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BYO Post-Bowl Pre-Oscar

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68 Responses to “BYO Post-Bowl Pre-Oscar”

  1. Pete B. says:

    Serenity is an obvious dumpster fire as it’s averaging $664 a theater in its 2nd weekend. Alot has been made of the 3rd act. Here’s what I can’t wrap my head around… Diane Lane has to pay Matthew McConaughey to have sex with her? DIANE LANE?!? Nobody read the script and laughed out loud at that concept?

  2. Hcat says:

    Maybe she was only making sure he was fed to keep his energy up?

    But I get your point, and from what I gather this isn’t in the top twenty of problematic points in that movie, so that’s saying something.

    His comeback lasted longer than Mickey Rourke’s triumphant return, but looks like it will have the same trajectory, same mistakes as the first time around. Look forward to him becoming unhireable again so he goes back to tiny interesting projects like Killer Joe.

  3. Stella's Boy says:

    I stopped reading. Not entirely sure but it seemed like there might be a spoiler there and I really want to see Serenity.

    That was a terrible game with a terrible halftime show. And the commercials were mostly forgettable and lame too. Should have been the Chiefs and Saints. That would have been a much better game.

    None of the movie spots blew me away. Intrigued by Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and its 10-second snippets. Is that unusual? It’s almost blink and you miss.

    Can’t wait to see Cold Pursuit. Fan of the original and the trailer, and the reviews are much better than I expected. Looks like a good time. Quite a crowded weekend.

  4. Hcat says:

    If you want to see Serenity you better do it posthaste, I do not believe it is long for theaters.

  5. JS Partisan says:

    Marvel Studio selling Captain America, and dealing with the post snapped world is a master stroke of advertising. Cap, is the heart of that world, and they are selling a broke heart. These trailers are amazing, for selling nothing, and the Endgame one leaves me with one impression. One big impression. It’s the only chance the box office records have, to topple Avatar, and it still doesn’t seem possible. Whatever the case, I look forward to the super duper team shot in Endgame, and people losing their shit over it.

    The rest of the trailers? IT’S FARTHER NOT FURTHER! Also, fuck the Patriots.

  6. Stella's Boy says:

    I’m sure it’s gone by Thursday night but it should play the budget theater soon. Seems like a good budget theater movie. Otherwise Tuesdays are $5 all day so I might sneak it in tomorrow.

    I second the Patriots sentiment.

    Liam Neeson that’s messed up dude.

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  8. Triple Option says:

    I know they gave the reason why the Rams weren’t breaking their offensive huddle until 15 seconds left on the clock to keep Belichick from talking to his defensive captains pre-snap, which did seem to work a bit towards the later part of the 4th qtr but it looked to me like the Pats were having trouble making personnel changes all game. Why not go up tempo and no huddle at some point? I realize you kinda need some 1st downs to vary the pace but even if they’re only picking up 2-3 yards running wide, get the ball back to the line and run a play before NE can pick their package. I’m pretty sure this worked for the Rams when they played the Chiefs.

    I didn’t see the Game of Thrones coming, that was my favorite of the commercials I saw. I did like the ads a bit better than the last couple of years. It seemed like they had just been playing their regular spots, only paying 10x the normal rate.

    Anyone check out the movie online by Ridley Scott for Turkish Air? I have to admit I just had to google it cuz I forgot what airlines it was. To be honest, I also just forgot Ridley Scott’s first name and could only think Scott Free Prod and that little bird, haha. I remember, gee, maybe it’s been 8-10 years now but whatshername, Hurt Locker, OK, I’m just having some CTE moments of my own, Kathryn Bigelow, did some short film for Pirelli Tires I think it was. I don’t think it really caught on but I still expected to see more of those. I think whatshername, Ms Vie En Rose, wow, not my day, did one. I can’t even remember what for, maybe purses, she sang the track that played over the short. She was jumping in some pool in the back of a gorgeous house up in the hills. Seemed like an elongated French perfume ad but I’m not sure if that’s what they were hocking.

    I kinda hoped to see better a better movie teaser or trailer. Something along the lines of Mary Poppins at the Oscars last year. Wanted had a great one a few years back. The first X-Men. It’s not that I thought the Avengers ad was bad but we all know it’s coming. I wanted to be totally totally surprised. Or, even it was something I know is in the pipe line, like say Avatar 2, I would’ve hoped to be totally piqued by the spot. That didn’t happen for me.

  9. Sideshow Bill says:

    The New Orleans Saints, the rightful and true NFC Champions, would have won that game by 20 points. It’s an absolute travesty tha those 2 teams played and completely crapped their pants. However, I welcomee Brian Flores to my Miami Dolphins.

    Something about movies….hmmm… I kinda wanna see the Liam Neeson snow plow movie too. And dying to see Lords Of Chaos

  10. Js partisan says:

    Fuck the Saints. They get what they get. Also, fuck Liam Neeson. Asshole.

  11. Pete B. says:

    “Also, fuck the Patriots.”

    Hey! JS & I agree on something! Well, besides Caity Lotz being great and needing to be a bigger star.

    Stella, I didn’t think my Serenity comment was a spoiler as it came from a non-spoilery review. Like you, I want to see the movie, but it’s only in late evening showings now in the local theaters, and being a 3rd shifter that doesn’t work for me. I love me some noir, but I guess I’ll wait til Redbox.

  12. Stella's Boy says:

    That’s fair. I wasn’t sure but didn’t want to take any chances since I feel like I already know more than I want to based on all the “this movie is totally bonkers” headlines.

  13. Sideshow Bill says:

    I feel like defending Liam Neeson but then it’s going to go on forever and I’ll get exhausted. So let me just say people have a right to be disappointed in him but I think he also felt something irrational many decent people have felt, and he worked on it and, by all accounts, changed it.

    And by “decent people “ I’m not referring to Trump’s tiki torch carrying “decent people.” Even the best person has once or twice had racist thoughts. The key is what you do with them.

    Change. That’s the message I choose to take from this. People can change racist views.

    That is all.

  14. Stella's Boy says:

    That was more than a quick racist thought. He spent a week prowling the streets looking for a random “black bastard” to kill. I don’t think this was an unfair rush to judgment in light of that and the unaddressed questions it raised like does he realize that would have been a hate crime and does he understand how racist he sounds.

  15. Sideshow Bill says:

    Fair enough Stella. It WOULD have been a hate crime. I’m not really trying to defend him when he was in that state, thinking those thoughts. He was a devil at the time and if he had gotten the tables turned on him then so be it. And not am I making it an inspirational redemption story. No. He a guy who gave into evil for a while and then regained his footing. And I’m relieved. He probably should have kept it to himself but there is a valuable object lesson in there somewhere.

  16. Sideshow Bill says:

    And it is fair to question his attitudes now. I’m fine with that. He opened the door so people have a right to wonder. Me, at the moment, I condemn his previous thoughts and actions but I take him at his word that he got a grip on his shit. Using the phrase “black bastard” was not very smart though. That’s gonna follow him forever

  17. Sideshow Bill says:

    I realize that my thoughts may be problematic and that the only REAL answer is “don’t be an asshole and hate on people with different skin colors or religion or sexual preferences.” He probably has/had some previous prejudice for it to accelerate like it did. But he deserves a chance to elaborate and damn well should.

    Ok. That’s all I got.

    Hey, how about them Oscars, huh?

  18. Stella's Boy says:

    Well he addressed it, as he should have, and I think it helps his cause. What I find interesting about Neeson is the anti-revenge comments he’s been making while promoting this movie considering his career choices. Maybe it’s time for a movie that doesn’t glamorize vengeance. Or perhaps Cold Pursuit is that movie.

    I’ve read a lot of poor Bradley Cooper comments re: A Star is Born no longer being the frontrunner it once was and why in the hell would anyone feel sorry for Bradley Cooper. He’s going to be just fine.

  19. Hcat says:

    It depends what wins. If Cooper is robbed he wont be the only one. Isn’t Star higher on your wish list than half the other noms?

    And all the nominees will be just fine.

  20. Stella's Boy says:

    No because I haven’t seen it.

  21. palmtree says:

    Cooper robbed? Really? As a first-time director, he did a good job. I mean, I liked the movie, but robbed?

  22. Hcat says:

    Sorry, what I mean is there is a likely chance that something else wins the title that was even less deserving than awarding Star and Cooper. There will be the feeling that if Green Book wins, Cooper would be robbed along with Roma and BlacKKKlansman and if Bohemian Rhaspody wins its the Brinks Job. I was clumsily stating that having Star is Born win might not be peoples worst case scenario.

    And while I am not rooting for it in any way for anything, the fact that Green Book won the AAARP award for film of the year sounds very very spot on.

  23. palmtree says:

    Okay, that makes more sense, and I agree. Green Book will probably win, robbing us yet again of a culturally relevant winner.

  24. movieman says:

    Interesting that the early reviews of “Cold Pursuit” were almost uniformly excellent. (Its RT rating was in the low ’90s.)
    After yesterday’s Liam Neeson headlines, the reviews filtering in are mostly negative.
    Kinda makes you wonder what they’re really reviewing, doesn’t it?

  25. Stella's Boy says:

    No it doesn’t. I don’t buy that. It’s awfully conspiratorial. It’s still at 85% so it’s not like it dropped that much. Plus this has happened before. Something starts out in the 90s but inevitably the number goes down. Getting a little Info Wars there movieman.

  26. JS Partisan says:

    Neeson should have kept that shit to himself. Why the fuck he thought, “Hey. Why don’t I share that story about wanting to kill a black dude?”, is fucking beyond me. It’s totally fucking demonstrates, that his ass is racist, and his ass can go. What a fucking disappointment of a fucking human being.

  27. movieman says:

    The giveaway for me, SB, was Scott’s NYT review.
    Talk about your “tortured white liberal guilt”! He turned cartwheels trying to avoid the recent Neeson headlines, but it was pretty much the implied focus of his every criticism (of the film).
    And no, I don’t subscribe to anything associated w/ Alex Jones, lol.
    Nor am I the biggest Neeson fan.
    But yeah, why he would choose to share that story doing press for his latest movie is positively mind-boggling. Especially in the current cultural/political climate. Makes you wonder about his mental health.

  28. Stella's Boy says:

    So one review then? And isn’t it possible he wrote it before this blew up? Not sure when it screened for critics. I’ll read it after I see the movie. But I still doubt that critics changed their review after Neeson made those comments.

  29. movieman says:

    Was just reading between the lines of his review, SB. If he didn’t write the review post-“Neeson Fallout,” he definitely revised it.
    Just found it odd that the RT rating had dipped so precipitously all of a sudden.
    Yeah, that happens a lot–especially with fanboy-centric films that traditionally screen extra-early for “friendly” reviewers in order to pad the RT grade–but this just felt like a more dramatic deflation than usual.
    Not making excuses for Neeson, but review the damn movie and not stupid s**t the lead actor may have said in an ill-advised interview.

  30. Stella's Boy says:

    But it didn’t dip dramatically. Just checked and it’s at 90% right now so it actually hasn’t really dropped at all. I don’t think your argument holds up. And the idea that Scott changed his review for some PC reason, I just find that really hard to believe. He liked the movie but revised it after the comments went public? I’m skeptical. But even if he did, one review is hardly a trend.

    I saw some tracking earlier this week and apparently Cold Pursuit is headed for an opening weekend of under $10 million. Not good. Some will blame the comments but I read this before his comments blew up. Crowded weekend and The Commuter and Run All Night didn’t have great openings. Time for Taken 4.

  31. movieman says:

    Scott is such a knee-jerk, sackcloth-and-ashes-wearing liberal he almost makes me embarrassed to call myself a progressive-lib.
    The man’s writing practically screams “white liberal guilt” these days. Which is a shame because he used to be a darn good critic.
    Saw mid-80s last night: haven’t bothered checking the latest RT rating.

    Starting to regret ever bringing it up, SB, lol.

  32. Stella's Boy says:

    Have you seen it yet? If so what did you think?

  33. leahnz says:

    nice country you’ve got there, shame if something happened to it

  34. Sideshow Bill says:

    Redacted because it’s not worth it.

  35. YancySkancy says:

    Well, I’ll defend Neeson. Forty years ago, a friend told him she’d been raped by a black man. Enraged, Neeson went roaming the streets hoping a black man would mess with him so he could get catharsis by beating or killing him. After a few days, he was mortified by these thoughts and sought guidance from a priest. The experience changed him, made him face the racism that had bubbled up from beneath the surface. Forty years later, promoting a film about revenge, he related the story as an experience that helped him understand his character. He expressed shame over the incident, which he shared as a cautionary tale and perhaps also an example of how people can change for the better.

    For his efforts, he’s been vilified by judgmental scolds, most of whom probably didn’t read past the clickbait headlines or shoddy summary articles to get the full context of the story. Supposedly, these same people would advocate for trying to redeem racists or support those who have made positive change, but apparently they’re actually more interested in saying “Once a racist, always a racist — sorry, you can’t have a career now.” The media’s treatment of this, in America at least, has been shameful, and the willingness of so many to distort the story and condemn a man who confronted and conquered his racism has been disgusting. A teachable moment has been turned into the usual rush to judgment. Anecdotally, a lot of people also seem to have taken a closer look and come to the same conclusion as me, so maybe he’ll come through this with career intact after all. I hope so.

  36. leahnz says:

    le sigh. except, yancy, if you actually do watch/read the entirety of the transcripts of the two interviews (which you conflate in your defense of neeson, the original comments on GMA and his follow-up in a later interview), framing him as having ‘confronted and conquered his racism’ is quite a stretch given he does no such thing — and i’d think this is the issue with the shock and horror at his revolting comments and even the follow-up, the seeming lack of self-awareness.
    in his original comments it’s the revenge aspect that he addresses at the end of his commentary and frames as being important, understanding that impulse of revenge – as a product of ‘the troubles growing up in NI – and how revenge is ultimately useless and unacceptable. what he in no way addresses is the far deeper and more disturbing aspect of his actions, the violent racism that manifests in a desire to actually kill (and he said ‘kill’, repeatedly in both interviews so downplaying it is really not necessary) ANY black man as revenge for his friend’s rape.
    and again, in his follow-up comments he fails to address the core subject of racism, rather admonishing his ‘urges’ and ‘feelings’ that were hurtful to…himself as a bridge too far, and for which he admits seeking religious advice.
    he never discusses his clearly violent and virulent racism, in which he blames the entirely of a minority group for one individual’s actions. if his friend had been assaulted by a white man would he have gone out looking to kill just any white guy on the street for revenge? of course not, and there’s a reason for that.
    ‘revenge’ is not the root of the problem, but that’s how he couches it, and it really doesn’t sound like he gets it.

  37. YancySkancy says:

    leah, I’m not gonna pull up the articles again, but to me he addresses his racism by mentioning the rapist’s race in the first place. If he just wanted to tell a revenge anecdote, there’d be no reason to bring race into it. He acknowledges that it was wrong to target the entire race simply because his friend’s rapist was black. If he doesn’t articulate it in quite the way some seem to want him to, perhaps he feels it’s self-evident in his comments. This happened 40 years ago, he was 26 or so, and the anecdote shows he’s aware of the racist impulse behind it. In his follow-up statement, he blatantly states “I am not a racist,” and while of course that’s self-serving and he’d likely say it even if he was the most racist person on the planet, the totality of the story leads me to give him the benefit of the doubt. He didn’t have to tell the story, and he’s not a chimp — he knew it was a loaded topic, but undoubtedly thought he was being clear enough in the details to deflect any accusations of present-day racism. He thought wrong, obviously. But people who are calling for his head over this have to make a few leaps of logic themselves, and I for one would not want to ruin the man’s career over a nagging suspicion that he *might* not have learned his lesson. Also, he actually responded to the issue of what if the rapist had not been black — he says it wouldn’t have mattered if he were British, Irish or Lithuanian — he was blinded by revenge and would’ve gone out hoping for a confrontation with anyone who fit the basic profile. Luckily for him, no one messed with him, and nothing happened, or his career would’ve been over before it started. But unless more stories like this pop up, or more recent evidence of his supposed racism surfaces, I choose to believe he’s sincere and, again, give him the benefit of the doubt. Others are free not to, of course, but it seems so rigid to me, and dismissive of a belief in the potential for positive change.

  38. YancySkancy says:

    Oh, and I assume the focus on the revenge aspect in some of his comments has to do with how the past incident informed the character he plays in Cold Pursuit, the revenge drama he was promoting.

  39. YancySkancy says:

    And the more I think about this, how is race NOT baked in to the point he was making with his story? It boils down to “I was so blinded by rage after my friend’s rape, I’m ashamed to admit I made an entire RACE the target of my desired revenge.”

  40. leahnz says:

    this is a lot rationalising, assumptions, and mental gymnastics, yancy

    “It boils down to “I was so blinded by rage after my friend’s rape, I’m ashamed to admit I made an entire RACE the target of my desired revenge.”

    yeah except he doesn’t say this, or admit it, or anything close to this really, for a supposedly and self-described intelligent guy. instead he couches the entire thing in ‘revenge’ and his feelings and urges, so you can assume anything you like but it doesn’t necessarily make it so.

    (and i can’t be bothered with this shit but has it ever occured to you that neeson, elder white man, may be quite typical in that he’s in denial about his implicit bias and racism? him saying that it wouldn’t have mattered if the assailant had been british, irish or whatever is possibly the most damning and ridiculous bit because it’s such cliche nonsense — he’s going to go out IN IRELAND and hope to come across some random agro irishman so he can kill him for revenge for his friend? girl please. this is a rationalisation to avoid the truth. this is exactly what a racist says when called out on their shit. he sounds like my redneck granddad, “i don’t care if he’s black, purple or green!”)
    i mean think what you like, but maybe the lesson here is dudes keep your lips zipped so we can keep the slight suspension of disbelief that not everyone is a freakin’ wanker

  41. JS Partisan says:

    You know how you know someone is racist? When they use, as an anecdote, that they once thought about killing a member of another race. It sucks, that Liam Neeson is a shit, but he’s a shit. He’s gone now, and unless he really next levels makes amends. He’s going to stay gone. I love John Wayne, but I never forget he was a shit, and now I will never forget Liam is a shit. “Oh. It’s Qui-Gonn… he’s played by a shit.”

  42. Stella's Boy says:

    Well-said leah. And Liam Neeson’s career is not over. Come on. Let’s be real here. And is there a lynch mob out there calling for his head? A coordinated effort to boycott all his movies and end his career? Not that I’ve seen. I’m not here to defend the media, but it was a shocking moment (see his co-star’s “holy shit” reaction) and it raised a lot of questions. Perfectly reasonable questions considering what he initially said. Now two days later is it even news anymore? We’ve all moved on to reactions to the State of the Union and Virginia Democrats and I’m sure pretty soon it will be the crazy shit Trump says at the National Prayer Breakfast and then it will be something else. It’s already old news. There’s no way Neeson is done. But really it was not some hysterical, unhinged pile-on to seek clarification after what he said.

  43. YancySkancy says:

    “this is a lot rationalising, assumptions, and mental gymnastics, yancy”

    Maybe, but it goes both ways. Or do you think your points involve none of these things? All we have are his words and the context he provided. You make plenty of assumptions too, and even if they seem like reasonable ones, they’re still assumptions. Hell, Neeson made assumptions himself. Perhaps he IS kidding himself that he would’ve reacted the same if the rapist were white, although I don’t personally see how rage over his friend’s rape would’ve been lessened by that fact. “What happened, darlin’? Raped! Oh my God, I’ll kill him! Was he black? No? White? Ah, well, perhaps I’d better calm down. What were you wearin’, darlin’? We white men are only human, you know.”

    JS Partisan, if you want to take his “thought about killing a member of another race” out of any context so you can write him off as a human being, that’s your prerogative. Looks to me like he “made amends” by not attacking anyone, getting help for his problem, living 40 years hate-crime free (66 years, actually, since he didn’t attack anyone and never has, as far as we know), and trying to address this controversy when it arose. But of course he should know that for many people, there is literally no celebrity apology or statement of clarification that holds any weight. All past mistakes are unforgivable, as if humans don’t grow, learn and change. All attempts to explain are written off as self-serving and probably dishonest. The best he could do in this situation is slink off and die, so the rest of us don’t have to worry our little heads about him or wait for him to come up with the magical combination of words that will somehow make it all better without making us regret our rush to judgment.

    Stella’s Boy: Yes, there were reasonable questions raised by his initial statement, though perhaps not as many if one calmed down after one’s initial “holy shit” and looked at what he was actually saying. And I agree that the overall reaction hasn’t been a hysterical pile-on, but I’m still seeing a lot of “He was a racist asshole 40 years ago, and he probably still is, so the hell with him.” Which people have a right to do, so whatever.

  44. palmtree says:

    It’s pretty simple. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. The fact that some people don’t realize that that applies to racist language is bizarre to me. And his career is far from over. I mean, Viggo still got his Oscar nom. There’s no witchhunt, just a lot of double takes and red flags.

  45. Sideshow Bill says:

    But can a person conquer their racist problems and be forgiven or we do we throw away every person who has had a racist thought? Because then we have to throw away EVERYONE. Including you, JS. You’re a big reason I deleted my post because you refuse to look at anything from any other POV but your own. With you it’s all absolutes. Only Siths deal in absolutes, ya know.

    It’s cute when you’re the detached authority on Spider-Man or Star Wars. But not when it’s on a man’s soul. I did some shitty, immoral and rotten things in my past. Should I have been trashed completely or maybe was it ok that I paid for my shit, self-corrected, educated myself, learned empathy and fucking changed while still acknowledging my past errors.

    Are any of you 100% sure Neeson hasn’t done that? If so, bully for you on having such unerring, fantastical insight.


    HEY! How about tha Pet Semetary trailer? HOLY SHIT! Gutsy change.

  46. GdB says:

    I wonder if Leah and JS would feel the same if the comments were made by an old Mexican lady instead of a white man?

    My brother is white and lives in Mexico. He married a Yaqui Indian Mexican woman after falling in love with her and her little son.

    When they were married and about to have their first child together; the night of my nephew’s birth, my brother’s mother in law said right to his face “I hope my grandson doesn’t end up short, fat, white and blonde like you.”

    After my brother got his Mexican citizenship, When they were building their house together, his wife had to do all of the arrangements because when my brother did he always got charged a higher price or quote, openly known as the “gringo” tax.

    When I heard that, it just hit home that racism is one of the few things that’s truly colorblind.

    I’m with Yancy. If someone can’t admit a mistake from their past in the point of demonstrating they sought to learn and redeem themselves and change the way we want all dysfunctional or evil thinking people to do, then how can any of us seek or expect redemption?

    I believe that Leah’s and JS’s attitude about Neeson and the inability for fellow progressives to forgive and forget when someone has made statements or actions showing they regret or repent any past social injustice thoughts or actions; is why we have “SJW” as a pejorative by so many in the world.

    You go to Progressive sites like Jezebel and no matter how much a person has made amends for past discretion’s the reader is still constantly reminded with a bias tone the subject’s mistakes from the past.

    This is why us progressives get labeled “SJW” with derision. Because when someone admits they fucked up and try to do better with on a social level the way Neeson did, us progressives will never forgive or let anyone forget.

    And that is why so many in the world see us as hypocrites whose very important and prescient views are not worth considering.

    This is how us progressives shoot ourselves in the leg with our cause and beliefs. We claim to have the higher E.Q, but we can’t forgive or give redemption to those who seek it after being fallible.

    And again, while racism is colorblind, it can be argued that the majority has been caused by us white men throughout modern history. So I believe it’s up to us white men to set the better example.

    Neeson tried to do that and he’s being vilified for it by progressives. And this is how we shoot ourselves in the leg and keep the circle of dysfunction going.

    Just my 2 cents.

    (I know there’s a lot of repetition in that statement, but they say the more something’s repeated, the more it sinks in. So, yeah. Good Times.)

  47. leahnz says:

    uh, maybe keep my name outta your mouth GdB, you don’t want a reply to that cascade of ignorant white boy blather that has nothing to do with anything

    “or we do we throw away every person who has had a racist thought?”

    for the love of god prowling the streets with an iron bar (what a cosh is) hoping to kill a random black man is not a fucking “thought”, how is this not obvious?

    and yancy, you really can’t have it both ways, can you? neeson can’t have confronted his violent racism and now be a changed/reformed man, and ALSO deflect and deny that racism played any role in his act of revenge and that he would have gone out to kill a random white irish man just the same.
    and here’s why (neeson’s own words):

    “But my immediate reaction [to his friend’s rape] was…

    I asked, did she know who it was? No.

    What colour were they? She said it was a black person.”

    hello, what?
    who, when a stranger rapes their friend, their immediate and utmost concern is “what colour was he?”

    weird, not ‘my god is there anything i can do to help? would you perhaps like to go to the rape crisis centre (or whatever the irish version is) for support and counselling? etc.

    nope, it’s WHAT COLOUR WAS HE?

    please. ignore the alarm bells and delude yourself at your leisure though

  48. GdB says:

    Leah, why are you always so angry and confrontational to the point of bordering on bullying? What is wrong with your EQ?

    So because I’m a white boy I’m ignorant? The fact that I was raised by a mother who took in every color, sexuality, gender fluid street kid that couldn’t fit in a group home and taught me not to judge people but see souls; because I was raised by an amazing woman who got out of a bad marriage and became one of the most respected mental health professionals in the game after going back to school at 42 and raised me in a socially conscious liberal environment doesn’t count for shit because of my gender and race? Really?

    Just because I’m male and white, my black foster brother and two Mexican nephews and their experiences don’t count for shit on my experience and judgement because of my gender and race?

    You’re basically trying to insinuate that a woman cannot raise a white man to be a good individual because of his race and gender writing me and any other white male off and our history.

    So does that mean your son has no hope in escaping his ignorance you project on me because we share the same race and gender? Or is he the exception because of your Mom skills? Do you see the hypocrisy?

    Lady, you sound just like my brother’s mother in law.

    I think you need to work on your own anger and hate before you keep getting up on your high horse with everyone else. You’re not interested in having a discussion and trying to grow. You just want to fight every man you come across because you’re still too angry and unresolved from the personal ones in your life that did you wrong and the rest of us are paying for it instead of them. That is not growth or enlightenment. Just a viscous circle of hate disguised as some kind of noble bullshit.

    I wish I could punch whomever men did you wrong in your personal life, then maybe the rest of us could get a break and a fair shake. Or us white ones anyways. (eye roll)

  49. leahnz says:

    sorry this is too funny — i just hope you’re not like a councellor or somesuch, please don’t quit your day job

  50. GdB says:

    Excellent example of passive aggressiveness Leah. I’m having a really hard time bending down and peering into those short blades of grass to see you on your high horse.

    So. Much. Hate. In. You.

    And I’m really sorry that’s the case. It’s obvious to many on here what interesting and creative qualities and insights you have when discussing movies. And that you’re generally a great person whose heart is in the right place and worthy of engagement.

    It’s just too bad that it gets eclipsed by all the other times your hate makes you act like a shit.

    The above reply of passive aggressiveness being the latest example.

    God bless you, Leah. Sincerely. Hopefully she or you can get that hate and condescension, borderline bullying, out of you that is eclipsing and ruining your much more positive and impressive qualities.

  51. Hcat says:

    I would agree I found a lot of odd things in your initial posts as well GdP. I hope you don’t take that as an insult to your entire extended famliy as well.

    First your cycle of dysfunction is bullshit. There is no cycle of both sides feeding into each other’s animosity. Decrying racism does not make people racist. The racism is colorblind is nonsensical. If it’s wrong for people to treat your brother that way it’s wrong for anyone to be treated that way. And IT CAN BE ARGUED? That white males are responsible for a large amount of racism?

    There is just too much to reply about at this time but you essentially did exactly what you accused progressives of doing with your scorched earth response.

    And honestly, what the fuck was he doing. If Neeson wants to soul search in public maybe a six minute segment on Good Morning America while promoting your latest C-grade action film is not the place to do it.

  52. leahnz says:

    hey GhB maybe blow your presumptuous, pretentious, patronising long-winded bullshit psychic-friends network ‘advice’ out your ass, you david brent-sounding prissy fuck, and go tell someone else how to act. the nerve!

    dismantle white patriarchy

    (ftr and as always there are plenty of righteous, right-on dudes – including plenty of white ones – who comment here and for whom i have cyber affection. it is a serious sausage-o-rama here on the blog still, which is a pity, but it is what it is. do we always agree on everything? not even. such is life’s rich pageant and the messy discussion thereof)

  53. JS Partisan says:

    Bill, what are you on about? HE WENT SEARCHING THE STREETS! That’s what he did, and that’s the breaking point for me. If it was just a shit thought in his head, then that’s a shit thought in his head. Everyone, ever, have had those thoughts, but this motherfucker went out on the streets looking for action so fuck him. He’s gone. He’s out of here. See ya.

    Gdb, any who uses it as an insult, can fuck right off. They are trash. Fuck’em.

    Seriously. It’s the searching the streets, it’s the way he described it, and it’s the way he put it out there. Who has time for an asshole like that? I don’t. If you want forgiveness, then find a priest. If you feel about something, then find a shrink. Other than that? This is just a blog, and fuck Liam Neeson.

  54. Hcat says:

    And Bill,

    Didn’t like the second trailer as much, thought it gave too much away, it’s interesting that they did make changes, but it would have been cooler to see them in the movie and not the trailer. I’m going to be a little miffed if any of the new cool stuff turns out to be dream sequences.

  55. Pete B. says:

    Can it be noted for the record that Leah’s annual “sausage” complaint came awfully early this year? We’re not even halfway through February yet. Is there some type of recruitment drive we’re supposed to be doing?

    {And I know that “cyber affection” was for me, and I love you too.}

  56. Stella's Boy says:

    She’s not wrong Pete. It would be nice if this place wasn’t such a sausage fest. I’m with her on this one. Your post is very dude bro. Or bro dude. I always forget the order.

    No spoilers. Wow Serenity is weird. I’m not sure I liked it, but I definitely didn’t dislike it. I was never bored and Jason Clarke is great and it looks good. Love the underwater photography. Goes unexpected places. And damn it’s a huge bummer in the end. Glad I saw it.

  57. Pete B. says:

    But why is it that way Stella? I don’t know any posters who consciously tried to chase women away. Okay… maybe LexG, but he’s been gone awhile. Seems to me it’s a random thing who comes here. I found the site back when Dave was on TNT. What can bring in a more mixed audience?

    And I’ll combine the two and coin the term “BRUDE”. Tee shirts available soon.

  58. movieman says:

    R.I.P., Tom Jones.
    It was a helluva ride, Mr. Finney.

    On a completely unrelated front, I thought “LEGO 2” was half-clever, half-tiresome.
    There’s definitely too much…stuff. And I love the first
    “LEGO Movie.”
    Weirdness: I completely blanked on Chris Pratt’s name the other while writing my “LEGO” review. Which is ironic since I used to be a huge Pratt fan during his days on “Parks and Rec,” and back when he was doing interesting work in great movies like “Her” and “Zero Dark Thirty.”
    Now that he’s become “Another Franchise Dude,” he’s pretty much interchangeable with Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and a dozen other comic book players.
    That’s sad.

  59. GdB says:

    Leah, thank you for continuing to show the world why we all need to work on our emotional intelligence.

    Now, how hard did you hit it the bottle before you responded back with your amusingly mean post?

    If you hit it any harder than usual, you must’ve cleaned the liquor store out. Going by the vulgar ineffectiveness of the response, I’m going with the latter and that liquor store closed early. Good thing I grew up around alcoholics like you and know how to spot one when I meet one; that alcoholic trait of being a narcissist who loves to antagonize; and then play the victim when called out and never take responsibility for their own shit. And because so, one should not to take such BS personally. It’s your disorder talking and not the pure you.

    However, the more you act abusive towards others and then play victim and cry wolf with the insouciance of “The Patriarchy!” the more you hurt real women suffering from legit toxic masculinity. By making your extremely exaggerated claims, it makes it easy for real abusers to qualify the legit claims from real victims of toxic masculinity as not valid because they can easily compare it to disingenuous ones like yours.

    There’s actually more women on this blog than you realize. They just don’t have a sexist chip on their shoulder so they don’t go shouting or flashing their gender around to try and start unnecessary shit and don’t want to get caught up in your gender aggression issues simply because they’re also women.

    Do you always shoot all the causes you care about in the leg with such drama? Or is it just racism and misogyny?

  60. GdB says:


    I think it’s fair to say he was a racist then. But does that mean he’s automatically one now still? Or are people not capable of growth and change and redemption?

  61. Stella's Boy says:

    This takes me back to the Nicol D days. I remember some nasty arguments back then. So ah weekend viewing plans anyone? I’d like to see Cold Pursuit and The Prodigy, but it’s much more likely that I’ll take the kids to see Lego Movie 2. I’d also like to see The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot. Burning is also on VOD now. Want to see Horror Noire on Shudder. Plenty of great options.

  62. GdB says:

    Agreed SB. I’m just going to cancel Leah from my reality on this blog and just ignore any of her posts or attempts to antagonize from now on; wish her best in my heart, and keep it moving.

    To take it back to movies:

    Please rent or checkout on Showtime my friend Christine Crokos’ movie “Pimp”. Exec Prod by Lee Daniels, my friend wrote and directed the film and worked her ass off for 9 years to get it made. She is really really good people and deserves the support. So check it out on Showtime or Vudu or whatever your streaming platform of choice is.

  63. movieman says:

    The movie I’m most anxious to see this weekend is Soderbergh’s “High Flying Bird” on Netflix. Of course, I still need to see “Velvet Buzzsaw.”

    Discovered a treasure trove of hard-to-find/see older movies that TCM refuses to air (and Netflix doesn’t stock) while perusing the Ohio Public Library website.
    Had no idea you could request titles from out-of-town branches that WOULD BE DELIVERED TO YOUR LOCAL BRANCH!
    Finally caught up w/ some Holy Grails over the past few weeks (“El Cid,” “La Belle Noiseuse,” “La Guerre est Finie,” “State of Siege,” “In Celebration,” “The Spook Who Sat by the Door,” “Hickey and Boggs,” “Daughter of the Nile,”
    “Red Line 7000,” “Lions Love,” “Identification of a Woman,” “Cancel My Reservation,” et al), not to mention oodles of movies I’ve been wanting to revisit for decades (“Such Good Friends,” “Avanti!,” “Beware of a Holy Whore,” “Story of Sin,” etc.).
    It’s been quite the movie banquet. And it’s all free!

  64. Stella's Boy says:

    Oh right and High Flying Bird. Want to see that as well. Logged into Netflix and couldn’t find it anywhere so just gave up and searched for it. I know it’s been said many times before but they make you work way too hard to find their movies. I’d say lower your Velvet Buzzsaw expectations. Hated it.

  65. Hcat says:

    Movieman, Not only that but some of these library systems still have VHS copies of stuff that was never released on DVD. Unfortunately I don’t trust my VCR enough to put someone’s only copy of the Flim Fan Man into its jaws but they are a great resource. Almost any new release I see comes from the library, I mostly use Netflix for older films.

    This weekend I am finishing Lenny on Amazon Prime, how the hell was Valerie Perrine not a big star, she is absolutely stunning in that movie. I had a crush on her as a kid when she was Ms. Tessbacher but am just in love with her for the wounded performance she is giving in this. When that is done I found I could rent Crash Dive as well, how there was a movie with both Dana Andrews and Tyrone Power and I have missed it until now I don’t know.

    And Jesus Fucking Christ GdB, do you have no self awareness?

    You accuse someone of playing the victim while calling her response to you an insult to everyone you have ever met in your live. Say she is too aggressive and personal while accusing her of being a raving alcoholic? Normally I think the whole “well I will just say my piece and be done with it” strategy is a shitty dodge, but in this case I applaud it, please end whatever your fixation is with her.

  66. Hcat says:

    So in whats making me feel old update, Warriors turns 40 tomorrow.

    Love it to death, and my question is has it aged so well partly due to the fact that the gangs were so ridiculous and outside of reality that it doesn’t look as dated as if it were an accurate snapshot of the time. Don’t get me wrong, its a great testament to Hill that I found the baseball boys and the rollerskating Hillbillies threatening, and the guys in warrior garb cool, do you think if it looked more like the Wire would we still be talking about it this far down the line?

  67. movieman says:

    Hcat- I thought I’d reserved a DVD copy of Bertolucci’s “Spider’s Stratagem,” but it turned up as a video cassette instead.
    Since my VHS player has been in mothballs for years, I returned it (with much regret) to the librarian.
    Will probably live to regret it since early Bertolucci (including “Before the Revolution”!) has been damn near impossible to find in the “Home Video Revolution” era.

    “Cold Pursuit” is crazy-good, esp for a studio release in early Feb.
    The action stuff is expertly handled, but what makes it truly special is the (laugh out loud) pitch-black humor and performances. Even the smallest role is expertly played and written.
    This is easily the best “Liam Neeson Movie” to date.
    No, I’m not including “Widows” (which I love and think was one of 2018’s most underrated films).
    “Widows” is a “Steve McQueen Film,” not a “Liam Neeson Movie.”
    Anyone who’s seen all three “Taken”s–and their Neeson-starring imitators–knows what I mean by a LMM.
    Makes me want to dig out my screener of “In Order of Disappearance” from two years ago that I never got around to.

    P.S.= If you dug Perrine in “Lenny,” check her out in George Roy Hill’s (criminally) all-but forgotten “Slaughterhouse-Five” from 1972. I’m pretty sure it was Val’s screen debut.
    (It’s definitely the first time I took notice of her.)
    Yeah, she was pretty darn wonderful.
    (I think there may have been personal demons that interfered with her career ascension.)

  68. leahnz says:

    i’d bet the farm GhB has posted here (or even currently posts) under different monikers, hard to hide the style, just a hunch. Ray Pride used to weed them out sometimes

    (fwiw most regulars on the blog know i’m a pothead not an alkie, jackass, so jokes on you)

    what happened to night owl (i think that was it) for instance? she had stuff to say…and the one whose moniker started with M – miriuamu, something like that, she was a sweetie, we had an interesting chat about ‘anomalisa’. seems like a fair few posters gave up when DP left, which is hardly surprising i guess

    speaking of W Hill and his penchant for using weird/incongruous costumes and somehow making them work: i’d kind of forgotten he made ‘streets of fire’, which i watched the other day after not having seen it for a while, and i just couldn’t get over cody, this supposed badass war vet/fighter who wears the most bizarre cliche country bumpkin/hayseed farmer-looking get up with his baggy tan vest with huge buttons and suspender pants, it’s just the weirdest thing (michael pare manages to pull it off alright to his credit)

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