbell Kings Speech sincerity and his Les Misarable ambition and deliver a Greatest Showman guilty pleasure. This is very much Mamma Mia which is a horrible movie by all benchmarks except it is watchable and puts a smile on your face (unlike the Producers musical which was like watching a fish die on a hot sidewalk).

    Though I am with everyone on Corden, yeech. He suffers from Billy Crystal syndrome where he seems to be his own biggest fan and thinks everything he does is adorable.

  7. movieman says:

    It’s set to open opposite the new “Star Wars” movie.

    Gotta feeling Universal will reconsider that date and move it to Xmas Day when all musicals are supposed to open, lol.

  8. Hcat says:

    Plenty of audience especially with a smaller Christmas day slate. Good on someone actually challenging Disney, especially since the last two SW openings showed some kinks in the armor. The rest of the industry has ceded too much space to them for much too long.

  9. lazarus says:

    I’m not going to call myself a James Corden fan, but I did think he was legitimately great in Into The Woods; had great comic timing/chemistry with Emily Blunt, and also gave the film a fair share of its heart.

    Of course, this is before he had his talk show and became overexposed and really started annoying everyone.

    As for the Cats trailer, the less said the better. If there was a god, this would kill Hooper’s career.

  10. movieman says:

    I didn’t mind Corden in “Woods” (and actually thought he showed a lot of promise in that Miramax movie where he was a British “American Idol”-style contestant: blanking on its name).
    But since “Carpool Karaoke” and his late night chatshow, Corden has become downright insufferable. One of the most cringe-inducing human beings on the planet.
    Let his 15 minutes be up ASAP.

    Hcat: I agree that Disney needs to be taken down a few pegs.
    If they keep it up, they’ll own every major studio left in Hollywood (Paramount, Universal, Sony, etc.) before Trump is out of office.

  11. palmtree says:

    We must all be missing something with Cats. I mean, the trailer came out so confidently…”you will believe” in what exactly? That Cats have human anatomy?

    But somehow, as weird and distasteful this thing is, I feel like it will make money (kinda like how the stage musical was weird and distasteful and yet still ran on Broadway forever).

  12. leahnz says:

    does not a single person involved in the ‘cats’ production have functioning eyeballs to point out the super weird and creepy uncanny valley of composited humanoid cats?

  13. sam says:

    We’re in hell. J-Hud is finally in another musical and it’s Cats! :/

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