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BYOB Open For Business


[By KC Green.]

27 Responses to “BYOB Open For Business”

  1. leahnz says:

    finally an ‘i told you so’ thread! who’s chicken little now

  2. Pete B. says:

    Guess I missed the sky falling.

  3. Stella's Boyh says:

    Yes POTUS investigated for being a fucking Russian asset and he destroyed everything from several meetings with Putin and intimidating a witness by asking for their private citizen father to be investigated and that only covers the news from the last 24 hours but everything is totally fine and normal here. Nothing to see. Please proceed.

  4. leahnz says:

    hey pete there are relaxation techniques you can try that will help to loosen your anus walls so that you can extract your head

  5. Pete B. says:

    Charming as ever Leah.

  6. palmtree says:

    Oh yeah, you forgot we have the longest government shutdown in history. At least 45 now has something he’s the best at.

  7. movieman says:

    My biggest concern about the Mueller report isn’t that he won’t get the goods on Trump (pretty sure he already has more than enough to impeach, indict and imprison any ordinary POTUS).
    No, my greatest fear is that Mueller’s findings will never see the light of day; that the GOP will turn it into another Warren Report, locked inside a vault because the general public is too “sensitive” to handle such devastating information.
    If that happens, we’ll be stuck in this same cycle of fear and loathing for the foreseeable future (and maybe, God forbid, until 2024).

  8. Stella's Boyh says:

    Right thanks palmtree. But yeah it’s all fine and business as usual.

  9. BO Sock Puppet says:

    If the Mueller report is anywhere close to the accuracy of the 9/11 report he helped create… eh, forget it.

  10. amblinman says:

    Movieman: Dems in House will get the report. And if they don’t, it’ll be leaked. There is nothing Trump or the GOP can do to kill that report at this point.

  11. movieman says:

    Hope you’re right, Amblin.
    But if the past few years have proven anything, it’s that Trump’s GOP is capable of…anything.

  12. leahnz says:

    follow the experts (the good doctor’s one of many) who have been warning of exactly what’s happening all along, kleptocracy with privatisation the goal. at least go down fighting the good fight, for the best of your country and those more vulnerable than yourselves

  13. leahnz says:

    amerikkka the beautiful

    (apart from the sheer despicable vileness, a bunch of whiteboy merch MAGAts chanting ‘build the wall!’ to a native american is just peak 2019 idiocy — well done Kovington Katholic Kolonels, churn those kkkavenaughs out!)

  14. leahnz says:

    make orwell fiction again

    (but you never fail to disappoint, pete, i’ll give you that. there’s nothing in the longer videos that mitigates the magats vile behaviour, and if you believe that little shit’s PR team over an omaha vietnam vet’s word, then your head is further up your ass than even i feared. piss off)

  15. Pete B. says:

    Not sure why my post was edited as I had more than USA Today listed.

    Leah, you never disappoint either. And stay classy.

  16. leahnz says:

    oh don’t you worry pete i keep it classy af

    happy MLK day

  17. leahnz says:

    duVernay posted one of the full videos

    re the shameful magat boys:
    the handful of loopy black Israelites starting the conflict on the Mall that Nathan Phillips stepped in to try to de-escalate (while on the spot for the indigenous people’s rally) has no bearing on, nor does it excuse, the blatantly racist, disrespectful and aggressive behaviour of the large throng of Catholic school boy bigots in their little white power hats/gear, in the city to participate in the shameful task of marching against the reproductive rights of women on the previous day (such groups having been carted in by religious zealots from catholic schools all over the US to bolster their pathetic cause to control women. we see you.)

    factoid: the ‘build the wall’ slogan was chosen by algorithms tested on millions of not-very-bright americans by cambridge analytica

  18. leahnz says:

    classic, such innocent little catholic school boys! hahaha lying little shitler youth, like their idol agolf twitler

    (maybe i can work up the gumption to post the various photos of boys from this same school throwing up the white power handsign, there’s plenty out there)

    Edited for major typos from tablet typing

    ETA v.2: haha someone looking over my shoulder just said, “but just you wait, someone will post a longer video proving that harlot provoked those poor god-fearing boys!” the apple doesn’t fall far

  19. leahnz says:

    source for the above, meant to post it earlier but got distracted by shiny object

    (i feel like i should post more in this thread, can’t get a word in edgeways)

  20. leahnz says:

    settle down people

    this. once again the US corp media gets played, this time by a right-wing PR co built to exploit the never-ending hand-wringing desperation to give pale males the benefit of the doubt despite a plethora of actual evidence and witness testimony to the contrary (and conveniently distract from the egomaniacal traitor in the oval office holding the US hostage, who wants the govt shut down and the country to fall into chaos), everyone is a liar except the white guys! you in danger girl

  21. GdB says:

    Good thing that article mentioned the Kuleshov experiment. Otherwise he would’ve come off really naive. That’s film crit 101.

    While the article has merit; if the NA elder is quoted as saying that he felt threatened from the kid. That’s good enough evidence to support how the initial video looks. The kid is an asshole passive racist.

    The Black Panter BP Nom really feels “token” for lack of a better word with no noms in any major categories besides production design. It’s a total political nom just to get people to tune in. Fuck the Oscars.

  22. Sideshow Bill says:

    Dismal February. Fraudulent Oscars. Fraudulent Super Bowl.

    I don’t give a crap about either. Hawke and Collette robbed. That Mr. Robot dork is gonna win because he imitated a real person in a movie directed by a pedophile rapist.

    I’m cranky this morning. It’s all trash.

  23. leahnz says:

    that atlantic piece (by…a white guy, haha oh predictable pete) is hilarious as some kind of rebuttal because it basically admits at the end that the one long distance video examined for the article isn’t informative of what actually occurred on the Mall because the distance/quality means you can’t hear what’s happened close-up in the group, which is a crucial component of understanding events as they went down.
    so basically yet again the multiple close-up eye witness testimony – including of the elderly man, who was very detailed and specific – is dismissed as a crucial ingredient to people’s actual understanding of what occured in conjunction with ALL the video including that of the up-close and very damning evidence of the boys’ appalling actions around the native man.
    the assumption that people are blindly trusting a single image or one piece of short video to form an opinion and are ‘misinformed’ thusly is arrogant and silly, as there is ample evidence of what went down from multiple sources, including what we can see with our own eyes from several perspectives. Ascertaining that the magat boy is lying is rather basic when you consider, as many people have, ALL the evidence on hand.
    why indeed does some angelic, innocent kid just brimmin’ with godly spirit need a high-powered GOP PR firm to go the mat for him? the answer is to gaslight the public, because it’s clear from ALL the evidence that he’s lying.
    and the girls who videoed being harassed by a smaller group of the same guys earlier on the Mall, who are very clear that it was the same boys with the same clothes and MAGAt gear, who yelled ‘build the wall’ and MAGA (and possibly ‘slut’) at them – with close-up shots extracted from the video bearing this out – they’re lying too, right? it couldn’t possibly show a pattern of entitled, abusive behaviour by a pack of little shits off the leash. everyone is lying about these poor innocent boys in some political conspiracy by nefarious people with agendas, and what you see with your own eyes isn’t what happened, reality is a PR firm’s version of events! naturally

  24. leahnz says:

    it’s not rape if you enjoy it!

    more vids of these degenerate little fucks are emerging, can’t wait to see how ian bogost media studies genius rationalises this one away! these boys are headed straight to the white house for hamberders at this rate

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