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BYOB Open For Business














[By KC Green.]

14 Responses to “BYOB Open For Business”

  1. leahnz says:

    finally an ‘i told you so’ thread! who’s chicken little now

  2. Pete B. says:

    Guess I missed the sky falling.

  3. Stella's Boyh says:

    Yes POTUS investigated for being a fucking Russian asset and he destroyed everything from several meetings with Putin and intimidating a witness by asking for their private citizen father to be investigated and that only covers the news from the last 24 hours but everything is totally fine and normal here. Nothing to see. Please proceed.

  4. leahnz says:

    hey pete there are relaxation techniques you can try that will help to loosen your anus walls so that you can extract your head

  5. Pete B. says:

    Charming as ever Leah.

  6. palmtree says:

    Oh yeah, you forgot we have the longest government shutdown in history. At least 45 now has something he’s the best at.

  7. movieman says:

    My biggest concern about the Mueller report isn’t that he won’t get the goods on Trump (pretty sure he already has more than enough to impeach, indict and imprison any ordinary POTUS).
    No, my greatest fear is that Mueller’s findings will never see the light of day; that the GOP will turn it into another Warren Report, locked inside a vault because the general public is too “sensitive” to handle such devastating information.
    If that happens, we’ll be stuck in this same cycle of fear and loathing for the foreseeable future (and maybe, God forbid, until 2024).

  8. Stella's Boyh says:

    Right thanks palmtree. But yeah it’s all fine and business as usual.

  9. BO Sock Puppet says:

    If the Mueller report is anywhere close to the accuracy of the 9/11 report he helped create… eh, forget it.

  10. amblinman says:

    Movieman: Dems in House will get the report. And if they don’t, it’ll be leaked. There is nothing Trump or the GOP can do to kill that report at this point.

  11. movieman says:

    Hope you’re right, Amblin.
    But if the past few years have proven anything, it’s that Trump’s GOP is capable of…anything.

  12. leahnz says:

    follow the experts (the good doctor’s one of many) who have been warning of exactly what’s happening all along, kleptocracy with privatisation the goal. at least go down fighting the good fight, for the best of your country and those more vulnerable than yourselves

  13. leahnz says:

    amerikkka the beautiful

    (apart from the sheer despicable vileness, a bunch of whiteboy merch MAGAts chanting ‘build the wall!’ to a native american is just peak 2019 idiocy — well done Kovington Katholic Kolonels, churn those kkkavenaughs out!)

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